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Vulcan Love Slave Mystery


I sighed as I thought how to answer my mate's question. She did have the right to know about my past. Her life had always been an open book for me.

"Are birthmarks common on Vulcans?" she asked me again, a disk still tightly gripped in her hand.

I knew what she referred too. The small bluish rosette shaped mark in a place only four females had seen in their lives. "No," is the only reply I could give. Any other would be false. I know of the disk she held. A part of my past I hoped would never face me again. "Where did you obtain that?" I questioned. I was sure there were no more legal copies of the 'documentary'.

"Our son and daughter-in-law left it in the vidplayer in the guest room," she replied, looking down at the floor. "How could you not tell me?! You knew of my sexual encounters before our marriage."

I knew. Of course I knew. I even had the occasion at one point to meet one of the men. It was the second time in our marriage she had closed her thoughts to me. I thought of how to explain to her what had happened, making a mental note to speak with my son as well as to how he came into possession of such risky material. Perhaps before I explain I should recall how the events of that day came to pass.

* * *

The sun was bright, yet the air was chilled enough to where I wrapped my jacket tightly around my chest. "Father, I was unaware Delta was so cold." At fifteen, I was not prepared for life off Vulcan. I had never before stepped foot off my home world. My parents thus far had seen to that.

"My son, we are not on Vulcan. Delta becomes cold. However, this is warm compared to the air on Earth. If you wish to follow in my footsteps, in time, you must be able to handle all elements of the worlds you will be required to visit," the elder replied, giving his son a look that could only be interpreted as amusement. "Now Ambassador Ilian and his wife await us for the reception."

He moved in the direction of a lavish estate. The entire home looked as if it would shatter at any moment. All the exterior walls gleamed in the blue sun. The smoke-brown reflectiveness of them set it apart from anything I had imagined. As a type of glass, one would think that it should be transparent, but from a distance, you could not see the interior in the least. As we moved closer to the estate, I could just make out the furnishing on the inside. "Father, how do they seek privacy in a glass house?"

"Ah, curious, my son? You shall see, it is a great marvel of Deltan engineering." When we reached the door, he rang the chime to announce our arrival.

Within moments, a Deltan female came to the door. "Ambassador," she smiled warmly, "and this must be your son." I saw my father nod in reply, with this she moved aside to allow us entry. "My husband has been waiting for you, Ambassador. He is in the den."

As my father left, I began to follow. "No, my son you must remain here. Isio will see to your needs." He looked to the woman I took to be Isio. "Please see my son is entertained."

I saw her smile at me and her eyes gleam with something I did not understand. "I will, Ambassador." She moved to stand closer to me. "Would you care for something to drink or eat?"

"No, I..." I started to reply.

"When a guest in someone's home, you take what they offer," my father said as he looked back at us.

With a silent sigh, I told her, "Yes," although I was neither hungry nor thirsty in the least.

"Good, follow me. We'll go into the playroom. I know my husband; he and your father will be busy for hours," she said as she took my hand.

A jolt of energy rocked me to my heels. I have never before felt so 'alive'. My entire body seemed to reply to some hidden sexuality she was generating. How could I desire her? I was bonded. Images of our bodies tightly pressed together grew in my mind. I knew that a Vulcan did not reach his sexual awareness for another ten years. How could mine happen at fifteen? With my mind still clouded from her touch, I asked, "Is it true Deltan females are very sexual beings?"

She smiled as she pulled me behind her to the 'playroom'. "Why? Do you desire me at this moment?"

My pulse raced as I tried to tone down my libido, but after we reached the door, I replied, "Yes."

With her free hand, she opened the door and I was able to see a bed. Then I saw a great many devices I could only assume would be used for keeping a person prisoner. Each corner held a device to record what was happening inside the room. There was even three positioned at different angles above the bed. In total, I counted eight. The biggest thing that caught my eye was a projector that filled one wall. Her voice brought my eyes back onto her. She held a glass in her hand and offered it to me. "Here, drink."

I took it and drank the cool yet fiery liquid down my throat.

