DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The story contents are the creation and property of Dixie G. Owen and is copyright (c) 1977 by Dixie G. Owen. This story originally appeared in Menagerie #12. SeKwester*Con, Too was a science fiction convention held in Kalamazoo, MI, in 1977. This was Dixie's "con report".

SeKwester*Con, Too

Dixie G. Owen

Ere yet the giants of fiction science

Had met for Star Trek in old K'zoo,

I knew all their names, their zine fun and games

But faces for only a few.

I traveled by Goose, my teeth shaken loose,

As we bounced on the waves of the Lake.

The Crosstown by cab, via Nebula Crab,

Where a comfortable room I did take.

Soon BNFs showed, and the halls fairly glowed


Con Suite opened wide, and the crush was inside,

To sore try the patience of Job.

Then on to the rooms, where the filksinging blooms,

And arguments into the night;

No matter your stand, there is always a hand

For and against, but polite.

On Saturday morn, the panels were born,

And Lorrah held forth on the "Moons".

Sahaj came out and put Lilker to rout

Then Lichtenberg's KRAITH called the tunes.

Next LP6 explained all their tricks,

And then introduced AU4.

(Twixt every two groups, in Paula Smith troops,

And pastes their gold stars on the corps.)

P.M. brought Trek Tech, with its panel select,

And the music of Amy and Fish.

Then followed the crew, for fanzine review,

And at LAST we had worked up to swish!

Now loud were the cries, the giggles and sighs,

As we lined up to fight on each side.

When battle was done, who the hell knew who'd won?

It was Spock 6, Kirk 9, sort of tied!

The banquet that night, a costumed delight,

Had marvelous food for the soul;

And "Stour Treq" a hit, a most laughable skit,

And Howlett in quite his best role.

Then films, songs and chatter, made night throb with clatter,

And Sunday brought us a fine brunch.

Still on the chart: Publications and Art,

From Joan, Joyce and all of that bunch.

Then Porno and Sex served only to vex

Those who would never agree

That affairs of the heart just must be a part

Of shiplife aboard the Big E.

I neglected to mention, at every Convention,

The fun that goes on at the sales.

The Dealers' Room glistens, and nobody listens

As they grab zines, avoiding the mails.

Oh, the Auctions are chanted, and price raises granted

By Bob, Mike and Sharon and Joan;

So what if we missed the K/S who kissed?

What WOULD you do with it at home??

With many a sigh, we all said goodbye,

And all that is left is this rhyme.

This just goes to show, in case you don't know--

I had a most marvelous time!

P.S.: So here's to that pair, may they never despair,

That combo of P. Smith and Friend;

At Cons they excel, oh, they do it so well,

That it grieves me to see it all end.