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Go Away!

Ster Julie


T'Pring sat at the window seat, staring out, not at the night sky, but at the mountain far in the distance. The massive ritual bonfire that had been built at sunset the previous evening was still blazing nearly a full day later, and T'Pring knew that its embers would still be glowing at dawn. The girls knew that the fire symbolized the coming together of two great houses, but it also signified her joining with her new betrothed, Spock, when the Fires came upon him.

T'Pring may only be seven years old, but she knew the basics of what the Fires were. She had recently witnessed the early stages of her own father's bout with madness as he awaited his wife's return from a diplomatic trip. It was a frightening thing to bear for one so young, and she feared enduring it with Spock when his Time came.

"Pon farr is a natural occurrence in Vulcans," her mother had told her. "When you are older, you will be taught what to do to help your mate through this."

T'Pring thought of the strange halfing her parents had chosen for her. Spock looked Vulcan enough, but T'Pring had never before seen a human until she met Amanda that day. Would the children she bore Spock be as pink skinned? Blue eyed? Strange eared?

As T'Pring knelt before T'Pau at the bonding, she was hard-pressed to master her fear. When the matriarch touched the girl's face and joined her to Spock's mind, T'Pring sensed fear in him as well. The fear in them both resounded through each of them, until T'Pau stepped in and reprimanded them gently, /Fear is useless. There are no strangers in the bond./ T'Pring nodded her head in acceptance and sensed Spock acquiesce as well.

T'Pring remembered the look of wonder on Spock's face, and wondered if her mien betrayed her as clearly. She felt as though she were one person with two katras. It was wondrous indeed. T'Pring remembered her feeling of anticipation as Spock extended two fingers to her, the feeling of shock as their flesh touched, the sound of his small voice intoning the ritual words, "T'Pring, parted from me, yet never parted, never and always touching..."

/T'Pring,/ intruded a voice into her reverie. /It is I, Spock./

T'Pring cast her eyes about, seeking the speaker, before realizing it was her betrothed interrupting her contemplation through their bond.

/I seek your forgiveness if I have caused you distress today,/ Spock's mindvoice continued.

T'Pring had noticed waves of distress coming from her mate. Did he regret being bonded to her?

/I bid you a peaceful rest tonight./

T'Pring's shields were not yet strong enough to prevent broadcasting her disgust at his emotionalism. Is this what awaited her when pon farr finally drew them together?

"Go away!" she whispered.