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The Call of Duty: What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Ster Julie

Spock watched as Nurse Chapel left the bridge. She had just informed Kirk of her decision to stay in Starfleet and aboard the Enterprise, after discovering that the man that had led her to the stars -- her fiancé Roger Korby -- was dead and buried deep beneath the rock of Exo III.

"Have you ever been engaged, Mr. Spock?" she asked.

/Ah, yes, Christine,/ Spock thought morosely, /I am engaged, and if my betrothed was half the woman you are, possessing a fraction of your courage and integrity, I would not be loathing our eventual nuptials./

Spock watched Christine walk away, appreciating for the first time her soft curves, her long legs, and the way her uniform left little to the imagination. Was life support working properly? Spock was suddenly feeling quite warm.

/Spock!/ His conscience barked. /Spock cha Sarek, cha Skon, cha Solkar, cha nii de'deschitah nii Surak! What do you think you are doing? You know it is improper for you to look on another woman so! You have a duty to T'Pring!/

Spock turned abruptly and took his station. Inserting an earpiece, he played loud music to drown out the chittering voices scolding in his head.

/T'Pring who?!/


(A/N: Spock cha Sarek, cha Skon, cha Solkar, cha nii de'deschitah nii Surak! TRANSLATION: Spock son of Sarek, son of Skon, son of Solkar, son of the line and lineage of Surak!)