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Ster Julie


Mr. Roddenberry had just turned down the lights and closed the door in the nap room when Chrissy and Nyota poked their little heads up. They caught each other's eye and stuffed chubby hands into their mouth to stifle their giggles. Time to put their plan into action!


Both girls pulled the blanket off their little naptime pad and moved to stand over little Spock's already sleeping form. In fact, all of the boys fell asleep quickly after a morning of roughhousing. The girls had been left to their own devices, and their plan had been hatched.


"He looks cold, Chrissy," Nyota whispered. "Maybe we should cover him up." Chrissy started to spread her blanket over the slumbering Vulcan child.


"We don't wanna let him get sick," Chrissy replied as she watched Nyota add her own blanket over Spock. "We should tuck him in real good."


Both girls bent to their work, shoving the blankets under the boy. They finished their work by snuggling on either side of Spock.


Soon the nap room was filled with terrified screaming!


Spock thrashed from side to side, trying to escape whomever had bound him in the blankets. Their girls tightened their hold on him, which terrified Spock further and prevented him from escaping.


Baby Chekov was the first to echo the Vulcan boy's screams. The girls jumped up in fright and ran to a corner of the nap room, holding each other, crying, as they hid under the changing table.


Jimmy awoke with a start and moved toward his friend.


"Spockie?" he said as his eyes filled with tears. "Whassa matter?" Spock continued to scream and to fight his way out of the blankets.


Lennie looked up, wide-eyed, from his own nap mat. "Jimmy?" he started.


Jimmy tried to grab one corner of one blanket to help disentangle Spock. "Go get Mr. R, Lennie," Jimmy ordered.


Hikaru got up and moved over to where the girls sat huddled together. Monty snored on.


Lennie found Mr. Roddenberry on the com unit in his office. "Mr. R, Mr. R!" Lennie called. "Spock's screamin'!" Mr. Roddenberry put out a hand to shush Lennie as he finished his call.


"You have the coordinates of the transporter pad in the lobby, Madam," he said. "I will see you shortly." Lennie grabbed Mr. Roddenberry's hand and pulled him into the nap room.


Mr. Roddenberry took in the situation with one look. "Lennie," he ordered over the continued screams, "go rub Pavel's back and help him calm down." The daycare director moved over to the sleeping pallets where Jimmy had successfully removed the last of the confining blankets. Spock continued to scream and flail his arms.


The other children turned their attention to the door where the pretty blonde woman they remembered as Spock's mommy came in with a mysterious looking man who could only be Spock's daddy.


Sarek scooped up the screaming child and carried him out of the room and into the office. He murmured words that none of the other children understood. Spock's cries decreased in volume to whimpers as he pushed two of his fingers into his mouth and began sucking on them in earnest.


Jimmy watched the father and son through the office windows, tears welling up in his own eyes. He could hear Mr. Roddenberry speaking to the girls as he held Pavel on his shoulder. Jimmy didn't understand what could have happened. He had had his shares of bad dreams, but Jimmy had never had such a bad reaction to them. Spock was taking an awfully long time calming down.


Jimmy felt a sweet smelling presence at his side. He turned his tear stained face up to Spock's mommy.


"Whassa the matter with Spockie?" Jimmy whimpered. Amanda placed a gentle hand on his curly blond head and knelt beside him.


"What's your name?" she asked.


"Jimmy," Jimmy answered impatiently. "Whassa the matter with Spockie?" he repeated.


"So you're Jimmy," Amanda smiled. "Spock has told us all about his friend named Jimmy." Jimmy stamped his foot.


"What's the matter with Spockie?!" he demanded. Amanda considered how much to tell this child of her son's torments.


"Last year," she began quietly, "some bad men came and took Spock out of his bed as he slept." Jimmy's eyes grew huge.


"They kidnapped him?" he breathed. Amanda nodded. "Did they make you give money to get 'im back?" Again Amanda nodded.


"We had to give money three times," she replied. "Spock got tired of this, so he found out where he was, and, the next time the kidnappers put him on camera for us, he called out his location."


