DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The story contents are the creation and property of SterJulie and is copyright (c) 2004 by SterJulie. Rated G. A/N: This is part of a series I am working on that I like to call "After the Credits." What happened after the credits rolled on each episode? Spock was exposed to extreme cold on Sarpeidon. He must have caught SOMEthing!

After the Credits - All Our Yesterdays


Spock had pneumonia.

Nurse Chapel had taken the night shift during Spock's stay in sickbay. He was put into the isolation ward, not because he was contagious, but because it could be set to the higher temperature and lower humidity of his home planet. To Spock, it was a definite improvement to the ice caves of Sarpeidon.

Christine worked at her desk, the intercom to Spock's room open so that she could monitor him, listen if he should call out.

A fierce bout of coughing attacked Spock. Christine leaped to her feet and headed for his room. When she got there, Spock was nearly choking on the thick mucus. Turning Spock on his side, Christine gave him a few hard whacks on his back. The plug was dislodged and he was able to take a deeper breath.

Christine helped Spock to lay back down, adjusted the head of his bed a little higher, noted his vitals, and gave him another breathing treatment. Spock opened one eye weakly as the mask was lowered over his face.

"Fifteen minutes on this," Christine said gently. "Try to take deep breaths." Spock tried to comply but was soon overtaken by another fit of coughing. Spock turned on the bed until he was on all fours, his head on the mattress and his rear in the air.

Gravity, Christine thought. Leave it to Spock to use gravity to expel the phlegm!

Christine helped Spock to clean up the mess and returned him to lying on his back once more. When the breathing treatment was finished, Christine removed the mask and stowed everything.

Spock curled on his side, clutched his bed pillow to his chest, and fell fast asleep. Christine noted that Spock was breathing less laboredly, resisted the urge to kiss his brow and eased out of the room.

Before she reached the door, Spock spoke one word. It was enough to break Christine's heart.