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The Purity of Love


Sarek sat in the observation deck of the starship Challenger. He watched out the window as the stars danced by. Soon he would stand once more on the sands of his homeworld. His time away from Vulcan had proven quite uneventful and he looked forward to returning to Vulcan. It was not logical but he was very homesick.

As he gazed out the window he smelled the aroma of a sweet fragrance. When he turned, he was faced with a human female. Deep blue eyes the color of Earth's oceans, light brown hair that shimmered with gold highlights. She looked at him, or rather through him. "Excuse me, sir, may I have the book seated on the table behind you?" Her voice was soft as she spoke. She was petite by Vulcan standards, making her look fragile.

Sarek reached for the book slightly behind him. Before handing it to her, he read the cover, Vulcan History: Facts & Fiction. Lifting an eyebrow he told her, "This book is not exactly the truth about Vulcan history." He handed it to her, letting his hand brush against her's a moment; her control was quite well for a human.

Her smile was intoxicating. "I know, but I have to read as many things as I can before we get to Vulcan. This had enough facts in it to be useful." She sat in a vacant chair next to Sarek. She had little occasion to speak with a real Vulcan so she hoped he wouldn't mind her company.

Sarek watched as she sat down, her grace reminded him of the swans he watched at the Vulcan Embassy on Earth. The statement she made played with his curiosity. "If I may ask, why would you need to learn of Vulcan from books?"

Her smile deepened at his question. "I don't know many Vulcans and I will be spending the next year at the Vulcan Science Academy." His gaze alone was enough to bring the blood to her face. He was so handsome for a Vulcan; she knew she could sit with him for hours and just watch him.

Sarek once again allowed his eyebrows to rise into his hairline. "That is not an easy task for a non-Vulcan." He knew she had to be someone in the top of her field ... whatever her field was. Not only was she very pleasing in appearance, she had intelligence as well.

"I know, I spent three years on a waiting list," she said proudly. She was not vain, but it was hard to gain entrance to the Academy.

Sarek studied this human female. She seemed to smile often. "I too will be returning to the Academy, my tour of duty on Earth is finished for the moment." He had been accustomed to humans smiling but none had ever captured him the way hers had. Were he not Vulcan he would be tempted to return her smile.

Her eyes lit up as she heard him say that he had worked on Earth. "Oh, where did you work? The embassy?" Most Vulcans she heard of on Earth worked at the Embassy in San Francisco.

He naturally assumed the entire ship knew he was Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan. It was obvious she did not. "Yes, I spent three years there ... offering my services."

Before either of them could say anything else, a lieutenant came into the room. "Sir, we will be orbiting Vulcan within the hour." The lieutenant smiled at the human female with Sarek.

Sarek looked at the officer. "I will be prepared." He turned to the human female he had been speaking with. "I must take my leave of you."

She nodded at the Vulcan male she had been conversing with. "Perhaps we will see each other again." She doubted it but the Academy was not that large. She watched him as he left; he had a regal air about him. Something in the back of her mind told her he was 'somebody' on Vulcan.

"I see you met Ambassador Sarek, Aunt Amanda," Lt. Jeff Grayson said. He took the seat just vacated by Sarek.

"Ambassador Sarek?" Amanda looked at her nephew with a puzzled look on her face.

He was only ten years his aunt's junior. "Yes. That was Vulcan's new Ambassador to Earth."

Amanda felt her face go flush. "He must think I'm a total idiot."

"Aunt Amanda, how could any one think you're an idiot?" He smiled at her as he reached for her hand. "You are the most intelligent woman I know."

"Jeff, stop that," she warned her nephew. He always had a bad habit of teasing her and right now she just wasn't up to the play.

"Stop what? Look at you. You're 29 years old, you're beautiful, and you have your doctorate in Linguistics, which you received at 22. So to call yourself an idiot just doesn't fit." He smiled at her as he squeezed her hand. His aunt was indeed quite accomplished indeed. Not many people he knew could boast about having a Ph.D. at 22.

