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Ster Julie

Sarek stepped off the transporter pad in the underground bunker of the Shoreleave Planet. He scratched behind his ears until he removed the edges of the mask he wore. He peeled the thin film away from his face, a film that made his face look more the way that Spock remembered from his youth. He passed a wand over his head, revealing the silver highlights in his hair that Spock would not remember.

The Caretaker moved to Sarek's side as the ambassador finished restoring his true likeness.

"Thank you for allowing myself to interact freely with my son, old friend," Sarek said warmly.

The Caretaker gave Sarek his trademark half grin in reply. "It is not something that is usually done, Ambassador," he explained, "but our planet still owes you for your kindness many years back." The Caretaker looked quizzically at Sarek. "Why the ruse, Sarek?" he dared to ask. "Why do you not contact you son yourself?"

"I have family honor to uphold," Sarek replied, "and tradition. I cherish my son and miss him very much, but the ways of my people dictate that I cut myself off from him as he pursues the way of violence."

"But Starfleet keeps the peace," the Caretaker retorted.

Sarek sighed. "At what cost?"

It was an old argument between the two friends. They turned and began to walk to where Sarek's shuttle was ensconced in the underground hanger.

"I trust that all is in order for my next visit here?" Sarek asked.

The Caretaker nodded and rubbed his hands. "We have received and tested out your program," responded. "Everything will be ready for your anniversary celebration next month."

"Good," Sarek replied. "My Amanda appreciated your efforts very much the last time we were here."

The Caretaker had a thought. "Now that we have scans of your son," he suggested, "would you care to have an image of Spock join you in your fantasy?"

Sarek smirked. "I can already hear his mother say, 'Absolutely not! This is our little honeymoon!'" he imitated. "But perhaps he may join us at the end of the program."

Sarek bid his friend farewell and climbed into his shuttle. He could still feel his son in his arms as Spock moved to embrace him. Sarek remembered to clamp down his shields at that point so that Spock wouldn't suspect anything.

So, Spock misses his father! Sarek half-suspected Spock to grow irrational during their meeting, but the boy comported himself with restraint, causing a glow of paternal pride. Part of Sarek bemoaned the strictures imposed on him due to his heritage, not just as a Vulcan, but as a direct descendant of Surak. If not for them, he and Spock would have had a simple argument of the boy's choice of career and not the ritual disownment that such a breaking with tradition required.

"A'tha," he breathed, "let my son be rejoined to the Family. Let it be soon."

Sarek fired up the shuttle and made a mental note to replenish the fresh water at the east gate of him home the moment he returned to Vulcan.