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Shared Grief



            "That'll do, lass." Scotty took the spanner gently from Saavik's hand.  "I think ye've reworked this interface more times than I would me self.  Now tell me," he asked, "what's it aboot."


            "I do not understand.  This junction is still not properly relaying the antimatter mix data."


            "Aye," smiled Scotty, "or could be that the Klingons just have a different idea about the threshold that they consider safe, but ye know I'm nae talking about this repair, now don't ye."


            Saavik opened her mouth the protest, and Scotty had to refrain from placing his fingers to her lips to silence her as he was used to do with his niece Dannon when she was younger.


            A moment of remorse, betrayed only by the slight wetness in his eyes, passed.  Dannon would not speak to him now.  She blamed him for the death of her brother, Peter, even as Scotty blamed himself.  Peter had been determined to be on that cadet cruise that had ended so tragically.


            Scotty wiped his sweating brow and unobtrusively his eyes.


            "Hot as Vulcan," he muttered.


            He sat back on his heels and looked at the young officer before him.  Like he, she had also experienced a loss.  Their eyes meet as Scotty gauged what to say.


            "He's no dead, you know." Saavik merely stared back.


            "He's alive and soon he'll be back to his own self.  You'll see."  Without answer Saavik turned away and reached for the spanner, but met Scott's hand instead.  "That's enough now, lass.  I think this bucket o' bolts is as good as she's gonna get."


            Together they rose and headed toward the hatch, Saavik still silent, closed off from him, and Scott more determined than ever to reach her.


            "Now listen, lass, my mater always said that helping others takes your mind off your own troubles.  Would ye mind doing me a wee favor?"


            Saavik raised an eyebrow inquisitively and Scott, who had worked with closely with one other Vulcan, knew that he had her.


            "Dannon, me own niece, will nae talk to me after the death of our dear Peter.  I thought perhaps if she knew how much he wanted to be on that mission… well, it might help."


            "Help you?" asked Saavik.




            "She blames you."


            Scotty nodded slowly.


            "There can be no blame if there was no intent or negligence.  Peter earned his way onboard that mission.  To deny that diminishes his memory."


            "Aye, lass, but she'll no hear it from me, and hearing it from you, I understand as well.  I know it's too soon but someday, do you think you can speak with her."


            "Certainly, she must understand that we grieve together."


            "Aye, lass, that we do."