Amanda looked at her nephew with a new smile on her face. She looked into the same green eyes her brother had. "Jeff ... I feel like an idiot then. To think I didn't even know who he was."

"You know, Aunt Amanda, we could sit here all day but like I told the Ambassador, we will be orbiting Vulcan in less then an hour." Jeff got up and reached his hand out to help his aunt up.

"Yes, I should be getting my things together." She took her nephew's outstretched hand. When she rose to her feet she straightened the dress she wore.

* * *

Sarek sat in his office at the VSA reviewing the coursework for the new semester. After he finished, he turned to his faculty messages reading one that was not so pleasing to him:

"All faculty have been assigned a time when they will be attending the new 'Terran Standard' class. It has been brought to the administration's attention, with the greater number of Terran students, there is a need for basic Standard. Although these students read and understand Vulcan, it is logical for their teacher to understand Standard as well. These classes will be for a six-month period. You are to report to Dr. Grayson, at your appointed time."

Sarek read his appointed time. His class was to meet that very day. Logically the administration was correct, it would help for most of the instructors to learn Standard. He, however, was not only an instructor, but also Vulcan's Ambassador to Earth, so he felt his Standard needed no help. With a sigh he rose from his desk and left to join this new class he was taking with this Dr. Grayson.

* * *

Amanda sat at a student desk; she thought the first class when well, but she knew she would have to be just a bit less emotional for the next class. This class would be full of Vulcan instructors and not students. She was glad they only had her doing two classes a day; that would give her time to record all the translations for the visitor area signs. She had over 300 phrases and stories to translate into Standard. With more humans coming to Vulcan the need of Federation Standard was becoming more necessary.

She was so wrapped up in her reading she missed the sound of the door opening. "Where may I find Dr. Grayson?" The familiar voice startled her causing her to jump. When she looked up, she saw the same Vulcan she spoke with briefly on the Challenger.

"Ambassador, I am Dr. Amanda Grayson." Once again, she smiled at him. She had to admit he was even more handsome in the current lighting. It better epitomized his features.

Sarek lifted his eyebrow and allowed a momentary look of surprise. "I see. Most fortunate." He had hoped to be able see her again; now he would have a logical reason to do so.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit, Ambassador Sarek?" Amanda asked him. She was still trying to figure out why someone as important as Sarek would seek her of all people out.

As he entered the room he took a seat in the desk next to hers. "I am in your next class, Dr. Grayson."

Amanda laughed, "Oh, I see. I thought maybe you were looking for me." Or at least she hoped he was. She gave him a lot of thought since the day she talked to him.

"It is most fortunate I found you then, Dr. Grayson," Sarek replied, leaving her to her own conclusions.

"Please call me Amanda, I have always hated Dr. Grayson ... makes me feel like an old woman," she said, as she smiled at him.

"I will call you by your given name, if you in return call me Sarek, when we are talking alone. However, you must understand my tradition dictates I call you 'Dr. Grayson', as you would be asked to call me 'Ambassador Sarek' when in more formal settings." He paused, wondering if what he wished to say was appropriate. He decided to say it anyway. "Amanda, you are most definitely not an old woman." It was as much of a compliment to her beauty that, as a Vulcan, Sarek could make.

"Why, thank you, Mr. Ambassador," she teased, blushing at his compliment. "I must apologize for not realizing who you where on the Challenger," she said as she looked at her chronometer. "Well, I'd better get everything ready for your class." She got up and walked to the larger desk in the front and took some material out of her attache case.

"No apologizes are needed." He studied the way she moved and was overcome by a wave of desire. It wasn't logical but he wondered what she looked like under the long Vulcan robes she wore.

