DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The story contents are the creation and property of Roberta and is copyright (c) 2003 by Roberta Rated G.

Going Home


Darkness! Black of night shrouds my face. My skin radiates heat yet I grow cold. I drift aimlessly. My point of stopping I do not know. All I know is I am pulled.

A light. No, this cannot be. I am Vulcan, I am human. Oh, troubled mind still at war within. How can I finally rest? Never to find peace even after I transcend one plane to reach another.

My soul carefully guarded by another.

Reach out.

Reach out.

There it is, a cocoon protected against the parasitic emotions embattling it. Oh, what chaos would erupt if the virus would influence the outer shell? He does not know the damage to self.

I cannot tell him, I have no voice. There is no more body. Blood will burn no more through my veins. A fortunate curse I now understand.

Again, there is the pull. A light so bright and warm, comforting yet commanding, pulling me in to its abyss. Like a black hole, swallowing all that it touches.

Words spoken -- not Vulcan, no they're Terran. A soft gentle breeze beckons me to come.

Tears. Human tears bleed for me. A thought runs through all I have left. This is not right. I fight the current that flows deep into the abyss. NO! I cannot go. I am not ready.

Tooth and nail, I claw my way, breaking the cocoon. A painful explosion and we are one. Yet, this is not how it should be. Nothing for focus, just a shell. Two personalities share a common space.

Warm hands on a cool body. Warm hands on a warm body. It is done. I am I as he is he. I stand dazed. Thoughts jumble through my head.

Swirls of psychedelic colors mingle in my dreams. Sharpening, intertwining until they are clearly formed. Alien but pleasing emotions shoot at me love, hope, and a strong longing.

Then an image breaches my thoughts, "Your name is Jim." Joy and laughter abounds me.