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Be My Song


Chapel looked herself over in her mirror. Nyota had done a great job with her hair. It was very simple. She felt giddy. She was a part of a shipwide talent show. Everyone was given an opportunity to try out and Christine was one of those who was chosen for the performance. Spock even made it in with a small segment of him playing his lyre. Christine smiled. She did love it when Spock played. But, tonight she would be singing. She had chosen a beautiful song. It was an old Terran tune called "Breathe" by someone named Faith Hill. She knew it was just the song she wanted to sing because Spock would be watching and listening. The thought of him listening did make her a little nervous, she had to admit. But, she knew she could handle it.

She took in a deep breath and went to put on her dress. She had chosen it very carefully. It was gold and clung to every curve she had. Were it any tighter she wouldn't be able to bend over. She had matching shoes and spritzed on some of her perfume. Her long golden locks hung down around her face in waves. The neck of her dress cut low as well as the back and little specks of golden glitter adorned her exposed flesh and in her hair. She was a golden goddess. She checked herself one more time and then headed to the auditorium.

Spock had to admit to a slight feeling of nervousness. *Most illogical. I play perfectly so I have no reason to feel nervous.* Maybe it was the big crowd, or maybe it was his human side, or maybe...

Spock turned and stopped mid-thought. He saw Nurse Chapel walk in the auditorium. He nodded at her and noticed how wonderful she looked. He turned his thoughts back. *Now what had I been thinking about? Illogical. Vulcans don't forget things.*

"Are you ready, Mr Spock?" he heard the voice of Christine ask and he suddenly was hit with a wave of nervousness.

"I ... have to admit to a degree of uneasiness, Nurse Chapel."



"You can call me Christine for tonight."

"Oh yes, Christine. Well, I must prepare for my performance."

"Alright. Ill be watching!"

Spock turned. Her last words only made his butterflies escalate their fluttering. Why he felt this way, he didn't know. So, until further time for meditation he blamed it on the weather.

* * *

Spock did an excellent job and Christine listened to every note. He looked absolutely beautiful in that light as he played. She allowed herself to stare, unseen behind the curtain. Then as he finished everyone clapped and Christine smiled. It was her turn. Spock left the stage and took a seat in the very front row in the center and waited. He was anxious to see what Christine had planned. He steepled his hands as the lights dimmed and a spotlight appeared on Christine, who was standing center stage. Her left leg, he noticed was almost fully bare for the slit went up that high. He arched his eyebrow. She had quite nice legs, though he'd never admit to that.

Christine had on one of those invisible mics and began to speak about what song she was singing. "Its called 'Breathe'." The music began to play and Christine began to sway a little. And then with a glance at Spock she began:

I can feel the magic floating in the air

Being with you gets me that way

I watch the sunlight dance across your face and I've

Never been this swept away

All my thoughts seem to settle on the breeze

When I'm lying wrapped up in your arms

The whole world just fades away

The only thing I hear

Is the beating of your heart

'Cause I can feel you breathe

It's washing over me

Suddenly I'm melting into you

There's nothing left to prove

Baby, all we need is just to be

Caught up in the touch

The slow and steady rush

Baby, isn't that the way that love's supposed to be

I can feel you breathe

Just breathe

In a way I know my heart is waking up

As all the walls come tumbling down

I'm closer than I've ever felt before

And I know

And you know

There's no need for words right now

'Cause I can feel you breathe

It's washing over me

Suddenly I'm melting into you

There's nothing left to prove

Baby, all we need is just to be

Caught up in the touch

The slow and steady rush

Baby, isn't that the way that love's supposed to be

I can feel you breathe

Just breathe

Spock felt uncertain things. She sang beautifully and she looked so lovely in that light. The words she spoke called to him and he felt so many things. But he was Vulcan and shouldn't feel those things. Then she looked and sang at him and he got lost in her voice.

