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Career Day

Ster Julie


"Your writin' 's written rotten!" Lenny exclaimed as he looked over at Spock's paper.


The other children looked over at the commotion.  Jimmy peered over to where Spock was laboring over a long sheet of paper, writing with a fat marker in letters that ran from top to bottom and from left to right.


"Looks like you're drawing black s'ketti," Jimmy said.


"I once sawed someone make a picher by dipping worms in paint and letting 'em crawl on some paper," Hikaru announced.


That comment raised a chorus of "Ews!" from nearly everyone in the group, everyone, except Spock.


The little Vulcan boy was struggling with the Golic runes.  Of all the children in the daycare, Spock was the only one able to write more than just his name, but it took a lot of patience and concentration on his part.  Spock's single-mindedness paid off in the end.  He held up the length of paper, reread it with a critical eye, then rolled it, tied it up with some yarn, and placed it in his cubby.


"What did you just make, Spockie?" Jimmy asked.


"I wrote a letter to my daddy," Spock replied.


"What for?" Jimmy asked.


"I 'vited him to come for Career Day next week," Spock replied.


"Why dincha just ask him when he got home from work tonight?" Jimmy asked, confused.


Spock looked at his friend askance.  "It is proper to issue an 'vitation in writing," he quoted from his parents' lessons.


"Oh," Jimmy replied.


Spock looked at his friend.  "C'n your daddy come for career day, Jimmy?" he asked.


Jimmy pushed some markers back and forth on the table.  "My daddy's away on his ship again," he pouted.


"Oh," Spock replied.  "How about your mommy?"


Jimmy made a face.  "She's just a dumb ol' farmer," he muttered.


"Jimmy!" Spock corrected.  "Wifout farmers, we wouldn't have food!"


"Correct, Spock," Mr. Roddenberry's kind voice was heard.  "Besides, Jimmy," he continued, "your mother is an agricultural engineer.  Her work is important for developing crops for the new colonies."  Mr. R looked Jimmy over carefully.  "You did invite your mother to come for Career Day, didn't you, Jimmy?" he asked.


Jimmy shook his head.


"I'll help you write an 'vitation!" Spock volunteered.


Jimmy looked sideways at his friend.


"'Kay," he replied with a smile.


As the two boys ran off together to get more paper, Mr. R looked over his roster.


"Monty," he called.


"Aye?" Monty replied.


"Who is coming for Career Day from your family?" he asked.


"Me da is coming," he said proudly.  "He's just back from erecting the newest pressure domes on Mars!"


"Very good," Mr. R commented as he noted Monty's response.  "Let's see," he continued, "Lenny, your father is coming, surgery schedule permitting, right?"


Lenny nodded enthusiastically.  "Yup, and if he can't come, my granddaddy Dr. Harold McCoy will come." Lenny turned and whispered to Monty, "He invented the biobed!"


"Wow!" Monty breathed.


"Nyota," Mr. R continued, "Your mother will be coming with some of her music students, correct?"


Nyota clapped her hands.  "They are real good," she commented.  "It'll be fun!"


"Hikaru?" Mr. R said next.  "Who did you invite?"


"Well," Hikaru began, "I 'vited my mommy, but she got called away to test some new fighting shuttles, so my obaasan (grandmother) is coming instead.  She's a bot'nist."


"Very good," Mr. R commented, taking more notes.  He had good representation in the sciences; he had an engineer and a bio engineer coming.  So far the fine arts had only one representative. Baby Pavel's father once danced with the Russian ballet before he became an inventor.  Perhaps he would come.  There was no representative from Starfleet he noted coming to this Starfleet- funded daycare's Career Day.  Bad form, Mr. R thought.


"Chrissy?" Mr.  R called.  "Who is coming to Career Day for you?"


Chrissy drew herself up proudly.  "Both of my parents are coming," she announced.  "My daddy is an author, and my mommy is a hospital 'ministrator."


"Excellent," Mr.  R commented.


"An' my daddy said that he'd write a story 'bout all of us at the daycare center," she announced to the group, "and he'd even put pichers of us into the story!"


"Wow!" the children chorused.


* * *


Jimmy and Spock were busy at the table.  Well, Spock was busy carefully writing what he could of what Jimmy wanted him to say. For his part, Jimmy was peering over his friend's shoulder so intently that he didn't notice the large shadow that suddenly fell across the table.


"Hey, Squirt!"


Jimmy started at the sound.  "Daddy!" he breathed.  Soon strong arms picked up the little tow-headed boy and flung him high over his head.  "Daddy!" Jimmy squealed in delight.  "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!"


"Welcome, Lt. Cdr. Kirk," Mr. R said a safe distance away from Jimmy's flying feet.


George Samuel Kirk, Sr. perched his young son on his shoulder and extended his hand to the daycare director.


"Call me George," he said, pumping the older man's hand vigorously.  "My wife told me about Career Day next week and, well, I never know when I am going to be home, so I thought I'd better come when I could."


"But I haven't finished the 'vitation yet!" Spock said from the table.


"S'okay, Spockie!" Jimmy giggled from his perch.  "Come meet my daddy!"


Spock rose from his chair and came to stand in front of the Starfleet officer.


"Live long and prosper, Mr. Kirk," Spock said with his hand in the ta'al.


"It's Lieutenant Commander!" Jimmy said crossly.  "He's in Starfleet.  He's a S'curity officer!"


George Kirk flipped his son easily to the floor.  "Easy there, Squirt!  Don't get your torpedoes in a twist."  He turned to the solemn little Vulcan boy in front of him, lifted his own hand in the split-fingered ta'al and intoned, Mene sakkhet ur-sevah, Spock."


Spock's mouth dropped open with shock.  Before he could get a mouthful of Vulcan syllables out of his mouth in reply, George Kirk interrupted him.


"That's the extent of my Vulcan, son," he said.  The elder Kirk looked Spock over with a critical eye.  "So you're my Jimmy's new friend.  You are all he ever talks about anymore."


Spock turned wide eyes to Jimmy, who just beamed.  "Jimmy's been a very true friend to me, sir," Spock replied shyly.


George Kirk squatted down so he was at eye level with the quiet little boy.  "Know what?" he asked Spock conspiratorially.  "A good friend will stick by your side, through the good and through the bad.  A good friend is better than a pocketful of credits.  A good friend will always be here," he said, pointing to the correct spot over Spock's heart, to his surprise, "no matter how far apart you are."  George looked over to his son, "Jimmy already knows that, don't you, Squirt?"


Jimmy nodded solemnly.  "I know my daddy is close by in my heart," he averred, "no matter how far away his ship takes him."


"That's good to know," Spock said.


George noticed that the mood had grown somber, so he decided that it was time to do what he came for.


"Mr. R," he addressed the daycare director smartly, "permission to demonstrate some martial arts, sir!"


Jimmy couldn't help but beam proudly.