"Is that how you found 'im?" Jimmy said. Amanda nodded a third time, then a sad shadow crossed her face. Jimmy noticed. He also noticed that Spock's cries had resumed after his father had pulled the boy's fingers out of his mouth. Jimmy's eyes filled again.


"Did they hurt Spockie?" Jimmy whispered as fat tears rolled down his cheeks. Amanda wiped them away as she whispered, "Yes."


Jimmy pulled away from her and moved to press against the windows. "Why did they have to hurt 'im?" he cried.


* * *


Spock pulled his fingers from his mouth a second time, only long enough to say meekly, "I'm sorry, 'Nirih, for bothering you at work." Sarek tightened his grip around his son.


"You are never a bother to me, cha'i," he replied. Spock snuffled and snuggled against Sarek's robes. He turned his head to the window to see Jimmy's mournful face.


"A'Nirih!" he cried weakly. "Jimmy's crying! Why is Jimmy crying?" Sarek saw his wife comforting a pale haired boy in the nap room.


"I do not know, cha'i," Sarek replied, "but Mr. Roddenberry can see to him. Come, I will take you home so you can rest. You need to rest."


"I hafta see why Jimmy is crying, 'Nirih!" Spock declared as he wiggled himself free of this father's grasp.


* * *


As Spock entered the nap room, Amanda released Jimmy. The two boys ran into each other's arms like steel to a magnet.


"Don't cry, Jimmy!" Spock told his weeping friend. "I'm okay. I'm okay, Jimmy. It was just a dream. The girls didn't know what they were doing. Those bad men are gone and they will never hurt me again. I'm fine. I am going to be fine."


Amanda listened to her son's litany and wondered if Spock was trying to convince Jimmy or himself. It had been months since the night terrors had troubled the boy. The healers had said that he was recovered from his trauma but to expect the nightmares from time to time.


Jimmy lifted his head from Spock's shoulder.


"You're my bestest friend in all the galaxy, Spockie," he declared. Spock gasped.


"My daddy says the galaxy is a big place, Jimmy!" he replied in amazement. Jimmy smiled.


"My daddy says the same thing." Jimmy rubbed Spock's shoulders and smiled. "You wanna go play, Spockie?" Spock shook his head.


"No, Jimmy. My daddy is going to take me home so I can take a nap," Spock replied. "I'm very tired." Jimmy looked puzzled.


"But you can take a nap here, Spockie!" the boy replied. "I'm tirey, too. We can take a nap together."


Spock looked up at his father with pleading eyes.


"Do you wish to stay, cha'i?" Sarek asked gently.


"Yes, please," Spock replied respectfully. Sarek eyed the human boy at his son's side.


"And you, young man," he replied in a light tone so as not to frighten the boy further. "Will you stand guard over my son while he sleeps?" Jimmy gulped and simply nodded. Sarek gathered his robes around him. "Very well." He extended two fingers to Amanda. "Let us take our leave, my wife."


As the adults left the room, Nyota and Chrissy made their way to where Spock stood.


"I'm sorry that we scared you, Spockie," Nyota said before giving Spock a quick hug. Spock stiffened in surprise.


Chrissy's mouth dropped open in surprise. She decided she had to do one better.


"I'm sorry, too, Spockie," she said planting a noisy kiss on his cheek before running off after Nyota. Spock stiffened even further in distaste. He turned a shocked gaze to a smiling Jimmy.


"C'mon, Spockie," Jimmy said amiably. "Let's go take a nap."


After a long discussion between Mr. Roddenberry and Spock's parents, Amanda took one more look into the nap room and smiled at what she saw. The blonde boy and Spock were reclining side by side on a pair of nap mats that they had pushed together. Each boy had an arm around the other as they slept. Spock did not have his fingers in his mouth—a very good sign, Amanda noted.


Peace once again reigned in the nap room, that is, until Monty got up, stretched, and said, "What are ye all still sleepin' for?"