"Good, now relax," she said as I watched her remove her robe. Her body was free of any hair. Slowly she moved to me, pressing her length against me.

I knew the combination of her touch and the liquid I had just consumed must have dampened my natural abilities to control my desires because, my loins came to meet hers. The aroma of her sex sent me into a fever. I could only compare this feeling with what I had been told of pon farr.

"My husband is incapable of the reaction you just had. He allows me my playtime provided it is documented for his later review."

WHAT! My mind screamed. her husband allowed another man to touch his wife in places that should be for him alone to touch? My breath caught in my throat as I unconsciously ground my hips into her. "And what is the game you desire I play with you?" I asked.

"Oh, yes!" she said as her breathing quickly accelerated. "I prefer you be the aggressor so, the title of this playtime will be 'I Was A Vulcan's Love Slave.'" She moved to a dresser and turn a few dials so that every light on the video imaging devices lit up. With a seductive smile she almost demanded, "Now take me."

With animalistic power I backed her to the bed. In a commanding voice I told her, "Don't move." Both my voice and actions seemed to be coming from someone else and I felt almost disembodied as I removed my shirt. My eye caught a glimpse of the images that were being displayed on the wall. Larger than life I removed my clothing. Something in me snapped and I realized I was enjoying this. My erection drove me towards her. I had to take her, but if I was to put on a show it must be one worthy of a Vulcan.

I scanned the room for items that could be made useful before I joined her on the bed. A feather, a leather rope, and a velvet mask came to my attention. The mask I placed over my brow and ears covered my upper face quite nicely. With a look at the screen, I saw the only thing that gave me the look of a Vulcan was the double ridges of my shaft. "You will be my slave," I told her while wondering what exactly a slave as well as what the Master was to do. She was my first sexual encounter and thus my knowledge was very limited.

"Master," she said as she moved towards me. With one hand, she reached for my shaft. Her nails raked the sides as she ran her hand down my length. She kneeled on the floor in front of me. "May I take you into my mouth?" she pleaded.

My eyes widened, breath quickened, and pulse raced. "You may," I told her.

Within seconds her mouth replaced her hand as her lips moved over my length. Her hands gripped my thighs and buttocks for support.

She began to hum which in turn caused a vibrating wave to wash over me. I gulped as her tongue jetted out and licked my sack. What pliable tongues Deltans had to be able to, in one action, move in a fashion to tickle my sack and another to vibrate my lower shaft. Even my shaft head felt tightly pressed against the back of her throat.

At that instant, my hands lost grip on the items I had collected.

As she moved up and down my length, she teased me by coming off past the tip and taking it back into her mouth again. I placed my hand at the back of her head to force her to keep her mouth on me. I had never before felt such a desire and it was a feeling I had no wish to end.

I watched the screen carefully and actual found myself enjoying the sight. I could see how there were species that found this type of vid watching highly entertaining. To think the boy -- no, man, I corrected myself -- was myself. I was actually becoming increasingly hard at the thought.

Then a sensation I had never before felt began. A tingling like I was close to urinating. As I moved my hand to her head to force her off me before I filled her mouth, I felt the drops gush forward in a volcanic eruption. Uncontrollably I cried out, "No!" even as I buried my shaft deeper into her mouth. When the eruption stopped, I looked at her with a horrid expression upon my face and began to apologize to her.

I watched as she wiped her mouth. "Very sweet, not bitter or salty like others," she said as she again ran her fingers along my length again. "Master. What other ways can I please you?" Slowly she backed up against the bed.

I bent down to retrieve the items I had dropped before and then looked up to see her spread across the bed. Her blossomed womanhood dared me to forsake her and again I felt the desire to be one with her. However, I was not at an allowable state as the last encounter had left me half-staffed. Nevertheless, I could find ways to finish whatever show her husband would desire. "My slave, I desire that you be bound to the bed." Swiftly I moved to the bed and snapped the leather into four equal lengths then tied each of the lengths to a piece of the frame.

After I tied the last strap to her foot, I looked at her in a questioning manner. Inexperience left me unsure of my next move. "What do I do now?" I questioned.

