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Sweet 16


Christine was sure the rest of summer was going to be most uneventful. Her parents decided she needed to get away -- 'Away from John,' she thought to herself -- ever since her parents found them in a rather indecent position, or at least that's what her father thought of necking. Her father had been furious with her, demanding that she go stay with her grandparents in San Francisco. Grandpa Chapel was a well-decorated Starfleet Admiral and was just the person to bring young Christine Chapel back in line.

The first week had been very boring for Christine; she was only allowed to sit on the front porch. In the beginning of her second week her grandmother had decided maybe she needed to go to work with Grandpa. "Grandma, the Academy is totally boring! All those rules and straight laced cadets..." Christine protested as she sat at the dinner table. She stuffed another forkful of pasta in her mouth.

Admiral George Chapel looked at his fifteen-year-old granddaughter. "Christine, I believe that is just what you need. Your sister could tell you the Academy is not that bad."

His son had wanted him to use the same iron fisted method he had used on him as a boy. Waking at four a.m. to complete an hour of exercise followed by regiment of military drills, then finish the morning off with chores before classes. In his studies, it was considered unacceptable to maintain less then a "B" average. However, her father had also been a boy, expected to one day to provide for a family of his own. With boys you had to be tough, but with girls you just had to be careful; it was old fashioned but some old fashioned ways still worked well.

George knew this was not going to work on her, however. She just had too much of his sister in her, the same spit and fire she had had at Christine's age. The last thing he wanted to see was for Christine to follow her example, when their parent's decided she was to out of control.

Holly had died at nineteen, she had her whole life ahead of her; she was a second year nursing student. After her mutilated body was found it was discovered she had been six months pregnant, a fact her family didn't know. It was discovered the father in question had demanded she give up her baby, when she refused, he slashed her with a knife more than thirty times. Their parents lost Holly and what would have been a grandson. George could still remember how devastated he was when he received news his sister had been murdered. He didn't want this to happen to his granddaughter. He also knew that was the very reason he was so hard on his own son; if the boy had no time for a social life he had no opportunity to attempt sex.

"My dear Christine, give it a chance. Go with Grandpa tomorrow and if you don't like it then you can stay here the rest of your vacation and help me. We'll do some belated spring-cleaning," Anne Chapel said as she smiled at her granddaughter. This was bound to get her to want to go.

Christine shuddered at the thought of spring-cleaning the huge home. With a beaming smile she told her grandpa, "Okay, I'll come." Anything was better than cleaning.

* * *

Christine sat in her grandfather's outer office. He had asked her to wait until he finished with the last of the freshman cadets. She smiled at them as they walked into her grandfather's office. At least they all smiled back; all but one that is, a Vulcan. Her bright blue eyes watched the new cadet intently. He was the first Vulcan she had ever seen. His features were mystifying, his eyes and hair as black as coal. Her smile brightened as she saw his eyes look upon her. "Hi," she said. He only replied with a raised eyebrow.

"Please don't talk to the cadets," her grandfather said as he motioned the cadets to join him in his office.

Each of the ten cadets filed into Admiral Chapel's office and Christine heard one of the boys telling the Vulcan, "She's a pretty one."

To which he replied, "Indeed."

Christine blushed at the thought this handsome Vulcan thought she was pretty; or at least that's what she read into it. With a sigh, she sat back and waited for her grandfather to finish with the new cadets. 'This had been a very eventful day,' she thought. She had met several cadets that were very nice, which was an unexpected surprise. After about half an hour she heard the door open once again.

* * *

Cadet Jones sat in the room he shared with cadets Spock, Gilson, and Scott. He watched the Vulcan study for his next exam. "Spock, you need a break. I know a place where the local girls are really wild."

"It is illogical to come to Starfleet Academy to meet girls," he replied at the thought.

Cadet Gilson laughed, "It is more illogical not to meet girls."

"Come on, Spock, if you'll go I'll help you get through the swimming course," Cadet Scott offered; he was one of the Academy;s best swimmers. He had even won gold medals in the freestyle.