Caught up in the touch

The slow and steady rush

Baby, isn't that the way that love's supposed to be

I can feel you breathe

Just breathe

I can feel the magic floating in the air

Being with you gets me that way

As she said that last line Spock finally realized he had been holding his breath and lowly let it out. Then Christine lowered her head and the light turned off. And everyone cheered. Spock quickly got up and left before she came out from behind the stage. Christine just caught a glimpse of the First Officer leaving the auditorium and frowned. Maybe he didn't like it. Well, he had to be at the after-party so she'd ask him then.

* * *

Spock went to his quarters to think. He would be expected to attend the after-party but in the state he was in he didn't feel like it. His mind was a jumbled mass of thoughts and emotions. *Utterly illogical, he thought. I am Vulcan and do NOT give in to emotion.*

But the words she sang pierced his Vulcan reserve and reached his human heart. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to splurge once in a while. It was only logical since he is half human, then an emotional surge could be blamed on that fact. So it would be logical to put his idea into action. Yes, very logical. The edges of Spock's mouth curved up ever so slightly, and could be considered a Vulcan Smile if one was looking carefully.

* * *

Christine surveyed the party, waiting for Spock's entrance. She had kept herself busy with all the congrats and the date offers from the crewmen. Some of them were quite interesting. Then she turned to hear McCoy speaking to her.

"Well, hello there, Christine. I didn't know we had such a beautiful songstress onboard."

"Thanks, Len. Your folklore story was very good too."

"Nah, it was boring. But, anything to do something on this damn ship."

"Hello, Bones, Nurse."

"Well. hey there. Jim. I see you didn't make the cut for the talent show."

"I guess they didn't like my magic trick, Bones."

"But Captain, it was a great disappearing act."

Kirk chuckled. "I thought it was too."

They all laughed and Christine pardoned herself. "Excuse me, gentlemen, I seem to be in need of more refreshment."

"Sure, Chris. Go ahead."

Chapel walked off to get more punch while the two men continued to talk.

"So, have you seen our pointy eared friend?"

"No. I saw him leave the auditorium after the show but didn't get a chance to ask him where he was going."

"Kinda odd he's not here."

"I know. Hey, wait. There he is now." McCoy looked over his shoulder and saw Spock walk in wearing some interesting clothes. He was wearing Khakis and a black shirt with a black belt and some kind of black shoes. He chuckled as he thought what Spock would say. "Fascinating." The two walked over to greet him.

"There you are, Spock. We were beginning to wonder about you."

"My deepest apologizes for my tardiness, Jim."

"Well, Spock, in those clothes you look almost human, except for the pointy ears of course."

"That's entirely the point, doctor." And without another word he left them standing there, making his way through the crowded room to find Uhura.

Spock found Uhura and took her to the corner of the room to talk to her.

"What in the world is he doing, Jim?"

"I have no idea, Bones. I guess we just have to wait and see."

Uhura smiled and nodded. Spock nodded his thanks and watched Uhura seek out Christine. "Chris!!!"

"Hey, Ny, what's going on?"

"See over in that corner?"

Christine looked and saw someone sitting in the corner of the room. She couldn't see his face hidden in the shadows, but could see his build. "Yeah, why?"

"He wants to dance with you."

"Oh, really. Who is he?"

"I don't know. I couldn't see his face either."

"Well, why not? Sure, I'll dance with him."

"Good. I'm gonna sing that song called 'At Last' next. You guys can dance then."

"Oh, I *love* that song, Ny. I almost sang that song for the talent show."

"You should have. It would have been so pretty. Now go."

Christine smiled and walked toward the darkened corner. "Hi. I'm Christine. Uhura told me you wished to dance with me."

The man spoke and Christine caught her breath as he removed himself from behind the shadows. "She was very correct in her assumption."


Spock eyed her carefully, though his eyes were a clouded mask to her. Christine didn't know what to do. Did he really want to dance with her? There had to be someone else back there in that corner. She looked at what he was wearing and felt her stomach flutter. He looked incredibly good. Christine heard the music begin to play and looked back at Spock.

"I believe we are supposed to head to the dance floor now," he said.

Christine still unbelieving watched as Spock took her hand and led to her to the floor. He put his right hand in hers and his left on her shoulder and they began to sway as Uhura began singing.