With a smile, her head drew up off the bed. "Try doing the same to me as I did to you."

Her middle arched towards me, teasing me to take her. I considered her words carefully, moved myself to the edge of the bed, and lowered my face to be eye level with her nether lips. The aroma of her sex hit my nostrils and sent my mind reeling and my long, slender fingers permeated her folds.

A gasp left her throat as her walls closed around my fingers. Slowly I worked my fingers, until she cried out, "Faster, harder." All the while, her body arched and bucked at my every move.

The increasing wetness intrigued me. Again, I used the screen to give me the mindset I needed for this 'play'. As my fingers lunged deeper into her, I watched the screen as her hips moved off the bed and her body wriggled. How many others had been overcome but the simple act of watching themselves mating with this female.

When I turned my attention back to her fully and moved up her frame leaving my fingers in place, my free hand closed over her breast and I appreciated how it was very well formed and perky. Catching her nipple between my fingers I caused her to moan with pleasure, firing my own passion higher and higher. I caught her other nipple with my mouth and deeply suckled as would a nursing babe. Her cries deepened and out of fear we would be found out, I took my hand from her breast to cover her mouth.

"Even on Vulcan, slaves do not talk or cry out."

I realized that was the point of the entire thing -- to show both parties in the throws of sexual passion. I released her mouth and moved my tongue lazily done her torso stopping at her inner folds. Lightly I flicked her sensitive skin with my tongue, tasting the sweet juices that flowed from her. Without warning, I was shot through with desire and I gripped both her hips frantically and worked up and down her folds. At times, I allowed my tongue to jet in and out of her dark sweet cavern. The harder I moved, the more the sweet juice flowed and affected me like a drug, I could not get enough.

It did not take long for my shaft to once again reach its full length and width. I most certainly did not expect to feel the same urinating sensation. I now thought I understood the difference in the feeling of urination and ejaculation. However, I was sure, I had been told the shaft of the penis must be in motion or have some type of friction applied. I lifted my head, moving my body to straddle hers and awaited the forth-coming eruption.

She looked up to see my shaft stiffen and cried out, "Shoot it on me, please!" and I grasped my shaft to spray my fluids all over her breasts and folds. As I came for the second time, a loud thunderous cry of triumph pierced my lips. As I softened I moved down onto her body using my tongue to clean both her juices and my own away. Stopping at her breast, I again took them alternately into my mouth and bit them to the point my teeth marked her fair skin.

How much more could I stand? There was something about Deltans that enticed me and I wondered what my shaft would feel like in her hidden chamber. As I moved back down to where our combined juices lay in wait for me, I was once again fortified and ready to find out. "I want you now."

She smiled and told me, "Not until you have untied me. I must be in control of this part or else I will never again be allowed to have my 'playtime'." Her voice was earnest, I knew she wanted me inside her as much as I longed to be there. Quickly I removed her ties, but in a dramatic fashion, I used my teeth.

Before I knew it she had used a strength I had no realization she would possess and had me on my back. Swiftly she lowered herself on to me. "OH Goddess Atios!" Resting her weight on her lower legs she moved up and down in both a rocking and jumping manner. "You're so big, my Vulcan Master." She bent down to me and I arched up to take a nipple into my mouth. With that she whispered, "You really are the biggest I have ever had." Then louder added, "The rumors of Vulcans are true."

I heard her words but all I could do was to quiver at the way her body gripped me. Her inner chamber was lined with what felt like tiny fingers. I moaned repeatedly as the pleasures of her sex engulfed me and drew me under. With a look at the screen, I watched as the angles changed and it sent my lust into overload once again.

Again, after a long and pleasurable ride I felt the same stiffening I knew to be the lava of seeds. Something she must have felt as well, as she moved off me just before the flow came roaring out onto my abdomen and chest. Diligently she cleaned me in the same manner I had been compelled to clean her, both of us moaning from the sensation.

She smiled at me as we rested. "I have never before meet another being that has entertained me better."

A hidden chime rang and she looked up towards the door. "We have about 20 minutes remaining, Vulcan. Go shower in there."

