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Personal Log: Stardate 1243.02


I heard news today that would be considered good by most. But my ... feelings ... tell a different story.


Captain Pike was promoted today. He will no longer be commanding the Enterprise; he will no longer be commanding me.


This promotion is the logical consequence of a job well done. Captain Pike is an exemplary officer who has served with distinction. I have learned so much from him.


While I have a vast knowledge in many areas of science, Captain Pike showed me how those facts are crucial to command decisions, in times of crisis and in times of "milk runs." Captain Pike taught me how all departments serve together as a team. The ship's missions have been successful, not because of one being, but because of the integration of the whole crew striving for the same goal. I am a much better officer for having served under Christopher Pike.


But my meditations tonight have proven that I am reacting emotionally, even selfishly, to the news of Captain Pike's transfer. I am ... devastated. I will be without the one who accompanied me on this journey away from my homeworld. Had it not been for that chance meeting fifteen years ago between then-Lieutenant Commander Pike and me, I would not have given a career in Starfleet a single thought.


I have retrieved my box and am holding a sample of the singing vine from Talos IV. It brings back a flood of memories for me. It was during my third month out of the Academy when we reached Talos IV. Every landing party was a feast for my curiosity, and when Captain Pike and I found the singing vines we both grinned in delight at the discovery.


Now, I am not grinning. I am feeling abandoned, orphaned. I can finally admit that Captain Pike was my surrogate father. And now that I acknowledge it, I can see how Captain Pike and Sarek are so much alike.


Captain Pike would brook no nonsense, no duplicity. He could speak volumes with one glance and silence the most loquacious foe with one word. There is such a presence to Captain Pike that I could sense his arrival long before I saw him. His very presence instilled a desire in me to be everything he needed. I did not ever want to disappoint Christopher Pike.


It was once thus with Sarek. Father could silence me with a word, give me a wealth of instruction with a glance. Sarek called forth and demanded the very best in me. Like Captain Pike, he was firm yet fair. And also, like Captain Pike, he could be very tender when the need arose. Just as Sarek did when I was small, Captain Pike was at my bedside when I awoke following each of my 12 serious illnesses and injuries during the time we served together. Whenever I faced a personal difficulty, I found comfort, consolation, and encouragement by being in Captain Pike's presence, just as I did with Sarek.


But now, once again, I find myself alone. I will have to walk this path unaccompanied. And I am devastated.


Control! My emotion does not bring honor to Captain Pike. His legacy would best be served by making the transition from Captain Pike's command to this new captain's as seamless as possible. I will honor Captain Pike by showing him how much I learned, by showing this new captain just how good an officer Captain Pike has made me.


And I swear on my honor as a Vulcan, that if Captain Pike is ever in need, I will walk through Hell itself to help him.


End log entry.



End story.

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