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Blood, Spirits and Fears


Captain Kirk looked around the room they had materialized in. It was a huge room with several doors and walkways leading off it. He suspected it was the main hall of the castle they had picked up from the Enterprise. "Spock, have you picked up any signs of the people who sent the distress signal?"

"No, Captain."

"What?" Doctor McCoy peered over Spock's shoulder at the tricorder he held. "That's not possible. Someone sent that signal."

Kirk and Spock exchanged glances. They both had the same suspicions. "Yes, Doctor. But obviously, they don't want us to find them."

"But why…." McCoy stopped as he got what Spock was saying. "You think this is a trap."

"That is the logical conclusion."

"Captain, I believe the sensors aren't working." Christine's statement got all three men's attention. "We aren't even showing up on them." She turned her tricorder around so that they could all see her readings.

Making some adjustments, Spock scanned the landing party. "Fascinating. It appears Ms. Chapel is correct."

Kirk pulled out his communicator. Something about this whole situation felt off. He wanted the landing party out of here. "Kirk to Enterprise. Enterprise, come in. Scotty are you there?" Frustrated, Kirk snapped the communicator closed. "It seems like the communicators don't work either."

"Of course not, Captain. None of your equipment works."

All four of them turned towards the front of the hall where the voice had come from. Sitting in a chair that hadn't been there earlier was a young man.


"Captain, I'm so glad you remember me. I certainly remember you, as well as Mister Spock and Doctor McCoy."

Spock raised his eyebrow at that. "You were hard to forget. I take it you are the one who sent the distress signal."

"Our last game was interrupted. It is only fitting that we finish it today." Getting to his feet, Trelane smiled at them.

"What game? And what's so special about today?"

Trelane crossed his arms over his chest as he considered his opponents. "By your old Earth calendars, it is Halloween and what better place to spend it then in a haunted castle?"

"Won't your parents be looking for you?" Spock asked. There was always the possibility that his absence would be noticed.

"Since I don't intend to remain, no. So you can expected no help from that quarter this time."

Kirk narrowed his eyes as he considered what Trelane had said. If he wasn't going to be here, then maybe there was away for them to escape. But first they needed to know what he had planned. "So you're just going to hold us here indefinitely. That doesn't sound like your idea of fun."

"You are right, Captain. If I held you that long, my parents would eventually notice." Trelane, sure of winning this contest, smirked at Kirk and the others. "You will be allowed to return to your ship in 24 hours. Provided you play by the rules."

"What rules? And what game?" Kirk demanded, not trusting Trelane.

"A game that should appeal to your chivalry, Captain. Rescuing the damsel in distress." Trelane waved his hand and Christine disappeared.

"Christine!" McCoy glared at the despot. "What have you done with Christine?"

"I want her returned this instant."

Trelane rolled his eyes at Kirk's demand. "Really, Captain, that would ruin the whole point of the game. You must make it past the obstacles, find the damsel and return here with her before the 24 hours are up." Trelane was unaware of it but he had picked the one weakness all three men shared, Christine.

Spock forced himself to ignore his concern for Christine and examine the situation logically. Remembering their last encounter with this being, Spock doubted things would be that simple. "And the rest of the conditions?"

"Did I fail to mention that there are others seeking your companion?" Laughing, Trelane disappeared as his last words echoed through the room. "Have fun."

Kirk glared after the departed tyrant. Pushing down both his anger and worry, Kirk surveyed the different doorways. "We'll have to split up. Knowing Trelane's mentality he will have placed Christine in the tower. We have to locate her before whomever, or whatever, else is looking for her does. "

Looking grim all three men chose a doorway and went in search of Christine.

* * *

"No fighting!" Christine stepped in between the three men. "Can't you see? This isn't real! Your feelings aren't real. This is all because of this twisted game of Trelane's."

"No, Christine." Taking her hands, Kirk pressed kisses onto her palms. "I have wanted you since Exo III. Your beauty, courage and loyalty enthralled me. There hasn't been a night since then that I haven't dreamed of you."

Christine was mesmerized. She could feel her heartbeat increase as her body reacted to his words. Christine had always been aware of his charm, his conquests were legendary, but this was the first time he had turned it on her. Breaking free of the trance his words caused, Christine pulled her hands free and shook her head. "No."

"Ah, Christine, my dear, you always did underestimate yourself. You are the light in the darkness. You just can't see it." Christine felt her eyes widen as McCoy flirted with her..