I nodded. The bell must alert her that her husband is preparing to conclude his business. Rising, I gathered my garments and headed in the direction she pointed out.

As the hot waters hit me, whatever power she held over me washed away with the remains of the juices we created. I suddenly was well aware of what had happened and ashamed I had allowed it. However, it was pleasurable mating with a Deltan and I was sure I would never forget. Nevertheless, as a Vulcan, the thought of my mate giving herself to other males disturbed me. I was for once glad I was bonded to a full Vulcan who would give her secret desires to me alone.

After my shower had been concluded, my hair and clothing neatly on my body I rejoined her to find her sitting in the living area. "So Vulcan, you must be twenty years of age?"

"No, I am fifteen," I admitted.

She smiled. "At fifteen, you're a man both on Vulcan and Delta. But you appear older than you are."

I simply nodded at her words.

"I must ask something of you. Never tell anyone what occurred here today," she said as she moved away from me.

We waited a short time and then a tall Deltan and my father entered the room. "So, did you keep my wife well entertained?"

"Sir, I believe your wife told me, after we finished her game, 'I have never before meet another being that has entertained me better.'" I was both ashamed and proud that I of numerous beings she had been with was her best. Me, a mere virgin!

"Good, perhaps you were the one we were looking for," he said.

I wondered what he meant, but before I could question it my father said, "We must leave. The inn is expecting us."

"No, please, Ilio, allow them to stay here. The boy can sleep in the playroom and the Ambassador one of the guest rooms by ours," she pleaded with her husband.

Little did I know at the time I would not be allowed much sleep, nor did I realize I would not be alone in the room. The truly interesting part was I was made to produce the very vid that I had been both a willing and unwilling participant in. With eight camera angles and at my final count 25 eruptions, the final cut was some two hours long, and sensual enough to make for a very orgasmic vid. I found myself ready upon its completion. One last trip around the world was my consolation prize for a job well done.

This time, with all cameras off, she allowed me to be in charge of how we joined bodies. I moved her legs over my head and rammed myself into her, stopping at the point of near completion. "You may release into me," she sighed.

It was then I realized, as I shot into her, I could impregnate her. "What about the fear of children?" I asked.

"I am infertile, my eggs all removed ... it was a payment I had to make for my desires," she said sadly. "If I were able to conceive, your seeds would have been the most compatible though. Our DNA is very similar. Now sleep, I will leave you."

* * *

I watched my wife's face carefully. I had told her the entire story just as I remembered it. "I regret, I neglected to inform you..." I drew a deep breath, "I had hoped there were no more copies."

"No more copies, I remember watching this vid as a teenager at my sister's baccalaureate party," she told me, with that special gleam in her eye. "It's when I knew I wanted to be with a Vulcan at least once in my life. But I never dreamed I would be married to Sroel, the Vulcan Love Master." Her anger replaced with a new lust, she asked "So care to re-enact a scene or two with me?"

I took my wife into my arms and moved her to our bed. "One thing first, my wife, slaves do not talk ... but I do want to make you scream." With deliberate force, I ripped away her robe, taking care not to damage her skin. Her body, even at sixty-three was still appealing to me. Her breasts, though not as firm, still held their shape. Within moments we were both naked and I on top her, moving deeply within her. As I felt the impending explosion, I quickly turned so that she straddled me. As I came she moved her body so that my heated juices would hit her center, the way in which we both found pleasure.

My age had caught up with me, however. Instead of a few minutes to be ready, it was almost an hour before I was able to again make love to my wife. Nevertheless, it would also give her the needed time for her own body to replace the natural juices that were becoming increasingly rare for her.

* * *

"Honey, were did you put the vid?" Christine asked. How could they have misplaced the one vid that had brought them together. It had been an accident but it had happened and today they were both glad for what fate had chosen for them.

With a raised brow Spock replied, "It is in the vid player..."

"Oh, okay, I'll get it," she said with a smile, trailing her fingers along his frame as she moved away.

He reached out to her, pulling her back to him. "...at my parents house," he finished.

She gasped. How could they leave it there of all places. "Spock, that vid changed both our lives."

