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AFTER THE CREDITS: The Devil In the Dark "A Piece of My Mind"



Spock was meditating, holding a piece of a broken silicon nodule. Intruding thoughts tickled the edge of his awareness. He realized that he was being contacted by the mind of the mother horta.

"So, only you have those exquisite ears, Spock?" she began without preamble.

"Yes, madam," he replied, wondering if she would understand that word, while at the same time he was trying to understand the fact that she was contacting him from light years away. "Aboard this ship, I am the only Vulcan."

"That makes you special."

"It makes me unique, at least, among my fellow crew members."

"You are unique for many reasons, I suspect."


"Spock, do you remember the hatchery? All of those precious eggs? They all looked the same, but they each held unique, individual children."

"Mother Horta, do you mind that I kept a small piece of one of the eggs? I have put it with momentos of my ancestors. I wish to atone for the lost children."

"But their loss was not of your doing. Do not mourn for the children. I have grief enough for that. Please keep the receptacle as a remembrance of all the precious little lives you saved."

"Mother Horta..."


"Pardon me?"

"My name is Arsharde. I would not presume to dishonor your own procreator by allowing you to called me 'Mother.'"

"I do not think my own mother would mind in this case, but I will use your correct appellation. Arsharde. Does the name hold meaning?"

"Yes, it means 'nurturer.'"

"How appropriate, and how beautiful."

"Why, thank you."

"Arsharde, how is it that we can communicate over this distance? My ship is very far away from your planet."

"I am now longer confined to my planet."

"I do not understand."

"I am passing to another plane of existence."

"Have you died then, Arsharde?"

"In your way of thinking, yes. I no longer have my physical body."

"But who will guide the children?"

"I have done my part, Spock. I have passed on my knowledge to the children. They no longer need me, and it has been so long since I have been with my loved ones."

"50,000 years."

"Exactly. My work is finished."

"I am honored that you have come to visit me on your journey."

"Oh, Spock! I had to come. Through our mind link, you received a piece of my mind. I have only come to collect it!"