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Ster Julie


Begin recording.


Medical log, Stardate 1704.0.  Doctor Leonard McCoy, reporting.


Because of the accidental time travel we did after the Psi 2000 infection, this report is being recorded before the incident actually began first time around.  If that sounds clear as mud to whomever is reading this, then join the crowd.  I'm a doctor, not a temporal field specialist.


Two days after the original infection, the crew that actually came down with this disease is now suffering new symptoms.  I like to call it the "peek and duck" syndrome.  Two crewmembers take furtive glances at his or her erstwhile partner, then ducks his or her head when eye contact is actually made.  It's as if they cannot believe the skewed memories they have of recent events.


Even our distinguished First Officer Spock is not immune, especially when he is around Nurse Chapel.  I'd love to know what happened between those two.  I was too busy in the labs, trying to come up with the cure to this space sickness to know half of what went on here.  I overheard Chris apologize to Spock, telling him that she is engaged to be married, and how ashamed she is of her actions because they show her as unfaithful to her betrothed.  I don't remember hearing Spock say anything.  I just remember seeing Christine as she left, blushing fiercely.  I also noticed Spock watching her leave, a wistful look on his face.  Now, what is that all about?


You know, this is not a proper medical log entry, but to tell you the truth, these have not been proper days.  They've been like living in some kind of twilight zone of existence.  Losing Joe Tormolen for no good reason has been exceptionally hard, if the level of whisky in my bottle is any indication.  You know, I'll probably delete all this when I'm sober.


Stop recording.