"At last

My love has come along

My lonely days are over

And life is like a song

oh yeah yeah ..."

Spock just looked at her as they danced and Christine picked a spot in the room and looked at it, not trusting herself to look at him.

"At last

The skies above are blue

My heart was wrapped up in clover

The night I looked at you (I found a dream

That I could speak to."

Spock slowly slid his arms down around her waist and she moved hers around his neck.

"A dream that I

Can call my own) I found a thrill

To press my cheek to

A thrill that I

I've never known

oh yeah yeah

You smile

You smile

Oh and then the spell was cast

And here we are in heaven

For you are mine

At last."

Even though there were no more words, the melody kept playing and Spock whispered to Christine. "You look very lovely tonight."

"Thank you. You look very different tonight too."

"Well, its just the human part of me. I have to let it out from time to time."

Christine smiled. "You should let it out more often."

He only raised an eyebrow and Christine laughed.

"Are you saying you like this appearance?"

"Hmmm ... you could say that."

"Are you properly instructed in the ways of dance, Ms. Chapel?"

"Yes, why?"

"Let's give them something to see."

She looked at him in surprise and unseen he lightly stroked her lower back in assurance. With confidence they moved about the floor. He twirled her, dipped her, spun her. When the song was over they both stopped and were still holding each other. Then after a moment they let go and she heard him ask for her to come to his quarters. She nodded her yes and they both left the party.

"Well, well, well. Looks like our green blooded Vulcan found his heart," stated McCoy but Kirk jabbed him with his elbow. "Ow! Hey, watch it."

"Oops, sorry, Bones," Kirk said with a smirk.

McCoy glared at Kirk and went back to his drink.

* * *

Christine sat in the nearest chair in Spock's quarters.

"Are you comfortable?"

"Yes, thank you." *No. Im alone with you in your quarters and I can see your bedroom from here. Im just dandy,* she thought

"You sang very beautifully tonight at the show. I never knew you liked music."

"Oh, I love music. I believe that music and songs have the power to take us away. Make us feel loved when we feel we aren't and can make us feel period."

"I am intrigued by that. I do feel at peace when I play. It is a calm."

"Yes, it is."

Spock looked at her and there was silence. Christine tried to find something to talk about.

"I never knew you could dance."

"Well, my mother used to teach me when I was little. I have also seen others do it and it did not end up being that hard."

"Well, you did great."

"Thank you," he said.

Before there was a chance for silence, she spoke up. "Spock, can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"Why did you want to dance with me? Why this sudden interest in showing your human side?" Spock got up and sat next to her. "I mean ... oh, never mind. I'm asking too many things and just being over analytic. Im sorry, I shouldn't've..."

Spock had determined she was talking incredibly too much and bent to kiss her, cutting off her speech. She returned the kiss hesitantly at first but then grew more aggressive. He ran his hands through her long hair and she ran her arms up his back. She couldn't believe what was going on. She had to be dreaming. But his hands traveling down her back brought her back to reality.

Spock felt all of her emotions and they mixed with his and suddenly a voice rose up through it all. *No. You are VULCAN. Vulcans do not love or feel.* He tried to ignore it, but saw only an image of his father staring back at him in his mind. He started to pull away from Christine.

"No ... no ... I can not do this. I am sorry, Christine. Please go."

Christine sat there and blinked. "Are you serious?"

"Yes," was the throaty reply.

She fought back the tears and felt so angry. She got up but suddenly turned around and slapped him hard. "How dare you!!!!"she screamed. "How dare you play with my emotions! You know how I feel about you, and yet you do this to me. I can't believe you! 'I have to let my human side out from time to time.' If this is your human side, keep it. I don't understand you."

She started to leave and turned around again. "Wait, I take that back. I understand what this is. You're scared. You're scared that you might actually feel something Spock. Might feel something for me. It scares you because all you've ever let yourself be is Vulcan."

Spock rubbed his face. She felt a twinge of regret for hitting him when she saw her handprint on his face. "That is because I am Vulcan."

