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Gifts of Gold


Amanda sat on the edge of the bed holding a holopic album. With a smile on her face, she watched as the pictures flashed by. One by one the scenes played out for her. That day had been the most romantic she had ever shared with Sarek. When she came to one very special scene a tear slid down her cheek. Sarek had kissed her in a very human fashion. It wasn't a private kiss that they sometimes shared, but a kiss for all to see. She was so engrossed with the holopics that she didn't hear Sarek enter.

"Amanda, we will arrive home in one day's time."

When she looked up to him she smiled, lifting her fingers in the Vulcan embrace. Sarek lifted an eyebrow at the gesture and then sat on the bed next to her. Holding his fingers against hers he poured all the feelings for her he never said aloud into their bond.

"Oh, Sarek, I still don't understand how you managed to do all this without me knowing." She loved the fact that her husband and son had planned such a party. With both men being Vulcan she was surprised at how romantic it was. No doubt it was thanks to the human friends Spock had enlisted for help. But still the idea had been Sarek's, he had wanted to surprise her, and boy had he! She looked at the room full of presents, most of them the traditional gold that earmarked the day, but her favorite was the band of gold that sat on a finger, which for 50 years had been void of jewelry.

"My wife, it was not easy, you can be rather ... nosy ... when it suits you. However, I found it only logical to, for once, follow the traditions of your people. You have spent the last 50 years of your life following my traditions." His lips had the faintest bit of a smile as he saw the holopic she had paused on. "I didn't realize someone had taken this one." He stared at the picture of him giving Amanda a kiss.

Amanda's bright smile deepened. "Yes, I understand that Dr. McCoy was quite, as they say, 'camera happy'." She set her hand on Sarek's leg, and he instinctively laid his hand over hers. "Would you like to see them from the beginning?"

Sarek gave her hand a light squeeze. "Yes Amanda, I would. I have not yet taken the time to view them ... and seeing them with you would be most enjoyable."

After the holopic album had rewound she pressed the play button. One by one the pictures came alive. They began with photos that showed the preparations for the party. Spock, Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy, and Commanders Uhura and Chapel were trimming the same church that she and Sarek held their Terran wedding in. The entire chapel was being decked out in gold and white lace. Fine crystal glasses and china dinnerware where set on tables that surrounded a dance floor. Each table had a centerpiece with two roses. The head table had a mixture of fifty red and white roses, arranged in a way not to cover the occupants of the table. Spock and Kirk were trying to center a banner that read, 'Happy 50th Anniversary.' This picture alone made Amanda laugh at what she had been told later that night by Captain Kirk. It seemed the banner had to be put into place twice. The first time, just as Jim was about to hang his end, the chair he had been standing on lost a leg. He had suffered a bruised bottom, but the ego had been hurt much more. "It all looked so lovely Sarek. They put a lot of hard work into doing this."

"They did indeed, my wife," Sarek said as the next set of photos came up. This time there were scenes of Amanda's human family and friends dancing and having fun. Even Spock had seemed to get into the mood of the events as he danced with Dr. Chapel. Looking at the holopic, Amanda realized he seemed to hold Christine in a fashion that suggested perhaps a hidden passion between the two. To anyone but Amanda, and maybe Spock's close friends, it wasn't even noticeable. Amanda had missed that the first time around. "Spock and Dr. Chapel make a nice looking couple. It's too bad Spock can't how see she would be prefect for him."

Sarek looked at his wife with a raised eyebrow, "Amanda, I would have thought you'd given up on trying to play matchmaker years ago." Her last attempt to get Spock to notice Christine Chapel had been met with her son informing her that he had no desire for a relationship with anyone.

"Sarek that was years ago, Spock was still hurt by T'Pring." Her voice was soft and loving and her eyes gave a hint of the thoughts that spun in her mind. She had found happiness with Sarek and she knew he had found what he needed with her, so why couldn't their son? The next set of photos replaced the dancing scenes and these scenes were ones they could share through their bond. Sarek as he guided Amanda into the church; to keep the events he had planned a surprise she was blindfolded. The look on Amanda's face was priceless, with a swift movement Sarek had picked up his blindfolded wife and as he removed the blindfold he kissed her. Amanda smiled at the photo. "You were so romantic." The memory washed over their bond. Sarek hit the pause so they could relive the shared memories without losing their place in the album.