Spock glowered at the two men. Wanting to respect Christine's wishes, Spock controlled the urge to tear them apart. She was his! But how did he convince her of that. He didn't have the other men's way with words. The one time he tried to tell her how he felt it had come out wrong and she hadn't understood. Narrowing his eyes, Spock considered his options. Maybe this time instead of trying to tell her how he felt he should show her.

Christine was taken by surprise when she felt herself being pulled into Spock's arms. "What…" Spock's mouth covered hers cutting off the rest of what she was going to say. Unable to stop herself from responding, Christine's tongue swept out to meet Spock's. Breaking the kiss, Spock moved his mouth to her ear. "I have always wanted you. I just could not tell you."

Christine closed her eyes in pain at Spock's words. How many times had she wanted to hear him say that? To have him say it under these circumstances tore at her heart. Christine made a vow, if she got the chance, she was going to deck Trelane.

Before she had time to cope with his confession, Christine found herself pulled from Spock's arms and shoved behind Kirk. "How dare you touch my woman?!" Kirk, his anger peaking after the display, punched Spock sending him staggering back. Spock roared in rage as his control snapped and he flung himself at Kirk and McCoy.

"Stop!" Christine watched in dismay as the three friends ignored her and continued to tear into each other. Looking frantically around the room, Christine wished for a bucket of cold water or anything that would put a stop to the fight. Seeing something shimmer, Christine whirled around and saw a bucket sitting in the corner. "Yes!" Christine shouted as she hurried over to get it. Just as she reached the bucket Henoch stepped from the wall grabbed her and stepped back into it.

* * *

"This is much better." Henoch looked around the empty room he and Christine materialized in with approval. Using his hold on her arms, he pulled her tight against his chest and leaned down to lick the side of her neck. "Now it's just you and I. Time for your punishment." Henoch delighted in her cry of pain as he sank his teeth into her skin.

Half-remembered lessons going through her mind, Christine stomped down on his foot. As his hold loosened she tore herself out of his grip and moved across the room. Facing him, Christine felt her anger fusing with her terror creating a volatile mixture.

Licking her blood from his lips, Henoch watched in amusement as Christine searched the room for a weapon. "You cannot fight me, Christine. Surrender to me and I'll see to it you survive."

"No!" Christine cursed her stupidity for not picking up her staff after she had dropped it. But, no, she had let herself get caught up in the situation with the guys. Now if she didn't think of something fast she was going to pay for daydreaming. Forcing herself to calm down and think, Christine wished for her staff.

"Nice try but I think not." Henoch reached out and grabbed the staff as it appeared. "You may be the key to the game but my power is stronger than yours."

Not sure what to make of his words Christine ignored them for now as she rushed him, hoping to take him by surprise. Getting a hold of the staff, she tried to knee him in the groin as she twisted away from him.

Moving so her knee hit his thigh, Henoch caught Christine by her hair and threw her against the wall. Stunned, Christine slid to the floor. "I'm going to enjoy taming you." Henoch laughed when Christine glared up at him. Tightening her hold on the staff, Christine prepared to defend herself.

Wait a minute! Looking at the staff Christine realized that Henoch had caught it but hadn't stopped it from appearing. Maybe instead of summoning something she could send herself back to the others? She would settle for being somewhere safe, or at least someplace that was far away from Henoch.

Christine closed her eyes as she was bathed in a bright blue light. Blinking in an effort to clear her vision, Christine took in her new surroundings. It wasn't one she was familiar with. From what she make out from her position on the floor the only thing in the room were several tapestries hanging on the walls. Well, wherever she was now, at least Henoch wasn't here.

"What do we have here? It looks like a half-naked Amazon." Resisting the urge to bang her head on the floor, Christine sat up and looked over at the speaker. "Nice outfit." The leer that accompanied the remark along with the sleeveless tunic told Christine which Kirk she was dealing with.

Obviously she didn't have a handle on this wishing thing. Henoch wasn't here but she wouldn't say it was safer. Should she try it again? Remembering when she had summoned the staff, Christine shook her head. No, with Henoch's ability to sense her use of this power, whatever it was, it would only lead him to her. That's probably how he found her in the weapons room. The thought of being caught by Henoch again decided her. She had a better chance of surviving her current situation, hopefully.

Sensing her inattention, Captain Kirk sauntered over so that she was practically sitting at his feet and smirked down at her. "It's good that you know your position."