Spock gave it some thought; his mother had said he needed to get to know his human side better. "Very well, I will go."

The other three boys each smiled, one way or the other they would get him to loosen up some. "Great, Spock! Let's go then," Cadet Jones finally said. They all got up and walked out of the room.

* * *

Christine sneaked out of her room yet again; it had gotten so easy to get away. Her grandparents went to bed at 2100 hours. All she had to do was to wait until 2200 hours then she'd be free. There was a club not far from Starfleet Academy that a lot of the upperclassmen frequented. One of the guys had made her an ID that would get her access to the building and any drinks she wanted. Tonight, as she had for the past three Friday nights, she would be Holly Rivers, a nineteen year old nursing student at the Academy.

This Friday, however, was a special night, as it was her 'Sweet Sixteen' birthday. Her hair and makeup were fashioned in a style more like a nineteen year old would wear, and her outfit -- what there was of it -- consisted of a black faux leather mini skirt and a white, off the shoulders top. She had considered dying her brown hair blonde but knew her father would kill her when she got home. At sixteen, she was full of adventure and tonight she wanted to have a good time; she didn't even care with whom. After all, tomorrow she would return to Ohio to start school once again.

* * *

"Spock, here, loosen up," Cadet Gilson said as he handed him a drink.

Spock took the dark green drink. "What is it?" he asked, as he smelled the liquor.

Cadet Scott laughed at him. "It's not going to kill you Spock; just drink it." They had decided no matter what it took they were going to introduce him to the two things most young guys loved -- drinks and the touch of a woman.

Spock took the liquor down in one gulp; it was bitter and burned his throat. "This is supposed to loosen me up?"

"Sure, Spock, give it about ten minutes," Cadet Scott laughed as his eyes followed the brunette that just walked in the room. "Guys, look, it's her; the girl from the Admiral's office." Each of the cadets looked up to see Christine walk across to the bar. "Spock, now that's the type of girl you need to teach you all about human women."

Spock watched Christine intently; it wouldn't do for him to give way to her beauty; he was promised to T'Pring. The more he watched her, however, the more he felt a surge of desire hit him. Mentally he scolded himself, 'I am Vulcan, I must control.' It was at this time he wished he had stayed on Vulcan and joined the Vulcan Science Academy.

Christine had noticed the cadets eyeing her; she had become accustomed to it. After all, that is why she came here; she wanted a good time. The Vulcan, she noted, seemed to be almost drooling over her. She didn't know much about Vulcans except that they were emotionless; or so she'd heard. The fact that this Vulcan stared so intently was disturbing. When she could no longer bear his eyes burning into her she walked over to them. "So, can I do something for you, cadet?"

Spock looked up at her, both of her. "Logic dictates you can..." His mind was racing with images he should not be seeing, "...pleasure me." He got it out before he was able to stop it; but instead of backing away he stood tall and firm.

"Excuse me, cadet?" She couldn't believe what she had heard. How dare he speak to her like that; who did he think he was?

"Perhaps I have not made myself clear," he said as he lifted an eyebrow. The background music was blaring in his head. With a quick movement, he kissed her. He should have felt the rush of her thoughts but he felt nothing; the drink must have impaired his natural telepathic abilities.

She was completely shocked by his actions. How could he just do that?

Pulling back her open hand, she slapped his face. "Stop that!" It wasn't that she didn't enjoy it; she just wasn't in the habit of kissing guys she didn't know.

Spock held his hand against his cheek; the slap strangely only intensified his new desires. "Is this not part of the human mating ritual?"

The group of cadets he was with began to laugh uncontrollably at his words. Even Christine couldn't help but laugh. "You think I would 'mate' with you?" she asked as laughed.

Spock raised his eyebrow, "Is that not what one does when one desires a beautiful creature such as you?" He knew he would not normally speak in such a matter, so why was he saying these things now, if it weren't for the drink he had been served?

Christine could only stare at the Vulcan, dumbfounded, until upperclassman Drake Evans came over, breaking her trance. "Holly, are these children bothering you?" he said as he eyed the Vulcan and his human friends.

