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After the Credits: The Way to Eden



Personal Log.  Stardate 5383.0.


I find myself disturbed after the day's events.  Doctor Sevrin and his young followers wanted no more than anyone else, including myself -- original innocence, Eden, Sha Ka Ri.  This is what I tried to convey to Captain Kirk, to no avail.  What these young people sought was the simpler life, but what they found instead was disillusionment, even death.


When I close my eyes and try to meditate, I see the still face of Adam, dead, mouth horribly disfigured, and my thoughts stray back to myself, to when I left home at such an impossibly young age.  Adam took a wrong step on his journey to his dream.  Perhaps this is what my father feared when I left home, that I would end up so young, so dead, after so wrong a misstep on my journey.


I suspect another reason for my difficulties in my meditation is my reaction to the odor that clung to the clothes of Dr. Sevrin and his followers.  I am convinced that it was the residue of a hallucinogenic substance.  It certainly affected my judgment.  The Vulcan harp was never designed to produce such dissonant chords.  I will have to spend many hours retuning and rebalancing it.  I may have to purchase a whole new set of strings and restring the harp.


I keep coming back to Adam.  He may have been a follower of a madman, but he reminded me so much of my own brother.  Sybok had the same spirit of a wild mustang in him.  Ready to bolt, to experience, to feel, logic be damned.


Stop recording


Personal log, continued.


I was more successful in my meditations.  I began by saluting the katra of my brother and was pleased to sense a resonance with Sybok over the distance, wherever he is.  I next recited the brief ritual for the dead for Adam and for Doctor Sevrin.  After I recognized the similarities between Adam and Sybok, the hindrance to achieving the proper meditative state was removed my meditations went as normal.


I have ordered a new set of harp strings.  My lapse in judgment proved to be expensive.  The strings will cost me an entire month's pay.  In the meantime, I will practice my keyboard skills and learn some of the new music I acquired from Mr. Flint.


End personal log.