Brought out of her thoughts, Christine surged to her feet as the meaning of his words sank in and bringing her almost nose to nose with him. Staring icily at him, Christine refused to back down. "Dream on. I won't bow to you or anyone else."

Giving her a predatory grin, Kirk reached out and stroked her cheek. "Such fire you have! When I have you in my bed I'll show you the proper way to use that fire."

Knocking his hand away, Christine stepped back and took a fighting stance. She'd had about all the male posturing she could handle. "Please! Spare me your conceit! I don't need any lessons from you or anyone else."

"I will keep that in mind for future reference," Spock said as he reached over her shoulder and pulled the staff from her hands.

Moving quickly, Christine turned so she was facing both Spock and Kirk, placing her back to the wall. Damn! She couldn't believe that she had forgotten about him. Kirk's actions had distracted her, his intentions she'd bet, from even wondering where he was.

"It was nice of you to drop in and save us the hassle of having to find you." Kirk smiled at the look she gave him. "The way you keep popping up one would assume you like us."

"Go ahead and assume whatever you want. Since you're already an ass no one will notice," Christine retorted as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Kirk stepped towards her intent on making her pay for that comment. When he was done with her, she would know who was master. Before he could reach her, Spock grabbed his arm. "What are you doing, Mister Spock?" Annoyed about being stopped Kirk yanked his arm free.

"I am claiming her as my woman. Punishing her is up to me." Spock and Kirk exchanged a long stare. Then lifting his eyebrow, Spock asked, "Do you wish to challenge me for her?"

Kirk's body tensed in reaction to Spock's words. Hesitating, Kirk looked over at Christine. She was beautiful and he'd love to break that wild spirit of hers but she wasn't worth dying for. No woman was. If Spock was willing to fight him to claim her than he could have her. They would have a reckoning about his behavior when they were back on the ship. "No, I won't challenge you. She is your woman."

Spock knew that this was not the end of the subject. Kirk would not take lightly the challenge to his authority. So be it. He considered her worth it. Spock turned his attention back to Christine and ran a possessive gaze over her. "You are mine now."

Feeling a wave of desire go through her at his look, Christine banged her head against the wall in hopes of knocking some sense into her brain. It was bad enough her emotions were still tangled up over her Spock's claim earlier, she wasn't going to go through that with this one. Besides his possessiveness would get on her nerves in a heartbeat. "No one owns me."

"I do, now." Spock relished her show of spirit. She was a great prize.

Christine bit her tongue to keep her sarcastic comment from coming out. This was a senseless argument. Since they were from different universes there was no way he could enforce his claim. "What do you want with me?" Christine rolled her eyes at the grin Captain Kirk gave her. "Besides the obvious."

"We want to get back to our ship and that little brat, Trelane said you were the key," Kirk grudgingly explained.

"How did Trelane get you here?"

Spock considered her for a moment before deciding to answer her question. "We were orbiting this planet when he took us from the bridge."

Trelane obviously knew about the parallel universe and had arranged for both Enterprises to be in the same position in each universe so that they could all participate in his game. But why? What significance did their presence have? This time it was Christine who contemplated them. Maybe they were part of the answer on how to get out of here. "We all want to leave this place so why don't we work together?"

"Why should we? Since we already have you we could just take from you what we want."

Once again Christine had to bit her tongue to keep from replying to Kirk's statement. At this rate her tongue was going to be too sore for her to talk. Christine snorted. Kirk would probably like that. "There are three others from my ship here. They have faced Trelane before. If we work together I think we can find away back to our ships."

"Why should we trust you?" Spock wanted to put any end to this game but he wasn't happy about working with the others from her ship. They could jeopardize his dubious claim on her.

Christine hesitated. She had thought of a way around that but she wasn't sure if it was a good idea. Especially with his recent actions. Christine mentally shrugged her shoulders. It wasn't like she had a lot of options. "I'm willing to let you do a mind-meld to determine the truth of what I say."

Spock couldn't total suppress the smile of victory that tugged at his lips. She had just given him the means to finalize his claim. Pinning her against the wall, Spock lifted his hand to her meld points.

Mister Spock groaned and pressed his body closer to Christine's as his mind touched hers. "Our minds are merging. Our minds are one. What you know I know. What you feel I feel." They weren't the words he wanted to say but he didn't want to scare her and have her fight him. Easily picking up her memories of what happened in the castle, he brushed past them seeking a deeper connection.

