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Santa's Little Helper

(or Ho,Ho,Ho Bah Humbug!)



"Spock, these are for you," Admiral James Kirk said and handed Spock a large box with a slot in the top.


Kirk grinned mischievously. "You mentioned that at our last weekly meeting that you felt that the encounter with V'Ger had led you to another path in life than that you had assumed you were on. You also mentioned that you wished to observe the upcoming Christmas holidays with more of a human point of view. So, I hereby assign you the job of ... Santa Claus."

Spock just stared at Kirk. "Excuse me sir?"

"Santa. You know, the toy man, the merry old elf, the jolly fat guy?"

Spock shook his head ruefully. "Admiral, when I mentioned that I wished to observe Christmas, I meant more in the line of attending one of the parties. Not, dressing as an icon."

"Hey, it was either this or wandering around in a diaper as Baby New Year," Kirk intoned seriously. "McCoy's already got dibs on Father Time."

"I am expected to dress the part?"

"Nooh, not really. I want you to go through these letters to Santa, and grant their requests. That is, as many as you can. Starfleet will reimburse you if you have to pay for anything."

Spock held the box dejectedly. "Admiral, I do not feel that this is a correct interpretation of the duties of first officer..."

"Spock, I am in command, and I command you to be Santa. Would you rather sit in the brig?" Kirk questioned, knowing that Spock would do anything to keep such a blight off his record. Kirk knew he was really pressing his luck but command hath its privileges. It wasn't so much to see Spock squirm, it was to show him what humans, or at least Terrans were about when it came to revelry and festivity. Lord knew that Christmas was the busiest time on the ship for parties. He also knew that Spock would learn about what people desired and craved as well. There were probably some fairly juicy wants in that box, all for the Vulcan's eyes. Spock sighed, tucked the box under his arm and made his way to leave. Kirk stopped him. "Oh, Spock, one other thing. No one ever knows who Santa is. I won't tell if you won't."

Spock would never admit to such a thing. If he lived this humiliation down, he just might go back to Gol.