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"Drunk in the Line of Duty"
Ster Julie

They found Scott on the floor of his quarters, an empty bottle between his feet and the Kelvan control device from Tomar's belt in his hand. Tomar himself was passed out under Scott's desk.

Doctor McCoy took a quick scan of Scott and shook his head. The doctor looked around the cabin and saw an empty Saurian brandy bottle, an empty flagon of something green, and an empty bottle of what looked like very old scotch.

McCoy next scanned Tomar. The Kelvan's blood alcohol level was higher than Scott's. The doctor shifted the alien in his seat, placing Tomar's head on the desk and turning his head so he wouldn't choke on his own vomit, for McCoy was sure that Tomar's stomach would empty violently very shortly.

McCoy called down to Sickbay and ordered two gurneys to be brought to Scott's cabin. He would put both men on IV fluids to combat the worst of their hangovers which promised to be beauties.

McCoy wondered about the events of the past day. Scott became drunk while on duty, a court martial offense, but he got drunk in the line of duty. Knowing what pain Scott faced as his body dealt with the high level of alcohol in his system, McCoy considered submitting the engineer's name for a citation, possibly the Bronze Star. McCoy chuckled to himself as he guided the gurneys out the door. Imagine what that citation would read like! he thought.

"For meritorious service in the line of duty aboard the USS Enterprise during the hostile takeover of the ship by members of the Kelvan race of the Andromeda galaxy on stardates 4656.0 through 4659.8. Lieutenant Commander Scott successfully subdued and disarmed one of the Kelvan captors while suffering extreme discomfort to his own person. Lieutenant Commander Scott's exemplary professionalism and devotion to duty under arduous working and living conditions and

threat of enemy attacks were in keeping with the highest traditions of Starfleet. The combat distinguishing device is authorized."

One gurney hit a bump on the way to Sickbay, causing Scott to moan.

"Easy there, men," McCoy admonished. "Scotty's our very own genuine hero."