At the feel of him delving deeper into her mind, Christine briefly struggled before the seductive beckoning of his thoughts overwhelmed her.

'Yes. Become one with me." Exalting in her capitulation, Mister Spock caught her mouth, fusing them in a fierce passionate kiss as their thoughts began to intertwine.

"What the devil?!"

"Christine!" Spock grabbed his counterpart and threw him away from Christine. At the abrupt break in the meld Christine slumped to the ground in a faint. Growling at the interruption, Mister Spock launched himself at Spock.

As the two Spocks grappled, Captain Kirk seeing his chance drew his knife with the intent of attacking the intruder. "Stay where you are." Kirk stepped forward and pointed his phaser at the other captain. "Spock, break it off. Now isn't the time."

At first Spock ignored Kirk's words, wanting nothing more than to punish this man who had harmed Christine. Finally, as reason began seeping through his rage, he shoved the other Spock away and drew his phaser.

Seeing that Spock, though still upset, had regained his control, Kirk turned to where McCoy knelt beside the unconscious Christine. "Bones, how is she?" His worry evident in his voice.

"Without the damn tricorder I can't be sure. Physically all she has are some cuts and bruises. Mentally I couldn't tell you since I don't know what he did to her." McCoy glared over at Mister Spock.

"Doctor if you will help the Captain to watch these two, I'll see if I can find out what damage has been done." McCoy didn't like the idea of turning Christine's welfare over to someone else, even Spock, but he knew Spock was more capable of helping her than he was. Standing up, the Doctor drew his phaser and aimed at the two men.

Kneeling down beside Christine, Spock cradled her head in his lap. He softly stroked her hair away from her face before seeking her meld points.

Christine groaned, as she became aware of the pain and confusion in her head. At the comforting feel of another mind, Christine reached up and touched the hand on her face. "Spock?"

"Shh. I am here. Let me see where you are hurt." Blocking out the others, Spock set out to soothe the turmoil of Christine's mind.

Jealousy exploded through Mister Spock at the tender scene in front of him. He was not going to lose her now that he had found her. He knew from the meld that Christine was in love with his counterpart but that he had foolishly rejected her. Obviously he had changed his mind but it was too late. Growling, Mister Spock took a step towards the couple on the floor. Christine was his now and he would not give her up!

"Don't do it." McCoy stared grimly at the Vulcan. "I will shoot you. I still owe you for what you did the last time we met let alone for whatever you've done to Christine."

Reminded that there were others here, Mister Spock forced his emotions back under control. He was Vulcan. He controlled his emotions. He refused to allow these outsiders to think him weak. "I did nothing she did not agree to." His emotions back under control, Mister Spock gazed calmly back at the Doctor.

"He's telling the truth." Christine allowed herself another moment of basking in the warmth of Spock's concern before slowly sitting up. "I let him do the mind-meld to show him the truth of what is going on here."

Wrapping an arm around her waist, Spock helped ease Christine to her feet. "You may have agreed to the meld but he did more than that. He started to bond with you."

"What? Why would you want to bond with me?" Christine still trying to take in what had almost happened missed the exasperated look both Spocks gave her.

"I have claimed you as my woman. It is only right that we bond." Mister Spock looked disdainfully at the man holding her. "He may be too weak to take what is his but I am not."

"In the past I have turned away from what Christine offered. It is not a mistake I'll make again," Spock warned as he met the other's gaze unflinchingly. As they glared at each other their ancient Vulcan instinct to claim their woman stirred in both men. Silently acknowledging that this wasn't over both vowed they would do what they had to, to keep her.

* * *

Christine swung her staff catching him in the side even as he tackled her. Catching the staff and using it to pin her arms over her head, Henoch leaned closer to her. "If that is the best you can do this is going to be a short fight."

Ignoring his criticism, Christine swung her head forward, hitting him the bridge of his nose. When he reared back, she brought her knee up between his legs. Christine got to her feet as he rolled away from her.

Waiting until he was almost to his feet, Christine rushed him. Her first blow caught him in the thigh causing his leg to buckle. Aiming for his jaw, Christine swung her staff up.

Henoch avoided the blow. Then catching her staff, he used her momentum to throw her into the mirror. "That's better, my dear. But you still can't beat me."