* * *

It wasn't long before Sarek was teaching her about Vulcan history and the language. He even explained to her exactly how he was related to Surak, although Amanda couldn't understand it. Sarek took her to each of the visitor spots that she had begun to transcribe into Standard. Each one had a terminal that explained the history of the given area. It was Amanda's job to clarify what the area was and what significance it had to Vulcan life. Sarek made it easier for her by being a guide. Together they would spend the time it took to arrive at each destination by talking about their lives.

"Sarek, may I ask why you have not married yet?" Amanda asked one day. He had spoken about his life but never once mentioned a female to share it with.

Sarek looked from the road to Amanda. "I was bonded ... what you consider married... to a Vulcan woman named T'Rea. She, however, chose to live life as a Kolinahr, thus she divorced me."

"I remember you told me this Kolinahr was where you purge all emotion and commit yourself to total logic," she said as she looked back to Sarek. "That must have been troubling for you."

"You are correct in the basic idea of Kolinahr. As for T'Rea ... she and I were not bonded out of want, rather out of obligation. Thus it was not 'troubling' as you would say," Sarek explained.

"Obligation? You mean your families made you marry her?" Amanda asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"Yes, Vulcans are bonded, engaged as you would call, it at seven years of age, and are married as adults," he told her. "My marriage to T'Rea was one of..." He would have to consider his words carefully as to not explain more than tradition allowed. "It is similar to the way your planet's kings and queens arranged marriages for their offspring. Sometimes the children knew nothing of one another and had nothing in common, however, to strengthen the kingdom, these arranged marriages were necessary."

"You have never re-bonded to another?" she asked.

"No, I am free to choose my own bondmate," he said, as he stopped the skimmer at their destination. He looked over at her once again; these last two and half months had shown him he wanted more. "Amanda, I have told you about T'Rea... tell me, do you have anyone special in your life?"

Amanda looked at him with a half smile, "Sarek, I have never taken the time to become close with anyone until ... "

With an eyebrow raised he prompted her to finish, "Until what?"

Her face became hot and she knew she was blushing. "Until you," she whispered.

"I see." Her answer was quite pleasing to hear. With it Sarek got out of the skimmer and walked around to open the door for her. Holding out his hand he waited for her to take it before he projected feelings not so easily expressed for a Vulcan. Tradition allowed for him to display emotions to a desired bondmate in such a manner, so he could only hope Amanda would understand his intentions.

Amada sat there looking at him; she was not a telepath, but she felt his desires, so he must have channeled these thoughts to her. When she stood, she was almost reluctant to drop his hand, but Vulcans didn't show affection the way humans did. With a smile she let go of his hand. "Sarek, thank you."

Sarek said no more. He simply nodded his head and led the way to the long deserted temple they were visiting today.

* * *

She smiled at him as she took down her hair. She and Sarek had been seeing each other in a professional manner over the last three months. Then two weeks ago it had turned more personal. Slowly she had learned to relax around him and be more herself. "Sarek, do you mind it I shower and change?" She was still in the outfit she wore to the Academy and wanted to slip into something a bit more comfortable.

Sarek looked at her noticing the sweat that beaded on her forehead. "Amanda, it is more logical for you to be dressed in clothing that is suited to this climate." He found her more attractive in the Terran clothing that she wore in the privacy of her apartment; it showed the shapeliness of her form better, without being overly vulgar.

"So, is that a 'no' you don't mind?" she asked as she teased him.

He lifted an eyebrow, "No, I do not mind. I want you to be comfortable. Once you are finished I have a personal issue I would like to talk with you about." He held her eyes and allowed the slightest curve upward of his lips.

Amanda had to blink to be sure she saw Sarek's smile. Never before had he smiled at her, even when his eyes smiled. "Sarek, if it's important, I would like to hear about it now." She moved just a bit closer to him; close enough she could smell the natural fragrance of his body. It was a sweet musky smell that sparked a greater desire than she had before with him.

