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I Want Him to Be My T'hyla

Ster J


"Mommy?  What's a t'hyla?"


"A t'hyla is someone you have very special feelings for, like A'Nirih and I do."


"So t'hyla only means mommies and daddies?"


"It can mean mommies and daddies, but it doesn't only mean that.  Two boys can be t'hylas if they are very, very close."


"Like when I stand so close to you?"


"No, Baby.  Close as in family."


"Like brudders?"


"Yes, brothers can be t'hyla to each other, but it can also mean a very, very, very, very special friend, too."


"Mommy! Stop tickling me!"


"Why do you want to know about t'hylas, Baby?"


"I met a boy today.  He's really, really, really nice to me.  He didn't tease me at all.  He let me play wif his stuff and he showed me all around the daycare center.  He let me eat his vegabuls and I gave him my yucky sammich.  It was something called buh-lonee."


"That was nice of him.  What is his name?"


"His name is Jimmy.  He's gonna be a starship captain an' he wants me to be his scientist.  He says we are gonna be the bestest friends in all the world."


"That was nice of him.  What did you say?"


"I told him 'Nuh-uh.'"


"Why did you say that?"


"I said 'nuh-uh' 'cuz I want him to be my t'hyla."