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The In-Crowd


Deep in the bowels of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701, a tiny security room becomes the weekly hang out of the ultra super secret organization known as BACAS. It was an exclusive members only club and very, very hush hush.

"The weekly meeting of BACAS will now come to order," Ensign Cheree Cargill said as she smacked the rubber tuna on the table.

The room settled down and the attending members listened attentively to their duly appointed leader. "It has come to my attention that we have some issues to discuss regarding last week's technical snafu," Cheree said apologetically. Ronda Sexton, the recording secretary, handed her the complaint sheet. "Yes, I see several problems, but this one is completely out of our control. Maria, we simply cannot fulfill your request for more compromising situations between Spock and Uhura. I'm sorry."

At the front of the group, petite Maria, known affectionately as 'Momthing', nodded. "Can I at least get replays of the under the control panel scenes?"

"Sure. We'll have Cheryl set you up with that footage when she comes in later tonight. Make a note of that, Ronda."

"Check," Ronda replied and scribbled it on her datapadd.

In her usual corner in the back, T'Kuht raised her hand. "Cheree?"

"Yes, Yeoman T'Kuht."

"It will be necessary for my study of human sexual practices to have more in depth pictures of certain members. Is there any way that I can gain access to the more non-secure areas of the following crew's quarters: Lt. Sulu, Ensign Chekov, Lt. Commander Scott, Dr. M'Benga, and Commander Spock."

Cheree frowned. "T'Kuht, Spock's not human."

She shrugged. "I can dream, can't I?"

A giggle went through the crowd. Cheree shook her head sadly. "Alas, we have to content ourselves with the public areas of the ship. Now if we can get more footage like Sulu's sword fighting, we'll let you know. Is there any new business to discuss?"

Kali, chief recruiting officer, stood up. "Two new members wish to be initiated."

"Excellent. Bring the initiates in."

Kali left the room and gave the others time to don their coney bra masks to protect their identities from possible spies. If word of this leaked out it would mean the end of their fun, not to mention the blight on the security department.

The door opened and two blindfolded women shuffled in. They would remain blindfolded during the first few minutes of the meeting.

Cheree spoke. "Kali, you know that according to the rules set forth in our handbook that senior staff is not permitted to join."

"But, they are junior crew also," Kali contended.

A murmur went through the group. It was true. "Should we vote on this before we take the blindfolds off?"

A show of hands indicated that they would be considered for the group. Jackie B. spoke up, "Why do you want to join? You two have daily access to these guys."

The blonde spoke first. "We have daily contact, but we have to be professional all day. We want a place where we can be unprofessional and with people who won't think we're weird or disrespectful."

The black officer added, "Besides, we don't get to see some of the things you do here."

That was true. The angle and the zoom capabilities that they had in this room was better than any except the up close and personal views. Looking around to make sure that everyone was in agreement, Ronda said, "I move that we allow the two new members to join BACAS."

"I second it," Maria said with an enthusiastic smile. Kali removed the blindfolds. The two women blinked at their new club sisters. They accepted the coney bra masks that were handed to them.

"Here are your sacred masks. Wear them only here and during our secret meetings. You will be given the official books and lists of all the services that we presently have available. Do either of you have any questions?"

The two women shook their heads. They were anxious to get started with the regular club proceedings and benefits. "All right, without further ado, we'll begin this evenings viewings. Lights."

T'Kuht reached up and turned the main lights off to leave the large view screens the only illumination in the room. A large bowl of popcorn was passed around from the left. Yellow peeps and Mt. Dew began circulating from the back. The screen lit up with an extreme close up of a butt. "Ladies?"

"Spock ... definitely Spock," Chapel said quickly.

"Good, point for new initiate Chapel."

A new scene showed a crotch. Uhura nearly leaped out of her seat. "Oh, that's the Captain."

"Excellent. You ladies are one of us, aren't you?" Ronda said.

"Sure. Why do you think we wanted to join the Butt and Crotch Admirers Society?" Chapel said with a gleam in her eye.