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Number One's Bio

Leigh Chapel

All my life I have striven toward perfection, it is my destiny. Not for me the trappings of family, hearth and home. Not even in my dreams. I am not allowed to dream, it is not logical, it serves no purpose, therefore I must resist. Even though my enhanced genetics have been designed to display no flaw yet... yet...

I dream... I dream of a mother and father who will love me and hold me and accept my flaws, love me in spite of them not because of my perceived perfection. My peers (a misnomer if ever I heard one, for I am truly peerless) deride me. I am referred to as Ice Maiden, walking refrigerator, computer on legs. And so I must seem.

My parents were misguided. They thought they knew best, and now I look at the child they created naturally. I see how they play with her, lavish her with love and attention. It isn't her fault. I love her, but I hate them. I hate them with all my being for they have robbed me of what is rightfully mine. She will never look to me for love. I do not know how to show it, yet love her I do.

So I am leaving in the morning, taking the early flight to Vulcan, where I no longer need be ashamed of my superior intellect, my human-given intellect. I look at my sister, as she lies in her crib, golden hair framing her sweet face, rosebud mouth suckling in her sleep, fists curled loosely at her sides, dark lashes lying upon her flawless skin. She is true perfection and she will never know it. I love you, Christine. Be happy, baby sister.