"Yes, and human. And I love both parts of you. But you have to be able to let yourself love me, Spock, and I'm not sure you're ready or will ever be ready to do that."

And with that she turned and left in tears. As soon as the doors closed he closed his eyes.

What had he done?

* * *

Spock sat in mediation, but pounded his fists into the carpet in frustration. Meditation wasn't helping, his cold shower from earlier didn't help either. He had been up all night pacing, thinking. In half an hour his shift would start and he still had not resolved what had happened the night before. How could he have let himself go like that? He was Vulcan, and the night before had been a total contradiction to that. *Correction,* his mind told him. *You were a contradiction until you rejected her AGAIN.* He hung his head at that fact. He had to admit to himself that he felt for her. But, what should he do about it? What could he?

"Spock to Captain Kirk."

"Kirk here."

"May I speak with you, Jim?"

"Sure. You can come talk to me right now."

"Acknowledged. I am on my way." Spock got up and shook himself. He mentally masked himself and left his quarters.

* * *

Christine continued to stare out of her window at the stars. Her cheeks were stained with tears and her eyes were so puffy it hurt to close them. He had looked so wonderful. It had started out so wonderfully. But who was she kidding? She knew somewhere, deep down, that Spock never would let himself go through with it. But what did she do? What was it that triggered his rejection of her yet again? She shook her head. She was tired of trying to understand. After what had happened she went to Uhura and told her everything. She had tried to comfort her and told her that maybe Spock just wasn't ready yet. Well, that was definite. After her talk with Nyota she had gone back to her quarters and cried. Cried all night. She couldn't sleep at all. She shook herself back into reality and looked around. She took in a deep breath and went to get ready for her shift.

* * *

Kirk gave his friend a concerned look. "What's wrong Spock?"

Spock drew in a long breath and tried to mask the emotions raging within him. "Last night, I took Christine back to my quarters. We talked for a while and ... " There was a silence and Spock struggled to regain control.

"Come on, Spock, you can tell me. We've been friends for so long, you know you can tell me things you usually shouldn't."

Spock nodded. "We were kissing and amidst the strong emotions was a voice telling me I couldn't do those things because I was Vulcan and I didn't and shouldn't feel. And as I tried to push those thoughts away, all I saw was my father's face."

"So, what did you do?"

"I told her I couldn't do it and asked her to leave." Kirk nodded in understanding. "She slapped me and said angry things at me. She told me I was just scared of loving her. But she also reminded I was Vulcan and Human before she left."

Kirk thought carefully and then spoke. "Spock. I think on some levels she is right. I admire what you tried to do last night. You were trying to let another part of you show. You're always showing your Vulcan side, never really acknowledging your other half. I think she reminds you of that half and sparked its release. But, I do realize the issues you have with your mixed blood. I know it has caused you much pain in your lifetime. And, that's why I think you saw the image of your father. You were doing something that he frowned upon. But, Spock, it seems to me that what you were doing is actually logical."

Spock raised an eyebrow. "Please elaborate, Captain."

"Think about it, Spock. It's only logical to realize that you are human and Vulcan. It's only logical to think that you would have human emotions then and being half human it's only logical that you would fall in love."

Spock thought on that. What Kirk said was very ... logical. "But, I think that in order for you to resolve some of the things plaguing you, you should present this matter to your father."

"Are you serious Jim?"

"Yes! The only way to get past this is to show him that you can be both Vulcan and Human because you are both. You can still be Vulcan but on the inside, behind closed doors, be Human a little."

Spock nodded. "Yes, then I will speak with him soon. I have a request Captain."

"Alright what is it?"

"May I tell you something, but have you promise it will not go farther than this room?"

"Sure, Spock."

"I love her." Kirk smiled. "So much, that I feel so many things. She makes me feel. She reaches through me and touches a part of me I have pushed away for so long. Now I'm not sure if I have ruined her love for me."

"She has loved you for a long time, Spock, and I don't think this one thing will make that go away. You'll have time to make it up to her. But, right now you need to take care of you."

