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Hope Chest


To Give Away: One Hope Chest, contents included.

Chest: aged mahogany etched with rosettes and leaves, the words

"Always and Forever" at the top, lined in cedar.

Contents: Crisp damask table linens, pewter candlesticks, silver tea

service, set of matched champagne glasses.

Queen sized hand stitched quilt, ecru with appliqued butterflies,

and matching shams. Queen sized peach satin sheets and


Watered silk white wedding dress with pearls sewn throughout,

size 8, matching veil and satin slippers size 9. Never been


Plans for 3 bed 2 bath lake cottage and deed to 28 acres with

private lake in Maine.

Antique lace christening gown with matching bonnet and booties.

Crocheted baby afghan pink and blue. Never used.

Set of platinum wedding bands, women's size 7, men's size 12.

All my hopes and dreams....

Contact: C. Chapel, Sickbay, any shift, any day....