* * *

Sarek had stopped the skimmer they had been riding, he lightly touched his sleeping wife. "There is business I must attend before we arrive at the Embassy for the night." He hoped she was well rested as this could be a long night. He had been called to Earth six months ago for an extended stay that would leave him there the better part of a year. Amanda joined him whenever his duties as Ambassador permitted it. For once he was glad, it would mean that they would spend their 50th Terran wedding anniversary on Earth. After spending the last three years feeling his wife's near disappointment with the fact they didn't celebrate certain parts of Terran culture, he wanted this special day to be remembered. Amanda had all but dragged him to her brother's 50th anniversary party three years before. She had seemed so happy and free, and Sarek knew he wanted her to be that way when they shared the very same important Terran anniversary.

Amanda was half asleep in the skimmer; she always seemed to fall asleep on long skimmer rides. Ever since she was a small child she found it easy to sleep in a skimmer. Once Sarek had discovered this he would take her for rides on nights she was too upset to sleep. When she looked around at the scenery she asked, "Where are we?" She knew she remembered this place somewhere in the back of her mind.

"We are taking a scenic route," he replied. Not quite a lie, it was scenic and it would take them to their destination. The ultimate destination was just around the corner, "Amanda, place this over your eyes." She looked at him questioningly. "As you would say, beloved, 'humor me.'" With a devilish smile he placed the blindfold over her eyes. Tightening it until he was sure it was covering her completely but without hurting her. "It is not too tight, I trust?"

With her hands she shifted the blindfold so that it was not so binding in the back. "No it isn't to tight Sarek ... it does have me curious, however." She knew he had something planned. After all, any time he and Spock were in a room alone when she entered they suddenly stopped talking. The flashbacks caused her to smile; her husband of nearly 50 years had been very secretive as of late.

Sarek led the skimmer back onto the road and continued to his destination. A place he had been to 10 times in the past week. It had taken quite a bit of negotiating to see that this event would take place the way he wished it to. At one point he even felt this was twice as difficult to achieve then his most difficult meetings as an Ambassador. "We will be there shortly, my wife."

Once they arrived at their destination Sarek guided her out of the skimmer and up the steps whispering at each step. "Step up." After they reached the large wooden doors of the building he told her, "We have arrived." With an easy and swift movement he picked her up, surprising her so much that she giggled. When he pulled off the blindfold with one hand, he pulled her face to his with the other, kissing her, "Happy anniversary Amanda."

She looked around wide-eyed at all the people that had come, she didn't know what she had expected, but this wasn't it. "Oh, Sarek, thank you..." She buried her face into his shoulder to hide her happy tears. Whispering in his ear she requested, "Put me down." He did as she asked and she walked into the room to take in its full beauty. "But our 50th Terran Anniversary isn't until tomorrow."

Sarek smiled slightly at her, "It is now 2 minutes after midnight ... it is tomorrow. How else was I to surprise you?"

Spock, who had been dancing, walked over to his parents with his partner in tow. "Mother, I trust you are pleased."

"Oh, yes, Spock it is all so lovely. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant way to spend my 50th anniversary." She smiled at her son and his lovely dance partner.

"It was Dr. Chapel and Ms. Uhura's decorating ideas that made the difference," Spock said as he gave an almost unnoticeable smile to his dance partner. All Christine could do was smile., what else could she say? "Come, let's seat you. Uncle Christopher and his wife will be here shortly." It had been hard to get people to come to a party that began at 2300 hours and ended well into the morning, but Spock had gotten over two-thirds of the guest list to make it. Spock realized that he was still holding onto Christine's hand dropped it with a light squeeze.

Amanda took note of her son's actions and would remember to talk to him about it later. "Lead the way Spock." She looked at Christine. "You look as beautiful as ever, my dear."

Christine blushed lightly, "I have only gotten older." She had chosen to wear a white and gold dress in keeping with the theme. It was cut low around her chest and high around her legs, showing just enough of her still shapely body to be noticed but not enough to look cheep. "You have never looked more stunning."

Amanda smiled and laughed, "For a woman my age, you mean."

Christine looked horrified, "No ... I meant..."

Amanda only smiled. "I am 83 years old, my dear ... I know I am old." It had been 9 years since her treatment that caused the death of 2 innocent people. Her body still felt as alive as it did after the treatment, but still she knew she was old.

Christine smiled when Spock curved the corners of his mouth slightly.

"Perhaps we should join the party." Spock offered as he reached out his hand for Christine.