Spock nodded and got up. "Thank you, Jim."

"Any time, Spock."

* * *

Spock sat in front of the blank screen thinking.He had thought all day of what to say to his father. He believed he was finally ready to face him. As the computer called up his father on Vulcan, he took in a deep breath. He gave the Vulcan salute to his mother and asked to speak with Sarek. When the face of his father appeared he greeted him in the same way as his mother.

"Hello, Father."

"Hello, my son. To what do I owe this call?"

"I need to speak with you, Father, about some personal things. Is that permissible?" Sarek nodded and Spock began. "Father, I believe that I am in love."

"Illogical, Spock. You are Vulcan."

"Yes, Father, but my being in love is not what is illogical."

"If the emotion love is not illogical, what is then?"

"Is it not the human way to love and have emotions?"

"Yes, but what does that have to do with this?"

"It is illogical for you to deny that part of me, Father. I am part human. Denying that fact is denying my mother. You once told me that marrying mother was the logical thing to do at the time. I wish to say the same to you now but to change the phrase a little. I find it only logical that since I am human that I would fall and have fallen in love."

"I find your logic disputable."

"There is more. I wish for you to imagine just a moment. If you weren't Vulcan and could speak freely, what would be the first thing you would say to Mother?"

"Why do you ask such questions, my son?"

"Just tell me father. IF."

Sarek looked back at him in thought and then his face brightened as if in understanding. "Well. my son. the only logical thing for me to say is IF I were not Vulcan, I would tell your mother that I loved her. Of course if I were not Vulcan, but I am."

"But do you not see the source of my logic?"

Sarek went into thought. "Yes, my son."

"Then is it permissible for me to pursue this relationship?"

"Like you have reminded me, Spock, it was the logical thing for me to do at the time and if that seems the logical thing for you to do then so be it."

"Thank you, Father."

"Thank you, my son."

They gave each other the Vulcan salute and Sarek's face faded out from the screen. Spock chuckled a bit. That was the first time he and his father agreed on anything.

* * *

Sarek looked away from the screen and saw his wife. "Do you realize, Sarek, that that was the first time you two agreed on anything?"

He raised his eyebrow. "It appears so, my wife." Sarek then looked at her again. "My wife, how long have you been standing there?"

Amanda smiled to herself and turned around. "Oh, only to hear the part about marrying me was logical so him doing the same was, too." Sarek nodded and dismissed her.

She walked around the corner and laughed. She had heard the entire thing and was very proud of her husband and realized just how much she loved him. She ran her finger over his face on a picture. To love a Vulcan. Who would have thought?

She gathered up her skirts and walked out into the Vulcan sun to tend her gardens.

* * *

Christine sighed again. She had felt drained all day. McCoy had noticed and finally got the nerve to speak up. "Chris, what's up? You've been like this all day."

"Oh, Len, if you only knew."

"Well, I would if you'd tell me."

"It's nothing really. I just need some rest."

"Well. I'm relieving you. Go get some sleep."

"Thanks." She gathered her things and left sickbay.

*That green blooded ... argh. He's gonna pay for hurting Christine. I know that's what's wrong.* Just then Spock walked in. *Oh this is too good.*


Spock was taken off guard. "Yes doctor?"

"You pointy eared, selfish, coward, pig! What did you do to Christine? She's been moping around here all day!"

"Doctor ..."

"And furthermore, where do you get the right to hurt her?"


"I can't believe you would do this..."

"Doctor!" Spock raised his voice.

McCoy shut his mouth. Spock never did that. "Go ahead Spock."

"I have done something wrong, and I realize that fact. I wish to rectify it at all costs."


"Let's just say its something I want to do."

"Why are you here then?"

"I need your help."

"MY help?"

"Yes. I need a reason to hold another party."

McCoy looked at him. "You're really serious?" Spock nodded. "Alright, well. Hmm ... a party, a party ..." McCoy began to pace. "Well, how about a staff appreciation party?"

