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Bedtime Chatter



"Hug me, Christine," said Spock tenderly.

"Yes, dear," replied Christine softly.

"I miss you so much when we are apart," said Spock.

"I want you to be mine forever," breathed Christine.

"How nice that would be, Christine," he replied.

"Who would have thought that a book club would bring us together?"

"Ah, yes, speaking of books, why don't you 'page' me?" said Spock seductively.

"As soon as we get to your bed, I'll do more than that, in fact it'll make our first kiss look chaste in comparison."

"If only it had not taken me so long to wise up to the fact that you are the only one for me."

"You made me the happiest I've ever been when you said 'Marry me?'"

"Yes dear, I remember the day well."

"Hmmmm, you look good in this bed out of your Vulcan robe."

"Ah, the latest edition I got from the book club was How to Seduce a Vulcan in Twelve Easy Steps. I am dying to try it out."

"Ah, was that the author you referred to as a 'Cool Dude'?

"It's love seduction at its best in his book..."

"Only you are permitted to seduce me, Christine."

"That's because since we bonded, you're all mine."

"You look good in that blue gown, but you'll look better once I take it off of you."

"All it'll take is one kiss from you, then you can pull my gown off."

"I can't imagine why it took so long for me to wise up to seeing you as the perfect mate."

"Well, Cutie Pie, I'm just glad you finally did."

"Of that I am sure, love, but enough talk, it's time for action."