Sarek became conscious of Amanda's desires, which only fed his own, but now was not the time to act upon them. He shifted his body so he sat almost touching her thighs. "Very well, Amanda." He paused, and then said, "I find myself desiring to be more to you than simply your teacher or student. I want to be your ... bondmate." He reached for her hand. "I want to feel you within me, as you would feel me within you."

Amanda looked at the man that sat next to her. "Are you asking me to be your wife?"

"I am Amanda, however, what I ask is more than that. We would be linked telepathically, aware of each other's thoughts and emotions," Sarek said, as he carefully watched the woman he wanted as a wife.

With concern in her eyes, she said, "I am human. I can't read thoughts and I surely wouldn't be able to keep thoughts I wished to keep private ... private."

Sarek smiled slightly as he took in her concerns. "I can close my mind until such a time that you are able to shield your thoughts."

Amanda smiled at him, "Sarek, I have to think about this." She knew in her heart she wanted to be with him; she had from almost the first day she saw him, but the mental link troubled her.

Sarek lifted his hand to her jaw. As he did, he felt her mixture of fear and desire. He brought her face closer to his and did what he had seen actors in the Terran holovids do. He planted his lips to hers and kissed them. The sweet nectar of her lips only fed his desire to be one with her. Once he released her, he told her, "I want to be yours in the ways of both our worlds. You unleash a desire within me that should only happen during Pon Farr."

"Pon Farr?" she asked, still breathless from the kiss.

"It is the Vulcan mating cycle ... not a subject broached with off-worlders. But for you to consider being my bondmate, you must know everything. During Pon Farr, the Vulcan male loses all sense of logic and is overcome by the need to mate. Nothing is more important than mating; not even food or sleep. It can be a vicious and painful experience for the female. She must use the bond to control the madness of the male; if it is not controlled, it could mean the death of both of them. This cycle is repeated every seventh year of the adult male's life." Sarek watched for any reactions to his words.

Amanda just sat back listening; his words were frightening to her. Her eyes lost the blue hue they normally had and took on almost a complete black appearance. She was not sure she liked the prospect of having her virginity taken in such a manner. But she did love Sarek and knew he was the only one she wanted to give that part of herself to. "How long before your next Pon Farr?"

"I last underwent Pon Farr 6.25 years ago," Sarek, told her, still watching her reactions. He saw she seemed frightened. He knew she only had looked this frightened a few other times since they met. "Amanda, what is it? What brings out this emotion in you?"

She looked at the man she loved; he would not understand her fear. All she knew was she didn't want her virginity ripped away savagely. "Sarek, I do not know the physiology of the Vulcan female but a human female has a thin membrane called the hymen. It remains intact until the female..." She wasn't sure what to say since they had never before discussed anything of a sexual nature.

Sarek watched her waiting for her to continue. If she was to be his wife then logically she should be able to talk about personal issues with him. "Please continue, Amanda, we both must understand one another if we are to be bonded."

Her heart raced as she thought about how to explain how the human male would break through this membrane; an act that she had been told was both painful and pleasurable. With a light sigh she carried on. "When a female's vagina is entered for the first time the hymen is broken by the male's ... penis. I have been told this can be a painful act as the membrane is ripped away." Her voice was soft and shaky.

With a raised eyebrow Sarek carefully took in Amanda's words. More importantly, he noted the fact she had only been told and had not experienced it first-hand. "You are correct when you say Vulcan females have no such membrane. Would I be correct in stating you have not had this experience then?" Though it wasn't logical, he was pleased that she had not been with another male in such a manner. With her nod, he added, "Then, is it your fear of it being ripped in the savageness of Pon Farr?" He waited a few moments for her answer.

"Yes, you said Pon Farr could be painful to the female. For me, the first time I ... engage in sexual relations would be painful enough with out the added pain of Pon Farr." She had heard that the Vulcan male's penis was larger then a human's and shaped differently.