"That is a perfect solution, doctor. I'll inform the captain and you send out the invitations. Make sure she goes, Doctor, please."

"Don't worry, Spock. I'll have it all handled."

With that Spock left and told the Captain then prepared his plan.

* * *

"I don't know, Len. I don't think I'll feel up to it."

"You hafta go, darlin'. C'mon. It'll make you feel better."

"Alright, I'll go."

"Good, see ya tomorrow."

Christine took in a breath. She continued her walk down the corridor to her quarters after meeting McCoy outside the mess hall. When she got to her quarters, the doors opened to reveal the most beautiful arrangement of flowers on her table. Next to it was a card. It read: "Dearest Christine, I am a deep admirer of yours. You will know it's me if I say 'The Universe is a black expanse with you the bright light of the stars.' I'll be watching for you. Love..."

And it was left blank. *Who in the world?* Christine smiled to herself. A secret admirer. Hmm ... well, now she'd HAVE to dress for the occasion.

The Next Day ...

Spock left Uhura's quarters satisfied. Everything was in place for tonight. He walked into his quarters and slumped into a nearby chair. Hopefully everything would go right.

* * *

Christine applied her lipstick and smiled. But, it was a false one. He hadn't even talked to her. Said just one word. Maybe she had been to hard on him ... no ... he deserved that. He couldn't just play with her like that. She moved back a strand of her long, loose hair and walked out in a long maroon gown with a slit to her thigh and a low plunge in the front. The back was tied together in a weave of strings. Her dress swooshed behind her as she walked off.

* * *

Spock wore his dress uniform. Every five minutes he smoothed out the lines that weren't there. Then McCoy came over. "Calm down, Spock. She'll be here."

"I am calm, doctor."

"Yeah, that why you've been re-ironing your jacket with your hands." Spock dropped his hands and clasped them behind him. McCoy chuckled and went to join Uhura. Then he saw her.

The butterflies he had at the concert came flooding back as her saw her. She was adoringly beautiful. He busied himself in conversation and flashed her a glance.

She caught the glance and quickly looked away. Despite her feelings of anger and hurt, he still could raise certain other feelings in her.

She quickly took a seat at the bar with her back to everything. Where was that admirer guy?

Then the lights dimmed and a beautiful melody began to play. Spock gathered his courage and walked over to Christine. "Christine."

She shuddered at the sound of her first name on his lips. He didn't say that to her often. "Can I help you, Mister Spock."

"I believe so. Would you dance with me?"

"No,"she said flatly.

Spock was taken aback in shock. "Christine, I would appreciate it if you would."

"Why should I?" she turned and looked at him in the eye.

"Because if you do not I will be genuinely upset."

She looked at him in surprise. Him, upset? Ha. Well, we don't want that. "Alright. Fine."

The melody stopped playing and Uhura stepped up to the mike. "Here's a little song that I fell in love with." Spock and Christine moved into each other's arms, yet farther apart this time.

"Christine, before this dance begins, I wish to ask you something."

"Go ahead."

"As this song plays, will you listen to the lyrics carefully?"

"Okay, why?"

"Just do that for me, I would greatly appreciate it."

*Is he on something?* "Whatever you say."

Uhura began to sing and they began to move:

I have a smile

stretched from ear to ear

to see you walking down the road

we meet at the lights

I stare for a while

the world around disappears

just you and me

on this island of hope

a breath between us could be miles

let me surround you

my sea to your shore

let me be the calm you seek

oh and every time I'm close to you

there's too much I can't say

and you just walk away

and I forgot

to tell you

I love you

and the night's

too long

and cold here

without you

I grieve in my condition

for I cannot find the strength to say I need you so

oh and every time I'm close to you

there's too much I can't say

and you just walk away

As those words were spoken Christine felt her eyes misting and Spock pulled her closer and the gap between them slowly lessened until it didn't exist.

and I forgot

to tell you

I love you

and the night's

too long

and cold here

without you

I grieve in my condition

for I cannot find the words to say I need you so

As the song ended Christine wiped her eyes. "Thank you for the dance, Spock. It was very lovely."