Still dazed from hitting the mirror, Christine pulled herself groggily to her feet, ignoring both the glass and blood covering her. How could she beat someone as strong as Henoch? Maybe the best way was to give in and let him kill her. That would at least free the others. Glancing to the side where she could see both Spocks trying to find a way past the glass wall, Christine shook her head. No, she had to try and find another way to win.

At her preoccupation, Henoch backhanded her, knocking her back to the floor. "Surrender to me and all of this stops."

Christine could feel more glass being driven into her as she landed on top of the shattered remains of the mirror. She wasn't sure how much of this punishment she could take. But how did you fight someone that could read your mind. Wait! Something in her mind clicked at that statement. It had to do with what Trelane had said about winning. She needed to buy herself some time until she could figure out the answer. Kicking out at him, Christine caused him to move away from her. Getting to her feet, she put some distance between the two of them.

Looking at her, Henoch shook his head. "You are your own worst enemy. If you continue to fight me you will die."

That was it! She was her own worst enemy or at least her mind was. Trelane had said everything was real but it had been created from her mind. And how winning was different for each individual. That would make sense since the threat came from each person's mind. It was her thoughts that were making Henoch so strong. She thought he was undefeatable so he was. Looking up, Christine saw Henoch's image flicker as her belief in him waned.

"No! You won't win!" Growling, Henoch threw himself at Christine. This time though instead of fighting him Christine stood her groundm, sure he couldn't harm her.

Like the ghost he was Henoch passed through her, landing on the floor. Christine calmly studied her fallen adversary. "I already have." Christine watched as Henoch slowly dissolved. Everything that had happened to her was because of the fear and anger she had regarding Henoch. This wasn't a game; it was a psychology test.

Glancing around, Christine saw McCoy, both Kirks and Trelane appear next to both Spocks as the castle began fading. Relieved that everyone was safe, Christine took a step in their direction. She had barely moved when everything went dark around her. Before she could hit the ground warm arms reached out and caught her.

Spock's Epilogue

Christine opened her eyes to see three concerned faces staring down at her. Glancing around, she made out the familiar sights of the Enterprise sickbay. Christine tried to sit up as she turned her attention back to the three men standing beside her bed. "It worked? We're back home?"

"Oh, no you don't, young lady. You lay right back down where you were." McCoy put a restraining hand on Christine's shoulder, preventing her from sitting up. "You lost a lot of blood with that stunt you pulled."

"Your bravery won the game and got us all back to the Enterprise." Assuming his Captain's face, Kirk gave her a steely look. "Though you are not to take a risk like that again."

"Yeah. That's the Captain's job," McCoy told her.

"Bones," Kirk said warningly. McCoy just raised his eyebrow waiting to see if he would try and refute the statement.

Smiling, Christine enjoyed the interplay between the two men. Everything was back to normal. Casting a wistful glance at the silent Spock, she couldn't help but wish his feelings had been real. Sighing, Christine pushed that thought aside. Thinking like that wouldn't get her anywhere. It never had.

McCoy hearing the sigh and knowing its cause slapped Kirk on the back. "Come on, Jim. Let's leave Christine to rest. I've got a bottle of Saurian brandy that's calling my name."

"After everything that's happened, I'm more than willing to join you." Kirk had caught the sigh as well and wanted to give Spock and Christine some time alone. "Spock, you have the rest of today off. Report for your normal shift tomorrow."

"Very well, Captain," Spock replied without taking his eyes off Christine.

Satisfied that they had done all they could, Kirk and McCoy left sickbay. Both men refused to give into temptation and look back.

Trying to subdue his emotions, Spock continued to stare at Christine without speaking. It was taking everything he had to maintain a semblance of restraint. He knew the slightest break in his concentration would send him over the edge. From the moment he had seen her thrown into the mirror he had been afraid she was going to die and that fear had grown until it threatened his control. It was only now that she was awake that the panic he had felt was beginning to subside.

Very aware of Spock staring at her, Christine nervously fidgeted with the blanket covering her. "Mister Spock, was there something you wanted to talk to me about?" She was sure he was going to apologize for his behavior and wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible.

"Christine." Sensing her unease, Spock wanted to reassure but found he couldn't get the words out. Since he couldn't verbally tell her, Spock bent down and covered her mouth with his. He let his tongue sweep into the beckoning warmth of her mouth, allowing the physical contact to speak for him.

Christine could feel the tremors racking his body. Reaching out a trembling hand, Christine gently stroked his hair as she slowly pulled away from him. "Spock, what's wrong?"

