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The New Girl



            There was a new girl at the Starfleet Daycare Center.


            Nyota didn't seem to mind.  Although it had been nice to rule the roost with Chrissy, Nyota was very easy-going and liked everyone.  It would be great to have another girl in their group.


            Chrissy, on the other hand, circled 'round the new girl warily, sizing her up.  This apple-cheeked girl was also blonde.  What she lacked in height she made up for in hair.  The new girl had a very elaborate hairstyle.  It took Chrissy's mommy at least ten minutes every morning to tame her curls into more orderly ringlets.  Chrissy wondered how long it took the new girl's mommy to braid her hair like that.


            Chrissy watched the new girl interact with the boys as they arrived.  She was coy with Lenny, Spockie and Monty, but Chrissy saw right through her act.  Hikaru's jovial nature seemed to attract the new girl, but when Jimmy arrived, she swooped toward him like a hummingbird to nectar.


            Chrissy breathed a sigh of relief.  At least her Spockie would be safe from this new girl's clutches!


* * *


            Mr. R called the group to the Gathering Mat and brought the new girl to the front.


            "Boys and girls," he said in his soft voice, "this is Janny.  She will be joining our group.  Can everyone say hello to Janny?"


            "Hello, Janny!" they chorused.


            "H'lo," she replied shyly.


            "Why come your hair's so big?" Hikaru blurted out.  Chrissy couldn't help but giggle.


            Janny was unfazed.  "I have to wear my big crown today," she replied, as if that explained the obvious.


            "Crown?" Nyota wondered aloud.  "Are you a princess or something?"


            Chrissy sat up.  A princess?


            "No," Janny replied.  (Chrissy sighed in relief.) "I am a queen."


            "What?!" Chrissy exploded.


            Janny shot her a look.  "I'm the reigning Little Miss Tiny Tot Buttercup Queen," she explained.  "I have to make an appearance today at the opening of the new kiddies' gymnasium.  I get to cut the ribbon with real laser scissors."


            Each of the boys reacted differently to Janny's announcement.  Spockie listened politely.  Monty had been bored into a stupor until she mentioned real laser scissors.  Lenny snickered over her title, "Buttercup Queen." Jimmy's eyes lit up.  He lived near where the gym had been under construction for several months and was anxious for the place to open.


            Janny misinterpreted Jimmy's reaction and she directed her special smile toward him.


            Lenny caught the look and rolled his eyes.  "Oh, brother!" he commented.


            Jimmy was confused.  "Whassa matter, Lenny?"


            Lenny made a goofy face at Jimmy.  "She likes you!" he teased.  "She loves you!  She wants to kiss you!"


            Jimmy's face fell.  "Ick."


            After the opening exercises and morning lessons were finished, the group went outside for recess.  Chrissy was whispering something to Nyota when Janny sidled up to the girls.


            "H'lo," she said.  "I'm Janny."


            "Hi, Janny," Nyota replied.  "I'm Nyota, but you can call me Nyo."


            Janny smiled then turned to Chrissy, who just looked down her nose at the smaller girl.


            "Your hair is real pretty," Janny commented.


            Chrissy smiled at the unexpected compliment.


            "Thanks," she beamed.  "I'm Chrissy."


            "Wanna play Power Princesses?" Janny asked.  "I brought some of my old crowns."


            "'Old crowns'!" Nyota echoed.  "How many crowns do you have?"


            Janny looked into the air and counted.  "Twenty-six," she answered.  She reached into her bag and withdrew three tiaras.  The other girls oohed and aahed at the sight of the sparkly things.  Janny placed the crystal bands on their heads, crossed her wrists over her and shouted, "Power Princess!"


            Chrissy and Nyota imitated Janny's stance and echoed at the top of their lungs, "Power Princess!" Then the three girls ran stiff-armed straight for the boys.


            Chrissy decided that the new girl was okay after all.


            As long as she stayed clear of her Spockie!