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Christine Cubed


"I knew as soon as I saw you at your desk that I wanted you. You are mine, Christine, mine, and I want you with me forever. Now we can do that.

"Let me put you on my bed. You'll lie beside me every night, I shall caress your sleek body. I revel in the idea of running my lips along your thighs. You make every human cell of my body scream for you. The Vulcan part of me yearns to touch you, possess you in only the way a man can.

"Shall I tell you what lovemaking with me will be like? First I shall kiss you till your lips are pulsing, your heart shall be beating so hard I can hear it in your ears, air will be impossible to breathe. Inch by inch I shall explore your body as I remove each item of clothing. I want nothing to be between us. I will feel your nails as they dig into my shoulders as I suckle you as a babe. I will support you when your knees can no longer stand the strain of my teasing lips, darting tongue. Your voice will be like music as you first scream then whisper my name. I will excite you to the point that you are no longer able to feel the world around you. Your mind will be on another plane. Then when you think you are about to die, I will take you, move deep inside you, caress you until you cannot cope with the sensations another second. You will be whimpering, you will beg for it to end but urge me to continue. Our release will be so intense that no words can express even the beginning of what love will be between us.

"We will be together always, you will never leave my side Christine, always, always ... and what will you do to me? You can stroke me till I am senseless with the agony of it, make me delirious with fever, and then soothe me with your sweet cool lips. You can run your fingers through my hair, tossle it, tease it, I will pulsate beneath you. My head will be..."

"Spock, this is Dr. McCoy."

"Yes, Doctor."

"Do you happen to know what happened to Dr. M'Benga's cube? I set him on Christine's desk after Rojan turned them all into those dad-blamed whatever it was you called them. Now, I can't find him. I was going to put his in with Christine's so that they'd be easy to find if I needed them."

"...(clearing throat)... I am not certain where his cube might be Doctor, but I will be there to help you search momentarily. Spock out."