Instead of trying to speak, Spock reached for her meld points and showed her what he was feeling. I love you, T'hy'la. Don't ever leave me.

Christine felt tears come to her eyes as Spock's emotions washed over her. He did love her! I love you too much to ever leave you. Christine pulled him back down to her and sealed her promise with a kiss.

Mirror Spock's Epilogue

Crewmembers of the Enterprise turned and stared at the sight of their First Officer carrying a bloody, barely clothed woman through the corridors. Spock paid no heed to the attention he was drawing. He knew no one would stop and question him. His sole focus was on getting Christine to sickbay. Now that he had her he wasn't about to let death take her from him. Striding through the sickbay door, he placed Christine on one of the diagnostic beds before turning to the nurse on duty. "Get Doctor M'Benga. Now." As the nurse jumped up to get the Doctor, Spock stared grimly at the bruises on Christine's face. That she would risk so much for her friends both amazed and enthralled him. He knew there would be complications from having brought her to his universe. But to have her loyalty and love for himself, he would go through anyone who would try to take her from him.

"Mister Spock, you wanted me?" M'Benga licked his lips as he got a good look at the woman on the bed. Even covered in blood she was a luscious sight, with all of her assets being shown to perfection in the minuscule outfit she was wearing.

Spock's eyes narrowed in anger at the look M'Benga gave Christine. "My woman has been injured. You will heal her." Reaching out, Spock grabbed his wrist in a crushing grip, stopping just short of breaking it. He wasn't about to let him touch Christine until they had a few things settled. "I will hold you personally responsible for any harm that befalls her while she is here." M'Benga shivered, despite the regulate temperature of the ship, at the threat present in the First Officer's gaze. Seeing that the Doctor understood him, Spock released him and stepped away from the bed, allowing him to attend to Christine.

The doors to sickbay opened admitting Captain Kirk. Taking in the situation, he gestured for Spock to join him out of the hearing range of the medical staff. "We are ordered to Starbase 6 for a debriefing of what happened. How do you plan to explain her presence?"

"I have claimed her as my mate and, as my family will back the claim, the Empire will say nothing." Spock had thought of this. His family wanted him to provide an heir. With her intelligence and spirit Christine would be an acceptable mate in his family's eyes.

Kirk nodded. Spock came from the ruling clan of Vulcan, a right they had earned through bloodshed and treachery. No one within the Empire would be willing to go against them on this subject. "Then you plan on keeping her aboard ship?"

"She will stay with me." Spock knew it would be hard for her to adjust at first. But from the meld they had shared he was also aware that it wasn't in her nature to hate or hold a grudge. Given both time and exposure she would come to love him. He planned on making sure she had both.

"Her presence will cause a disruption on the Enterprise. It may be best to send her to Vulcan." Truthfully, Kirk didn't care one way or the other what Spock did with her. But this was a golden opportunity to cement Spock's loyalty in his plans to further his ambitions.

Spock met Kirk's eyes. The Captain's maneuvering didn't surprise him. He had been expecting this subject to come up for a while now. He didn't want power for himself but he was more than willing to help Kirk achieve his objectives. "Between the two of us we can keep any disturbances to a minimum." An agreement with Kirk would provide him with extra protection. A necessity now that he had claimed Christine.

"I'm sure you're right, Mister Spock." Kirk smiled at the addition of the Vulcan to his arsenal.

"Captain, Mister Spock." M'Benga hesitantly interrupted their talk. "She's waking up."

Both Spock and Kirk moved so they were standing beside the bed. "How is she?"

"She's lost a lot of blood, Captain. But as long as she takes it easy she should be better in a couple of days."

"Can she be moved to my quarters?" Spock would prefer not to leave Christine in sickbay. He had frightened M'Benga enough not to hurt her but he still didn't like the idea of leaving her here alone.

"Yes, sir." M'Benga tried to hide his relief at having her out of sickbay. "I'll schedule a nurse to check in on her to make sure there are no complications."

"Then you are dismissed, Doctor." Once the Doctor left, Spock leaned over Christine and softly brushed the hair away from her face. "Christine, can you hear me?"

At the familiar voice, Christine struggled to open her eyes. "Spock?"

"Yes. Take it easy. You're home, now," he reassured her. As her blue eyes met his, Spock felt a sense of exultation go through him. She was his now.