"Drake, I can handle him myself," she said, giving him a disarming smile. She knew the only reason he would have anything to do with her is she was the Admiral's granddaughter. He had even made her the ID, with the understanding she would only go when he could be a bodyguard, of sorts.

Cadet Scott eyed her and replied, "I bet you can."

Spock still felt the sting of her slap, as he considered his friend's implication. Though he didn't quite understand the logic behind it, the fact that he had talked to this girl the way he had was not an issue; however, hearing his friend say something suggestive to her sent him to the edge of his control. "Scott, there is no reason to speak in such a manner. I was wrong to speak to her the way I did."

She looked into his eyes as he turned to her. "Look, that may be how things work on Vulcan, but here you just don't do that sort of thing." She suddenly felt some sympathy for the Vulcan. She could imagine that he didn't understand dating practices on Earth any more then she would understand those of Vulcan.

"Very well, perhaps it was wrong for me to come here," he said as he began to walk away.

"No, wait, please," Christine called as she rushed off after him. It wasn't that she didn't like the kiss ... in fact it had been quite nice. He had just scared her.

He reached the door as she caught up with him. "I think it is better I leave... I am not myself... This is not how a Vulcan behaves," he explained to her as he paused in the doorway.

"Well ... do you mind if I join you?" she asked as she smiled at him.

"I can not stop you," he said, although he actually preferred she did not. He was just unsure of how he would respond to her alone when his body told him he desired her.

"Well then, let's go. We can take my skimmer," she said as she grabbed his arm.

"Wait, Spock, here ... take this," Cadet Gilson handed him the rest of the bottle he had started earlier. He giggled at the fact the girl had done such an about face. Perhaps Spock would get lucky after all.

Spock took the bottle and raised his eyebrow, "I believe the correct term is 'Thank You'." He turned his attention back to the young female at his side.

Once they got outside Christine looked at Spock, seeing her handprint still on his face, "I am sorry I did that to you." She touched his check and was shocked when he moved away from her. Her eyes widened from the look of pain on his face. "What's wrong?"

His senses where coming back and her thoughts overwhelmed him. "Christine, I am a Vulcan; and as such, a touch telepath." He was trying to subtly explain that he saw her true self and what she had come to the club tonight to do.

She was shocked he called her by her real name. "I see, then do you also know why I asked you if I could come?"

"I do..." he said but how could he allow himself to do this? He was a Vulcan, and already bonded; and yet he didn't want to fight the desires. He had left Vulcan to be himself, Spock, not 'the son of Ambassador Sarek'; who always had to act as an epitome of all that Vulcan stood for. With this purpose in mind, he opened the driver's door of the skimmer for her, and then got in himself on the passenger's side.

"Would you like to see my grandparent's beach house? It's only up the coast a bit. Right now it's empty," Christine asked him as she started the skimmer.

Spock looked at her as he took a drink of the fiery liquid. "That would be fine." Today, just for one day, he would be just like any other teenager and allow his passions to lead him.

It wasn't long before they arrived at the empty beach house. Christine opened the door and Spock looked around inside the small abode. A large picture window gave a view of the ocean. "Well, can I have some; or are you going to drink the entire thing?" she said with a seductive smile as she led the way to the large waterbed in the master bedroom.

Spock looked at Christine with a raised eyebrow. "Indulge yourself."

She took a big swig of the fiery liquid. "So tell me why you joined Starfleet."

He looked at her. "My maternal grandfather was a Starfleet Officer; and I also felt it would offer me more diversity than the Vulcan Science Academy could."

Christine looked at him, puzzled. "But you're Vulcan. There are no Vulcans in Starfleet ... with the exception of you, Spock."

"Correction, I am half Vulcan. My mother, Amanda Grayson, is as much a human as you are," he said as he leaned towards her. The bed broke into tiny ripples under her as he pressed his hands along either side of her. "What is the purpose of the liquid in the bed?"

