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AFTER THE CREDITS-- Spectre of the Gun

Ster Julie


Personal log, Stardate 4386.1.


I learned many things today.

I had to meld with Captain Kirk, Doctor McCoy and Engineer Scott to convince them that we would not be killed at the Battle at the OK Corral that the Melkotians recreated for us. I knew that the bullets were not real, that all we saw and experienced was illusion, but the others could not, especially after Mr. Chekov's "death."

It was a terrible intimacy for me to meld with so many, but the needs of the many outweighed any trepidation on my part.

I had melded with Jim before, so it was no hardship to do so again. But melding with McCoy and Scott was another story.

I learned that McCoy is terrified of mindmelds. I saw a brief glimpse of what happened to him at the hands of my counterpart in the mirror universe. I did not know that he had had to endure a forced meld, a mind rape. I have a newfound respect for him that he was able to beat down his demons to allow me to meld with him today. Perhaps at a later date he will allow me to heal those part of his mind that my counterpart damaged.

I also learned that Mr. Scott truly loves the Enterprise, but not for the reasons that everyone assumes. He treats the ship with such reverence and respect, not because he is enamored of machinery and circuits. He sees the Enterprise as a means to an end. The ship is the vessel upon which all of his shipmates exist. Anything that damages the ship threatens the lives of those for whom he feels such responsibility. I had not realized until today that he suffers the death of all those crewmembers lost because of mechanical failure or malfunction, even battle casualties.

I look over to my chess set and gain even more insight. I see the Queen as the Enterprise, strong, able to go where she wills, yet still vulnerable. Scott is the Queen's Bishop, protecting her and seeing to her needs.

I see McCoy as the King's Bishop, protecting the King, who is not the captain, I realize, as I consider further. The King is the crew. The ship is just a vessel, but it is the people she carries that is the real treasure.

I take the Knight in my hand and easily see James Kirk there. The Knight is usually the first piece moved, the most aggressive piece. I take the other Knight and realize that it represents me. Jim and I work together to protect the crew and lead them forward.

I do not know whom the rooks represent. The most senior female crew members, Lts. Uhura and Chapel, are strong women who also protect and nurture, but if they are the rooks, where does that leave the department heads? And does that make the junior officers the pawns?

I replace the pieces on my board and realize that I have wasted enough time with these frivolous thoughts. The day's events have left me psychically tired, so I will rest know and rise early for my meditations. I know that this change in my routine will most likely encourage dreams tonight, but kaiidith.

End recording.