"No, Thank you Christine." He then turned away and left her there. Lost in thought she traveled to the bar and sat again. She had heard the words in the song clearly, but did it all mean what she thought it did? Who knew? She sighed. Then someone sat down next to her at the bar. She looked over and noticed it was Spock his clothes from the other day. She was going to say something but he put a finger on his lips, never looking at her.

The bartender came over and he asked for mineral water. Then he turned his attentions to Christine.

"May I buy you a drink, miss?" Spock gave her a teasing eye. Christine smiled. Two could play at this game.

"What is the relevance of you buying me a drink? That gesture is usually the first step into getting a woman in bed, is it not? You get her senses dulled, manipulate her, and then take her to bed."

Spock chuckled. "Never mind the--"

Christine cut him off. "Scotch. On the rocks." She gave Spock a daring eye. He caught her drift. "So, you from around here?"

"No, actually. Are you?"


"So we have something in common."

"Yes, we do."

"Do you mind if I ask you something?"

"Go ahead."

"Are you attached to anyone special?"

"Well, yes. If you must know. He is a very kind and caring person, though few would realize that. He is a good friend. We have our good times and bad."

"Ah, just friends? The hint in your eyes tells me he is more."

"Well, I might wish for that, but I don't think it will ever happen."

"Well, this fellow must be stupid."


"How could he let such a beautiful woman such as you get away?"

Christine looked at him in shock. "Hmm a smooth talker huh? Well, you have my attention, mister. While we're at it, what about you? Do you have a someone special?"

He looked at her. "Yes, I do. She is the most energetic and beautiful person I know. She makes me feel alive."

"Really?"Christine asked


Christine took the last drink from her glass and looked at him. "So, what about this friend of yours mister? What's so great about her?"

" I care for her deeply."

"You do?"

"Yes. She's mad at me right now, though. I did something to hurt her out of my fears and doubts, but I now realize my errors and I don't know how to undo the damage. Now I'm not sure if she feels the same for me. I can't really describe the feeling she brings. And me being Vulcan that is a rarity. It's almost as if the Universe is a black expanse and she the bright light of the stars."

Christine's mouth fell open and she felt her heart skip a beat. He had sent her the flowers and that card. She suddenly realized it had said love. She couldn't take it anymore. She didn't care where she was or who was watching. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately. He responded in kind, in shock at first, but then caught up with her.

When they broke away, they remembered where they were and turned to see everyone looking at them smiling.

"I'm sorry, "she whispered.

"It's quite alright, Christine. I did my fair share in it."

She smiled at him. "So, now that I've had my drink, what do you plan on doing once you're done manipulating me? Which, if I may say, you are doing very well at."

He bent low to her ear and spoke so only she could hear. "You told me that songs were that which made us feel loved." She nodded. "I wish for you to be my song."

Christine looked at him with love in her eyes. "Do you mean it?"

"Yes, Christine. Be my wife, my love, my everything." Unseen, he clasped her hand.

"Yes", she whispered. There they kissed again, a seal of their everlasting love.


Spock and Christine lay in the grass looking up at the stars. They had taken leave together. In two weeks they were to be married in the Vulcan joining ceremony. They had already been married on the ship, but it was only right to be married on Vulcan as well.

Christine draped her arm over Spock and she sighed. *I love you, Spock,* she spoke through their bond. He conveyed his through the link. Spock had accepted both parts of him. He was every inch a Vulcan on the outside, but in his mind, his bond with this wife, he was human. He felt for her in a way that still surprised him everyday. She accepted all of him from the start. He gathered her in his arms and she buried her face in his neck. Spock then noticed she was humming. "What are you humming?"

"Just breathe ... oh.. One of my favorite songs."

"It sounds familiar."

"It is. It's the song that started it all."

"Ah, yes." He thought of her in that dress ... and imagined what it would have been like to remove it and ...

She hit him. "Spock!"

"What? Can I not daydream about my wife?"

She kissed him. "Why daydream?"

He smiled the smile only she was allowed to see and they made love under the stars.