"I know, Christine... However, I cannot just go to my parents and say, 'Mom, Dad. Can I have my sex vid back?'" he said with a hint of a bemused smile.

"Spock, do you remember how it brought us together?"

Together they recalled how the video caused them to make love for the first time.

* * *

Christine sat waiting for Spock to return from his kitchen with the food they had ordered. It had been a surprise when Starfleet paired them up. Each year a Science Officer was paired with a Medical Officer to update the joint Emergency Training Program for new cadets.

It had been a shock when Spock offered his apartment for the review and preparation of the new program. However, after an hour Spock had made her feel right at home. They had ordered pizza, one all veggie and the other a cherry dessert pizza. Spock had offered to get a meat-topped pizza as well but Christine did not want to see more credits being spent than need be.

"Would you care for a drink?" Spock asked as he dished a few pieces of pizza per plate.

Turning back she smiled, "Yes, whatever you have will be fine."

With a nod, he grabbed an unopened bottle of Vulcan wine he had been given for his birthday from his parents. "I hope this is to your liking," he said as he placed the bottle and two glasses under his arm, and balanced the two plates in the other. As he reached her, he moved behind the couch. Her low cut shirt gave him a most fascinating view of her bosoms. Full and perky, they were still, after seven years still able to cause him difficulty in thinking. "Fascinating," he mouthed, as his body reacted to her fair skin. Thankfully, he was behind the couch and she did not to see his reaction to her.

She turned to see his face somewhat greener. 'Why is he blushing?' she wondered. Then as she saw his eyes had quickly averted. But from where? 'Oh my, he saw down my shirt.'

It was bad enough she had chosen to try a new braless shirt, it was designed to be supportive while at the same time attractive. Its boxed neck, though quite pretty, could very well reveal more then what she desired. Made up of peach silk, it captured her blue eyes and now natural brown hair. A pair of tan khaki shorts made the outfit complete.

"Spock..." She paused; she couldn't just blurt out 'why are you looking down my shirt?' Then her eyes shifted away as he moved his body a bit. Her eyes widened. 'He's excited.' No way could she let him know she knew, but it did fill her with hope. "Please, if you stand there all night I am going to get a stiff neck." She warmly smiled as she patted the couch.

With a nod he was left with two choices, remain there and allow her to get a stiff neck she worried about, or go around and let her see that he wanted to ... practice his b-day present, with HER. With a raised eyebrow, he wondered what had made the difference. Now instead of seeing her as a crewmate, for the first time he saw Christine Chapel for what she was, a beautiful woman.

However, he still had the issue of his pants, streamlined material that was sure to give even more notice to his enlarged state the moment he sat down. Nevertheless, he moved around the couch and sat down next to her. Sure enough, when he sat down, his staff rose full mast. With determination, he set down his objects that he had in his hand and under his arm. "Would you care for some wine?"

Christine tried to keep her eyes on his face but his midline kept demanding her attention. "Thanks, maybe it will help me ... cool down." She took the glass after he poured it to her.

"Yes, Christine, it is hotter than normal in here at the moment," he acknowledged. His hand had brushed hers as he gave her the wine. From the contact, he was able to feel her desires and hopes and they fed his own desire. With a light sigh, he stated, "We should eat and get our business out of the way. After that ... perhaps we could do some catching up?"

"Okay, Spock," she said as she nibbled a piece of her pizza.

After a half hour they finished eating, Spock rose from his seat. "Christine, let me put these away and get some data off my computer in the backroom. In the mean time, look for and watch the vid labeled VST. I believe it is on top the desk, by the window." He moved into the kitchen to unload his arm of dishes.

Christine acknowledged the suggestion and rose to retrieve the vid. When she reached the desk, she noticed two separate vids both labeled VST. Deciding on the one on the right, and assuming it was a part one and two, she took the vid and popped it into the vid player.

