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Strangers in the Night


The private balcony looked out onto the hotel courtyard. He stepped out to breathe in the night air and surreptitiously watch the revelry below. It was a wedding reception, and everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves. He allowed a smile to flicker across his face at the idea. Weddings were supposed to be joyous. His wife's strident voice came from the hotel suite. "The door..."

Turning to close the door to the suite, he returned to his spot at the balcony. He had no wish to retire for the evening. The radiance from the courtyard filtered up to keep the balconies that surrounded it in a faint, almost ethereal light. He allowed his mind to calm and begin almost a meditative repose.

A movement across the distance of the courtyard caught his attention. Directly across, a door opened and a woman dressed in a long white, sleek satin evening dress came out to her railing. Diamonds glittered on her wrist, and the shimmering satin caught his eye. She had pale perfect shoulders, bobbed brown hair that was kept close to her head, and although he could not make out her eyes, he could tell they were pale. She leaned across the rail, not realizing that she was being watched. With a dreamy expression she watched the celebration. A light behind her went out and left her illuminated only by the party below. She wore a soft, melancholy expression. It was not consistent with the beauty she presented to the world.

From below, an old Noel Coward tune floated up and haunted the upper stories... "Someday I'll find you, moonlight behind you ... true to the dream I am dreaming. As I draw near you, you'll smile a little smile, for a little while. We shall stand, hand in hand. I'll leave you never, love you forever, all our past sorrow redeeming. Make it all come true, say you love me too... Someday I'll find you again..."

The woman looked across the span, caught his eyes and gave him a wistful shy smile, realizing that she was being watched. They held each other's gazes, somehow both knew that the other was not happy with their lives. As if answering their silent sighs, they were both called back to their rooms. "Christine...." came a man's low tenor.

"Yes Roger..." She held the stranger's gaze a moment more and went inside to shut the celebration out.

"Spock, it is time for bed."

"Yes, T'Pring," he answered and left the world below to his own.