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After the Credits: A Taste of Armageddon



"You must be Sarek's son."


Spock turned and looked into the pasty face of Ambassador Robert Fox.  Spock didn't respond.  No one aboard knew his parents, nor were their names listed in his personnel files.


"Mister Spock, you are the son of Ambassador Sarek, correct?" Fox continued.  "He told me that he had a son in Starfleet."


"I am Spock cha Sarek," Spock confirmed.


"I have worked with Sarek on a number of occasions, Mr. Spock," Fox confided.  "He is a formidable person."


"My father is an accomplished negotiator," Spock stated.  Fox nodded.


"I am certain that he practiced those negotiating skills on you as you were growing up."


The ambassador oversteps, Spock thought.  "Why were the two of you discussing me?" he asked.


"We were on another mission gone awry, such as this one on Eminiar VII," Fox explained.  "Sarek recommended that we call in Starfleet to help bring order to the chaos."


"Indeed," Spock said noncommittally, struggling to keep his eyebrow from betraying his surprise.  Father 'called in Starfleet' for assistance!


"Sarek knew just the right people to contact, knew all the correct terms and phraseology," Fox maintained.  "I was curious and asked your father how he was able to get such a rapid response from Starfleet.  He said, 'My son is an officer.'"  Fox gave Spock a friendly smile.  "Your father seems very proud of you."


"Since pride is an emotion," Spock stated, "I find that highly unlikely."