"It can be used to make the experience of 'mating' more pleasant, or so I am told," she said, leaning back as he drew closer to her.

"So, it is more pleasant than this?" he traced her face and ears with two fingers.

She closed her eyes as waves of his desire were fed to her. "It would work well with that I think." She reached out to his shirt, pulling it over his head.

He allowed her to remove his shirt as he reached down for the clasps of his pants. With a quick deft movement his eager member sprang free. Once he was devoid of his pants, he moved his hand to her inner thigh and pulled away her undergarments.

She noticed he was built much bigger then she had ever imagined. She trembled as he brought her close, moving his body atop of hers. "Please, don't hurt me," she said as the bed broke into more waves.

"I can make no promises, but I will endeavor not to harm you greatly," Spock said. He had never before mated with anyone. He also understood human females went through great pain their first time. With the awkwardness of inexperience, he hesitated just outside her entrance a moment before pushing forward.

The shear size and force of his masculinity entering her body hurt as he ripped away her virginity. It wasn't long before his movements caused her to become aroused. Though the experience was mostly painful, it was proving to be quite pleasurable as well. His hard thrusting almost made her scream out in ecstasy. Sensing this, Spock covered her mouth lightly. "No words," he said as he released his seed within her.

Afterwards they lay in the bed a few moments before Christine looked at the chronometer, "Oh my God! It's really late; I better get you back before they do the 0200 hour bed check."

Spock looked at her, she was right; it would do neither of them any good to be caught out of barracks after curfew. "Yes, that would be wise. I too would not like to see you punished for this interlude. I did very much enjoy the evening; perhaps we can see one another again?"

She shook her head, "No, I return home tomorrow." She rose from the bed to retrieve her clothing as well as his.

* * *

Fifteen years later

Nurse Christine Chapel stepped off the transport pad to come face to face with a memory from her past. A chill came over her as she thought back to her sixteenth birthday and her life after that night. "Spock, is that you? After all these years..." she said as she stepped off of the transporter pad.

Spock didn't recognize the female standing in front of him. "Lieutenant...?" he asked, puzzled. He knew a new head nurse was coming aboard, but not her name.

"Chapel. Christine Chapel," she said as she smiled hesitantly up at him. After nearly sixteen years of wondering where he was, she finally found him.

Like a dormant memory reawakened, he looked at her. Her once brown hair was now blonde. She had grown nicely into the body of a woman. "Yes, Admiral Chapel's granddaughter. It has been 16.71 years."

"Yes, it has been. I tried to find you, but my grandfather thought it better not to," she said as she tried to hide her joy. He remembered her!

He looked at Mr. Scott then back to the new nurse, "Nurse Chapel, perhaps we should talk in private."

She looked at the man standing at the transporter controls, "Yes, you're right."

"If you'll allow me to show to sickbay; Dr. McCoy is waiting for you," Spock told her. Once they were alone in the hall he said, "Perhaps I can join you in your quarters later?"

"Yes, I think that would be a good idea," she said as she smiled.

* * *

Spock and the nurse arrived in sickbay. "Dr. McCoy, Nurse Chapel has arrived."

The doctor looked up to them and smiled at his new nurse. She was even prettier in person then in her profile. "Nice to meet you, Nurse Chapel. I see from your file you've studied for your MD."

"Yes, not so easy to do with a child, though," she said proudly. She greatly loved her daughter and it killed her to be away from her. However, she came here to find Roger Corby. Now, however, her reasons for wanting to be here may have just changed; the father of her child was on this ship. The boy she had been told she should never try and find.

McCoy looked at her, surprised. That was one part of her profile not revealed. In fact, it listed no children whatsoever. "I wasn't aware you have a child."

Christine blushed. "Yes, my parents are raising her at the moment." She looked to Spock, "Amanda is quit a handful ... she is almost 16." Amanda reminded Christine of herself at that age.

"Doctor, I will leave you to your new charge," Spock said as he nodded a farewell and left. It would be much later before he would put together the details of the conversations from that day and realize there was a good chance he could be this Amanda's father.

The End-Maybe