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Spock had been on Romulus for twenty years now. His plans for reunification were going better then he expected. In the beginning the work was hard and proved quite tedious. Even Vulcan was coming to terms, willing to open itself back up to its Romulus cousins.

All his human friends died years ago. He received word Montgomery Scott was now gone as well.

Alone he sat in the house where he had been staying, only memories of the past for company. He focused first on his mother's face, seeing the beautiful human woman who took life for all its worth. He heard her words to him, spoken so long ago, shortly before her death. 'You are my son. You will one day let your emotions shine through.' Just the thought of her brought a tear to his eyes.

Next, he remembered the last fight he had with his father, 'You marry her and you will no more be my son.' The marriage did not last, as it should not have taken place to begin with. They had not been suited for one another. Like his father, over time, he had learned he wanted the touch of a human's thoughts.

Reverting his mind to happier times, he thought about his dearest friend, Jim Kirk. Jim was the one that allowed him to open up to his human half, teaching him the value of friendship.

Dr, McCoy, fondly remembered as a sparing partner. At the time, Spock dreaded the confrontations with him, but now after time, he had come to miss them.

With the memory of McCoy, Spock's mind went to a beautiful blonde with eyes the deepest blue he had ever seen. She was the first to pass; he remembered how strange her death was. She had just disappeared with no trace. Her name he recalled was Christine. Though, he only used it a few times mostly he called her by her given name, along with her titles Nurse or Doctor Chapel. She haunted his dreams many nights. She once told him she loved him, but he would not return her love. At the time, he could not, now all he could do was sit and wonder. He remembered every detail about her, her smells the contours of her mind, the sweet song of her voice.

A voice from the past awoke him from his memories. "Spock." It was her voice.

Dismissing it as his mind he went back to his thoughts until there was a familiar brush in his mind, he felt the touch of a hand on his back. 'Spock?'

This time he turned to see his past staring him in the face. Getting up he smiled. "You must be a dream or you are an angel."

"No," the voice replied. "I have searched for you and now I found you." She returned his smile.

In utter amazement, he stood there most pleased, but at the same time curious. "You are dead."

"I am not," was the reply, eyes shining light sapphires

He questioned this was not logical, "Then how?"

"All that matters is I am here," was what he was told. "You remember me then."

He smiled at the visitor, "I will always remember the one person who loved me, the Vulcan me and the human me, Christine."

"Then come with me where we may forever be together," she told him.

Getting up he followed her, not looking back to where he sat. "I will follow you forever." In that instance what made him whom he was, was no more.