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I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm.



Spock found himself dozing in the waning autumn light and peace of a quiet house.  Even though Vulcans did not 'nap' that is what he ended up doing on the couch in his sitting room until a crash and a string of expletives came from upstairs.  As far as he knew he was to be alone until quite early in the morning.  Thinking it might be a prowler of some sort, he chose one of the razor sharp implements of destruction out of his décor.  He hefted it expertly and crept up the stairs in the dark.  At the landing, broken glass and Human blood splatters made him listen closely before stepping out.  He could hear water running and expletives, "Damn.  Son of a bitch."


Realizing it was Chapel he stepped over the broken glass and into the main room, "Dr. Chapel?"


She was in Uhura's bathroom, blood pouring out of the gash in her arm, "Spock, get me a towel or something."


Reacting swiftly he dropped the short sword and grabbed a bath towel from out of the closet.  "What happened?" he asked as he helped bind the arm and keep pressure on it.


"Oh, I was trying to open the door and pushed on the glass instead.  It broke and I'm slashed good," she complained.  She knew she'd hit an artery.  Spock knew it as well by the color of the blood and practically threw her over his shoulder in his haste to get her back down the stairs to the car.  The nearest emergency room was fifteen miles away through suburban streets.  Spock maneuvered easily while he kept talking to her, "Why were you home so early?"


"Nothing to do.  Had to create my own emergency," she chuckled keeping the arm bound as tight as she could and above her heart that was beating so fast she could hear it in her ears.


As pale as she was naturally, Spock could tell she was losing a lot of blood very quickly.  Chapel's vehicle had EMT lights and he turned them on as he sped up considerably.  "Why did you not call for me?"


"It was completely dark in the house and I thought you were gone too.  What were you doing in the dark?"


"Meditating," he fibbed.  He had been doing that before he dozed off. 


"Oh, your mother called.  Said she'd call in a little bit," Chapel reported idly.


"I have spoken to her," he replied.  "She will be in San Francisco next week and wishes to visit," Spock said.


"That'll be great.  Haven't seen Amanda in a long time," Christine slurred a little.  Her head was spinning, "Spock."


"I am driving as quickly as possible," he replied and sped up.


"Okay.  Just in case, remember I love you, just in case," she murmured as she lost consciousness.


Spock had no time to dwell on what she said or why she said it.  He just skidded into the emergency drive, jumped a speed bump with a bang, and landed so that the ward doors automatically opened.  He was shouting orders and details at the staff as they hurried out and then watched helplessly as she was wheeled into surgery.  It took a moment for him to realize he was being stared at.  Vulcans didn't normally burst into the hospital in a T-shirt, shorts, and bare feet and splattered with Human blood.  He nodded curtly, "I will move the car and return."


Checking through Chapel's skimmer he discovered a pair of beach sandals and a sweatshirt.  Her feet were not quite as large as his but they were just slide on shoes and they would have to fit.  He tried not to limp or trip over the toes as he walked back in.  The duty nurse was not impressed with the light up flip flops with hyacinths on the top or the black and brown spotted sweatshirt that read: "Hand Me All Your Chocolate and You Won't Get Hurt." 


"I'll need some information."


"Of course," he answered.






The large woman looked at him oddly, "Her name is Spock?"


"No, my name is Spock.  Her name is Dr. Christine Chapel," he replied completely serious.


"Middle name?" she sighed.


"I have no middle name," he answered densely.


"Her middle name.  This isn't about you," the nurse growled.


"I do not know.  It begins with an A."


"Address and contact number?"


"1896 Alameda Beach Place, house 4, ABP-2256."


"Age and birth date?"


Spock hesitated, "I do not know.  Would it not be easier to access her Starfleet personnel file?  Her serial number is C 943-942/1C."


The red faced nurse glared at him, "Why didn't you say so in the first place?"


Spock cocked an eyebrow at her, "You did not ask me that first."


"What was the serial number again?"


"C 943-942/1C," he repeated.


The woman was wary, "How do you know her serial number and address but not her age and birth date?"


Spock thought this none of her business but answered anyway, "We share the same address and contact number, and I was her commanding officer for ten years aboard the USS Enterprise."


