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Chocolate Sauce Challenge


"Lord it's hotter than Vulcan on a hot summer day in here!" Leonard McCoy complained.

"Just hand me the chocolate sauce," Spock replied and began drizzling it over the baked concoction he had just pulled out of the oven. Christine's birthday was here and he was not going to miss it like he did Valentine's Day. The package he had ordered had just arrived and was already wrapped so McCoy could not peek. "So, what did you get your lady love?" the doctor teased.

"Love is not logical," answered Spock as he finished putting the whipped cream around the base of the cake.

"Well, a monkey may only be a monkey and a banana only a banana, but you are an illogical Vulcan," the doctor harrumphed and shook his head. The tall figure allowed his focus to switch from the decadent dessert to the McCoy, "I assure you, Doctor, that we are not acting like a couple of lovesick teenagers. We have merely come to an understanding that is all." As he turned to go, he could hear McCoy, "Yeah, I saw you kiss Christine last night! Understanding my Aunt Jane's corset cover..."

* * *

Christine's cabin was aglow in candlelight. Spock guided the blindfolded doctor into the room."Really Spock what are you up to?"

"Simply upholding a human tradition," and with that removed the silk scarf from her eyes. A package sat on the desk as well as a covered tray. The Vulcan moved to stand behind them and she stared at the bulging boxer shorts with red roses all over them. Smiling, she opened the present. A pair of silver his and hers handcuffs gleamed against the dark satin of the lining. A flourish of Spock's hand removed the cover to reveal the cake. Raw naked desire was clearly in her eyes.

Spock smiled playfully, "So, how many times do I get to spank the birthday girl?"