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Ster Julie


Personal Log, stardate 5711.0 .


I have spent the past few hours staring at the stars, staring back in time, wondering if history repeated itself today.


I was taken by the Scalosians today, taken as breeding stock.


I made love to the Scalosian queen for a couple of reasons.  One, she wanted it and I was blinded by her beauty.  Okay, to be honest, I was horny as hell, and she was ready, willing and gorgeous.  Two, I was trying to stall for time so that Spock could get my message and figure out a way to stop the crew from the deep freeze the Scalosians planned for them.


But now I question my actions.  I was obviously not thinking with my big brain when I took Deela to bed.  Now, I might have yet another son out there somewhere.


It's bad enough being kept out of David's life per the agreement with Carol.  Now I don't know if Deela conceived, nor do I know if I will ever know.


You'd think I'd know better.  I was practically a fatherless child myself, what with dad being gone so often on deep-space missions.  I am forbidden to see or communicate with David in any way.  Now, I probably have another child who will grow up without me.


Well, Deela, I for one hope it didn't work.  I pray to God that you didn't get pregnant.  Tonight I don't care if your people live or die.  You used me.  You could have asked and you would have had a long list of volunteers.  We could have brought your dilemma to the Federation Council and they could have brought the best minds in the galaxy together to help you conceive your own children.


But you have thrown away that chance now.  Oh, I will make my report, all right, but, unlike you, I will tell them the whole story, the truth.  Your dire prediction will come true.  We will warn people away from your planet and you will eventually die.


I'm going to call Carol.  She hasn't sent me any pictures or progress reports in months.  I'm going to renegotiate our deal.  I want to see my son.  He needs to meet his father.


*YAWN* I'll have to call Carol tomorrow.  This accelerated state has exhausted me.


End recording.