As she sat back down, she poured herself a fourth glass of the Vulcan wine. Its light sour apple flavor was quite tasty and she rather enjoyed the way it made her feel light and worry free. Intro music caught her attention and she looked up to see an empty room filled with... 'What in the world, sex toys? On a training vid?' As she watched, the door opened and a Deltan female came in with a Vulcan male in tow behind her. Looking into her half empty glass of wine, she thought, 'puzzling.' When she looked back up the Deltan was undressed and beginning to help the Vulcan out of his own clothing.

Christine gulped as she saw the broad shoulders and muscular chest. She watched as the Deltan moved down the Vulcans midline to his pants. With an easy movement, he was out of the top layer and only a pair of briefs remained to cover his family jewels. Christine's eyes were drawn to the action on the vid and her pulse began to race as her body heated up with excitement. Funny, she normally did not like watching porn but this, whatever it was, intrigued her.

As she watched more of the vid, she noticed the urge to follow the vid's stimulating actions. With her sense long since lost to the wine, she slipped her hand down and loosened her pants, moving them a few inches below her hips. Her actions most deliberate, she reached in and fondled the folds of her private chamber. As the action on the video increased, she used it to help her mind envision a certain tall, dark, and Vulcan man touching her instead. "Oh, Spock," she cried lightly as her touch sent her to the near brink of orgasm.

Sitting at his computer, Spock heard the faint sounds of his name being called. The words were heated and most needful. As he became increasingly concerned, he rose to see what was the issue.

When he entered the living room, he found Christine sprawled out on his couch, her shorts settled to her lower hips, her breast taunt and coming out of her shirt. A hand wildly moved across her center as she panted his name.

Then he caught sight of the vid, and the other Starfleet vid on the desk. She must have selected the wrong one, and no doubt, the Vulcan wine had affected her judgment.

He was horrified to realize not only had he become excited once more but also he wanted to cool his fire. Standing and watching he felt like a 'peeping tom' in his own home, however, the show was a most pleasing one. With a slight clearing of his throat he made it known he had returned.

Startled and embarrassed, Christine jumped up, causing her shorts to fall even lower. This time down to here ankles. "Oh, Spock," she said frozen in her stance.

"If you prefer I can leave the room a moment so you may ... compose yourself," he offered.

With a nod she watched as he turned, then trying to turn herself, became wrapped up in her pants. The motion and twist caused her to fall to the floor with a loud, "OUCH!"

Immediately, Spock returned to her. Bending down he sat next to her. "Are you injured?"

"I wish I could say just my dignity was affected but I am afraid my knee when out again. About three years back I injured it and now it tends to give way every once in a while." She blushed, "It would have to pick now to go out."

"Can you stand?" he asked concerned.

She moved her knee. Just a touch it was sore but she had had it hurt worse before. "I think with some help, yes I could."

Spock gently lifted her to a standing position. As he held her he caught her perfume, sweet nectar tortured his senses. Bringing her close, for better support, his manhood pressed against her frame. As he closed his eyes a moment he had a choice, either take charge of the moment, or like always, cower away and hide under his cool Vulcan shell. As he opened his eyes, he noted hers were staring into his and with determination to stop the charade he pressed his lips to hers.

Surprised by his actions, she shoved back a bit but he had hold of her tightly. His hands seemed to be taken over by gravity as they moved lower down her form. Finally settling on her buttocks as all the while, he kept his lips tightly pressed to hers so that all she could do was to return the gesture.

Finally pleased that she returned his kiss, he used his hands and cupped her bottom and scooping her into his arms, his manhood just missing the cool penetration of her skin. When he released her lips he told her, "I desire you Christine. I desire to, as you might say, 'make love' to you." Over the years, he had allowed his human side to come into play more through his lifestyle.

Her eyes gleamed, as she told him playfully. "I thought we had work to do ... we have to finish the training video." She was not about to pass up the chance of a lifetime and make love to the only man other than Roger she ever desired. She now thought it funny, she had saved herself for the very man that held her in his arms.

"Perhaps you're right. We SHOULD finish the training video the good Dr. McCoy was so kind to give me on my birthday last week." He looked to the vid player in time to see the Deltan riding atop the Vulcan. "That looks like it would be a most interesting lesson, does it not?" There was a twinkle to his eyes as she spoke.