The nurse pursed her lips together, "Nature of emergency?"


"Severed artery, severe blood loss, possible shock," he replied.


"Thank you, Dr. Spock," she answered sarcastically.


"Captain Spock," he corrected.


"Well, Captain, have a seat and wait."


"I need to place a call."


"Public unit is around the corner and down the hall," she droned.


He would have to leave a general message at the house.  Both Uhura and Rand were at a late masquerade performance that they promised wouldn't be over with till after midnight.  It was a little after ten now, surely he would know more or be done and back home by then.


* * *


Spock thought he would freeze.  The air conditioning was going full blast and he had virtually no clothes on.  He considered asking for a blanket but dismissed the idea every time he looked at Nurse Durst.  She was not of a nature to grant either a favor or a loan.  It was 0144 and still nothing.  People had come and gone and a baby delivered practically in his lap but no word from Chapel either good or bad.  He heard the scuffle of running feet and Uhura and Rand, still in costume, rushed up to the nurse's station, "We're here about Christine Chapel?"


Spock approached to save the nurse explaining, "Ladies."


It had to be an odd sight, two women in black leather bustiers and hot pants, platform heels, and magenta hair and a Vulcan in shorts, women's flip flops, and a chocoholic sweatshirt standing talking.  Durst hoped the security camera was getting it all.


"Spock, what happened?  We got home and all the glass and blood," Uhura began.


"...and your sword," Rand finished.


"I am not positively certain.  I was meditating when I heard glass breaking.  Since it was before your scheduled arrivals I thought perhaps it was a prowler.  I took the sword with me just in case.  Dr. Chapel somehow broke the window with her arm and severed an artery.  I assume she is still alive."


Both women said in unison, "You assume?"


Uhura, all five feet ˝ inch of her plus four inches of platform heels whirled on the nurse's station, "What the hell is going on with Christine Chapel!?!"


She must have glowed or something because the nurse practically leapt out of the chair and checked the charts, "She's still in surgery according to the chart."


"Still!  He brought her in hours ago," Rand complained.


"That is all I know.  Please sit down."


Rand rubbed her arms, "It's freezing in here.  Can we get a blanket of some kind?"


Just to get them to shut up Durst retrieved three thermal throws from the children's ward.  Spock did not care that there were cartoon characters all over the blanket when he took it from Rand.  Uhura sat next to him and fussed over the situation.  Janice couldn't stand to sit and her natural yeoman tendency started to come through, "I'm going for coffee.  Spock you want tea?"


"Yes, thank you."


While Rand was gone he decided to bring the subject up, "Perhaps it would be best if I moved out of the beach house."


Uhura was shocked, "But why?  I thought things were going so well?  If it's the meat or the noise or whatever I'm sure we can work it out."


"No, it is nothing anyone has done.  It was a remark that Dr. Chapel made on the way here.  Granted she was about to pass out but still she revealed that she still has feelings for me."


"Oh," Nyota replied and sighed.  "What exactly did she say?"


Spock recalled, "Just in case, remember I love you, just in case."


It sounded ominous but Uhura tried to reason, "I can't guarantee this but I know that Chris has worked her ass off on the reality of your relationship.  She had misgivings at first but hasn't said a thing about it since.  I think that you might have interpreted it wrong.  She said 'love' not 'in love' and to Humans there is a big difference.  After all, I know I love you and Jan adores you but we're not in love with you.  I think maybe she meant as a friend she loves you."


Spock digested the information, "Perhaps you are correct."


"Just stay where you are.  After all, Chris would have bled to death before an ambulance could get there if you hadn't gotten her here," Uhura said.


Jan got back with the two cups of coffee and the tea, "Anything?"




She sat on the other side of Spock and wrapped up.  They talked idly about the masquerade.  Spock mentioned his mother's impending visit and that occupied a few moments of conversation.  They basically sat waiting.  Two more hours inched by and Spock found two magenta heads on each of his shoulders sound asleep.  He considered Uhura's words.  The Vulcan part of him considered the word 'love' gibberish, but the inner Human sighed contentedly with the knowledge that he was loved by three such as these.