"Amanda, I assure you this does not have to happen during Pon Farr. I am quite capable of joining with you outside of my Time. In fact, I would prefer to do so, so that you may know the ... pleasures we would have outside of Pon Farr, first." Sarek moved his hand to rest on her leg letting his desires move across the contact.

Amanda looked at him once again wide-eyed this time, not with fear, but with wonderment. She could feel his desire to be one with her, both as a bondmate and as a lover. If the joining of minds and bodies were necessary to be his wife, then she would do it. "Sarek, how do we bond?"

With a faint smile, he said, "We are adults. Although you are human, I believe we can bond on our own. Once Pon Farr comes upon me we will be married in a Vulcan ceremony called the 'koon-ut-kalifee'," Sarek said as he moved his hand from her leg to her hand. His heart beat faster in anticipation of being one with her. The desire he held since the day he first met her told him it was only logical that he claim her as his bondmate.

With a smile, Amanda whispered, "Then we should bond." She laid her other hand atop his and squeezed it hopefully projecting her wiliness to bond.

Once Amanda released his hands, Sarek reached for the meld points on her face. "I will not harm you, Amanda. It may be frightening to you but I will not harm you. My mind will reach out into yours, locking a part myself within you. Once I have placed myself in you, I will bring your mind into mine. Remember this, I will not enter into parts of your mind other than the part the bond is secured in."

Ever so gently he projected all his hopes and desires into her mind sealing the better parts of his self deep within the mind of the woman who would be his wife; feeling both her fears and her longing to be one with him -- all the tender emotions that made her the woman he cherished. He couldn't help but to feel a sense of pride at how controlled her mind was for a human. Once he was certain the bond was set firmly in place, he withdrew, lowering his hands.

Amanda's eyes glistened with tears of joy. "Sarek, this feels more complete than anything I have ever known. I love you so much," she whispered. She looked at the man she was now bonded to with a graceful smile and nod. Slowly she got up to make her way to the sonic shower looking over her shoulder. "Care to join me?" she asked with a suggestive sway of her hips.

Sarek raised an eyebrow at her seductive look. "Amanda, it is not logical we shower together."

His words caused her to laugh. "No, Sarek, it isn't suppose to be logical. It's suppose to be fun." She tried to give him a mental picture of what she meant; how she wanted them to learn about one another by exploring each other. She was still afraid but her desire to be one with him overrode her fears.

The images Amanda was broadcasting in her mind served both to invoke his curiosity and his arousal. He had told her he would take her before his Time, and she wanted that time to be now. He could feel her desires mixed with her fears. With a raised eyebrow and a slight smile, he replied, "Yes, I can see how it would be ... most interesting."

Sarek watched Amanda disappear around the corner knowing she would be undressing and waiting for him to join her. He felt caught between a double-edged sword; one side of it was his culture and discipline, the other Amanda's human natures that didn't fully understand his ways. If he chose to follow his upbringing, he ran the risk of Amanda rejecting him when it was time for the koon-ut-kalifee, during a time when he could not afford rejection. As he did many times in his professional life, he set aside his logic and gave way to the idea of pleasing this human he had choosing to bond with.

As he rose from the couch he removed his Vulcan robe leaving only the pants and tunic on he wore underneath. When he reached Amanda's bedroom he watched her fiddle with her dress a moment. Silently he walked behind her and placed his hands over the bindings that held it together, removing each one. When he had the last binding undone he turned her towards him and slipped the dress off her shoulders watching as it floated to the ground.

Today he would show her what it meant to be a Vulcan and let her show him what it meant to be a human. With two fingers he caressed her jaw line and down her neck. He could feel Amanda's desires intensify. "Am I to shower as I am?" he asked in a playful manner.

She blinked, still shocked at the way he was touching her and bringing her such pleasure. "I believe I can fix that, Sarek." She reached her hand out and grasped the fasteners of his tunic. Once she had them all unfastened she moved the fabric off his shoulders, touching his chest on the way down.