Christine looked at the female, whose head and body arched back as she rocked her body in time with the Vulcan's muscular hands moving her up and down his long shaft. With a gulp, she realized she was dripping over Spock's manhood. She felt his dancing member and longed for it to be within her. The thought had so overly excited that she was wet and warm in anticipation that he wanted to do that with her. "I must admit, I am rather out of practice."

He smiled at her. "In that case, what better reason not to follow the teachings of a training vid? Tell me you do not want me to join with you, and we will stop right here and now just as none of this ever happened. If you do, then, we shall retire to my bedroom and practice."

It was her choice, if she was to be ravaged it had to be her choice. "Spock, I loved you for years ... but I can not be a one night fling ... it wouldn't be fair to either of us."

He looked into her sweet blue eyes. "Christine, I would never 'just screw' you, as humans term it. If we were to 'make love' I would hope it would be the beginning of a relationship that would involve marriage, and if so desired children." He was not about to be a cad, nor would he treat Christine like a common whore. Part of him was hurt by the fact she thought that was all their joining would mean to him, yet, another part understood her fears. He had spent ten years rejecting her.

Taken aback by what he had just said she, closed her eyes. The only man she ever truly loved besides Roger wanted her for a mate. "Well, it seems I am dressed for the activity and..." She brushed his midsection, "You are well prepared to be a willing student then I would suggest we finish the current lesson." With a playful smile she added, "Besides I don't think I could handle starting the Starfleet assignment."

Shifting her body slightly, he maneuvered her so that his bat would strike a most resounding homerun. Upon penetration, he heard the most fascinating sound emerge from her mouth and seconds later he felt her cool mouth and teeth come down onto his flesh. If she would have this reaction still standing in the middle of his living room, what was she capable of when they both had more freedom to move?

"Christine, you will forever be my heart," he told her as he moved her to his room, setting her down at the edge of the bed all the time take great care not to lose his masculine hold on her.

As she lay back on the bed, her body moved with the motion of waves that took her by surprise. "You have a waterbed."

With a smile, he moved to her sweet lips. "Yes, I have had one since I was a youth. Although on Vulcan it was merely simulated water, it still moved." He moved his body so that they both inched forward on the bed.

Soon he found the bed rather challenging as it seemed to be working against him. He was by no means a virgin, but he had an idea of how one felt. Unsure how best to counteract what the bed was doing, he pressed his body tight against his lover's. If he didn't hug her body close, the bed would pull her down each time he moved atop her.

* * *

A faint sound broke them out of their memory. Together they moved to their bed, as Christine moved her hands gentle over the bed to make waves.

With a light smile, Spock looked at the bed and back to his wife of nine months. "Yes, it all began here."

Christine pulled up a blanket from the bed and cradled against her chest. "No, Spock, it started when you forgot to ask if I was using birth control before you decided to clean my pipes."

He reached over, brushing the blanket away to reveal the small rosy face of his three-month-old daughter. Her little round ears and wide oval eyes started right into the face of her father. The daughter born because of a night reviewing Starfleet vids. "I am still not sure Jim or Dr. McCoy believed our reasons why the Starfleet Training guide was three days late."

"No, I know Leonard didn't believe it until he confirmed the reason why I was two weeks late on my period," she said as she kissed the forehead of her baby.

"Perhaps now that Elizabeth sleeps through the night we can make our own version of 'I was a Vulcan's Love Slave'," he told her with a seductive tone. The first they had made love, since their daughter's birth, was on the cool sands of Vulcan's night. Now they both knew how to effectively use the waterbed they shared. It had taken them three months of practice, but they did learn to use it.

With a smile, she told her Vulcan lover, "This time, I'm ready for you, Mr. Spock," she said with eyes gleaming with anticipation. "I know what's on the vid tapes and I started the birth control when we were given the okay." She moved over to sit on the rocker and began to nurse her child. "However, what are your parents going to think when they see it?"

"I am sure it will not be a picture I would want to see first hand." The thought of his dignified Vulcan father and gentle mother watching a sex vid shot odd thoughts through his mind.