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AFTER THE CREDITS Wolf in the Fold 2

Ster Julie


Captain, we had overlooked one crucial area of the ship!


Which one is that, Spock?


The galley!


Hey, I can pan fry trout.  I'm no caterer.


Neither am I, Captain, but we will have 430 hungry people in less than 2 hours.  We will have to feed them.


Break out the MREs and the ration packs.  I'm not flinging hash!


Captain, how do you expect to have an alert crew if they are so hungry they can't think straight?


Call Argelius.  Have them send up 450 orders of macaroni and cheese, and stop wrinkling your fastidious nose.


Captain, macaroni and cheese is hardly breakfast fare, nor is it a balanced meal.


It is if you mince up some tomatoes into it.


Captain, I'll start cooking up vats of hot cereals, if you would kindly start the coffee urns and set out all the fresh fruit and juice you can find.


Spock, why aren't we using the replicators?


When the creature known as Jack the Ripper inhabited the ship's systems, he took the food replicators off line.


Damn phantasm! Say, I should scramble up a mess of eggs, too, don't you think?  Make toast?


Toast is too time consuming.  We would have to butter it, and there just isn't any time.  Throw some tortillas into the warmer while I make some salsa.


NO!  I'll handle the salsa.  McCoy doesn't have that many antacids!


Are you implying that my salsa is too hot?


Spock, your salsa gives new meaning to the phrase 'hot as Vulcan'!


Captain, just stir your eggs.


* * *


Captain's log, stardate 3622.9: The crew has finally recovered from the after-effects of the theragin derivative Dr. McCoy developed during our encounter with the entity known as Jack the Ripper.


Maintenance has not brought the food replicators back on line, and our supplies of fresh food, MREs and ration packs are severely depleted.  1st Cook Child has submitted a list of needed galley supplies, which is attached.  Also attached are receipts from Mr. Childs for purchases already made while on Argelius.


Dr. McCoy is requesting medical supplies, namely, antacids and other stomach remedies.  It seems that Mr. Spock and I make better officers than cooks.


End recording.