DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The story contents are the creation and property of Kathy Schoggins and is copyright (c) 2001 by Kathy Schoggins.

Logic by Heart

Kathy Schoggins

Kunat Kalifee

This is the Vulcan heart

This is the Vulcan soul

Primeval need

Instinct and madness

This I thought was heart and soul



I turned from your qomi love

The burning again

Bonded no longer

The need was great

Heartbroken still

You sacrificed to save me

A coolness to ease the burning



I now understand this word

Sane again

Fever gone

Yet a thirst for you I can not quench

Our child suckling at your breast

While exhausted you sleep

I am humbled by my ignorance

Wiser now

Here is this Vulcan's heart

Here is this Vulcan's soul