Once she had removed his clothing, they walked into the sonic shower where Sarek washed her feet in the sonic waves. Slowly he moved up her body studying her delicate form as he went. She was even tinier than he originally surmised. Her body was a soft tan in color and soft as silk. "This is indeed a most fascinating experience," he told her as his gaze met her eyes.

"Yes, and I believe it would be more so with a water shower," she said as she moved her mouth towards his. It wasn't until she peered down she saw him in his finest. His body was toned and somewhat muscular without being overly so. She could see the rippling muscles of his abdomen as he breathed in and out. Gently she rubbed her hands over his chest, circumventing the nipples as she moved down.

Sarek positioned his two fingers over the folds of his lover's opening; allowing them to hover there until he felt her desire to be touched. Slowly he slid his fingers into the chamber that awaited him below. As his fingers glided into her opening, his teeth played with the soft flesh of her nipples. Her flesh was cool against his skin enticing him to want to be fully inside of her. His fingers moved in a slow tempo within her as her muscles tightened around them.

Waves of passion washed over Amanda as her back was held tightly against the shower wall. Never before had she envisioned that the simple act of foreplay would bring out such desires. Her breathing quickened and she was getting to a point where she had to have more, yet she still had the fear of the unknown pain that would be the end of her innocence. With a ragged breath she whispered, "I want to feel you in me, Sarek."

Sarek heard the desire in her voice and felt it dance across his thoughts. With a smile he would only give to her, he gathered her into his arms taking her the distance from the sonic shower to the bed. Easing her onto the bed he moved his body to line up atop hers. His member rested on her stomach as he moved his mouth to cover hers. After a passion-filled kiss, he asked her, "You are sure you want this?"

With a smile she reached down and took hold of him, guiding him to her awaiting chamber. "Sarek, I have never been more ready in my life." She projected images of him moving within her, filling her with his seed.

Those thoughts were all he needed to thrush his body forward, causing his penis to slip just inside her. The cool wet feel of her skin against his heated sex, simulated him in a way he never imagined. He was met with a resistance that had not been there with T'Rea; a resistance he was determined to overcome.

The pain of the ripping flesh caused Amanda to tense her body, but she held her eyes locked to the man she loved, the man she was giving herself to. The feeling of love flowed through their newly formed bond. "Sarek, I love you," she said with a smile on her face.

"As I cherish you, Amanda." When Sarek felt her tense underneath him, he placed his hand on her head blocking the pain she was experiencing. Once he controlled her pain, he thrust hard, breaking the barrier that stood between her folds and the inner sanctum that awaited him. The tightness of her chamber hugged him as he moved within her. He reveled in the coolness of her flesh against him and moved in a rhythmic tempo until he felt the sensation that told him they would both find release. He pulled to the edge of her entrance and drove deep, ejecting his seed within her.

Amanda felt the hot sensation of Sarek's semen being released into her, as her own body spasmed with her own orgasm. With a raspy voice, she yelled out, "Oh my God, Sarek!" She reached up to pull his lips down on her, kissing him. Over time she knew they would learn more about one another's desires; tonight however, she was just happy she had given the most of herself to the man she loved.

Sarek allowed himself to be pulled onto the woman that soon would be his wife. He returned her kiss with all the passion she brought into it. After their passions settled a bit, his eyebrow rose at her thoughts of what was yet to come. "These thoughts you are projecting are most fascinating." He pushed himself off her and laid next to her in the bed.

Amanda looked at Sarek's face and blushed. "This is going to take some getting use to."

Sarek let his lips turn in a slight smile as he traced the outline of her jaw. Allowing his shields to drop briefly, he projected outwards to her. 'You will adjust,' he assured her. 'We will work on your shields. Over time you will learn to block your mind from me.'

Amanda felt his mind reaching through hers as she heard his unspoken words everywhere inside her. It was startling at first, but it was also loving and warm. "Oh, I hope so," she replied aloud as she caught his fingers with her teeth, when he brushed them over her lips.