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What were you thinking? You should have taken the bloody hint when he called off the wedding but no, you have to make an absolute TIT of yourself by slogging halfway across the galaxy and for what? It wasn't enough the humiliation of having to contact all the wedding guests to tell them it wouldn't be taking place till AFTER the exped. Oh no! you have to go and let him humiliate you even further.

Why don't you just hang a sign around your neck saying "gullible and desperate"? And to top it all, he's been cheating on you all this time!! With a hi-tech blow up doll. But ... if that was what he TRULY wanted -- compliance -- well, I guess you couldn't even get that right, could you?

THANK GOD! All things happen for a reason. Maybe the reason isn't so apparent yet, but you're here, now, which you wouldn't have been if you'd never met him, so maybe the universe has a better plan in mind for you after all.