Sarek took his wife's hand leading her to the interior of the room. A small orchestra played several of Amanda's favorite songs. Sarek led her to a table that was filled with roses. "I believe this is your table, my lady." Sarek ignored the odd look his son had been giving him all night. He had already told him weeks ago 'it's logical to give in to tradition, even when that tradition means compromising oneself at times.' Tonight, for once in his life, he would behave as close as he could to a human husband as his wife would want. After he guided his bride of 50 years around the table he pulled out a chair for her to sit.

* * *

Amanda smiled at the memory. "I am so glad you let me sleep that night in the skimmer for so long." She remembered falling asleep at around 2100 hours.

"Yes, it wouldn't do for you to be a sleep during a most important event," Sarek said with a bit of a teasing tone. He was just about to hit the play button when the stateroom doors chimed. "Come," Sarek said as they watched the door open presenting them with their son. "Spock, come in, you mother and I where reviewing the photos from the anniversary party."

Spock walked through the doorway, his hands clasped behind his back, "Mother, Father, we will be having a small dinner and hope you will dine with us. It will be in Holodeck A."

Amanda took note of her son's odd tone, the words hadn't even escaped Sarek. Amanda just had to know who 'we' was. "Spock, we would be glad to join you. May I ask who the 'we' are?"

Sarek shot up a brow at his wife and Spock found he had the same reaction of his father. "Mother, it is Dr. Chapel." His tone had been one of a slight embarrassment. He was a Vulcan and should not have given in to his human half. It was bad enough for Dr. McCoy who still badgered him about his 'new' relationship with the doctor. Presently, they were more then friends but less then lovers, all he knew is he wanted more.

Amanda shot her husband a glance. "I believe we would be delighted." Sarek nodded his head ever so mildly. 'Perhaps,' she thought, 'there is nothing to be done but for nature to play itself out.'

Spock looked at his mother most curiously. He remembered the last time they were on this ship and talked of the then Nurse Chapel. He was most unwilling to listen to his mother's advice. Looking back on it she had been right, it had not killed him to give her a chance. "Very well, I will inform Christine. Dinner will be at 2000 hours. She doesn't get off duty until 1900 and needs time to prepare."

Sarek said, "Will that give her enough time to prepare everything?" They could come later if it wasn't. Logically, it would be hard to have a nice dinner ready when she had to change and cook at the same time.

He had posed her the same question, but she assured him it would be. "Yes, Father, she has prepared everything that could be done ahead of time, the rest will be ready when you arrive." He knew she had the soup in a warmer in her quarters. She would not leave anything to a replicator; everything had to be made by hand. "I will let you finish your review." There was a sudden twinkle in his eyes at the memory of his mother so happy, he turned on his heals and walked out.

* * *

Spock walked into sickbay to see Christine working on a crewman's leg. "Dr. Chapel..." he called out walking over to her.

She turned to him and gave him a brief smile, "Mr. Spock, I'll be with you in a moment ... if you could have a seat in the office." She turned back to her patient, her heart pounding, "Okay, Ensign Daniels, you're all done. Next time you want to try the holodeck, please don't go past level 3. Your leg will be a bit sore for a few days and I will talk to your supervisor about getting a day off." She smiled at her patient. Ever since this new experimental holodeck had been added there were 45% more off duty accidents then before. After the ensign left she when into her office to talk to his supervisor, she just didn't intend for the entire conversation to be about the ensign or the holodeck. "Spock, we need to talk about the holodeck and that darn surfing program. Nearly two-thirds of the holodeck accidents are because people try it at levels they are not capable of." She knew the holodeck was a nice addition to the ship but not if it caused harm.

"That is how Ensign Daniels hurt himself?" he asked. He knew he didn't have to but he had to know for his report. "Dr. Chapel, if you could give me a list of all holodeck accidents, I will look into what can be done."

Christine looked at him and then down at the computer. "I'll have it for you tomorrow, it will give me a chance to correlate it."

Spock looked at her. "That will be acceptable, Doctor." He shifted in his chair somewhat. "Is there any other business we need to talk about?" When she shook her head he said, "Good, Christine. They have agreed to the 2000 dinner." His eyes became less of an officer talking ships business and more of a man who saw the woman he enjoyed the company of. When he reached out for her hand he whispered, "This is becoming increasingly difficult..."

She smiled at him, she could feel the feelings he was projecting at her. "I know, it is bad enough Leonard doesn't believe me when I told him the motel we stayed at on Earth, the night of your parents' party, had one king size room left." She giggled at the memory. Neither she nor Spock had thought to make plans for a place to sleep and, once they did, all the hotels were full. Some convention was in town and all the better hotels were booked. So they had to settle for a 'hole on the wall' hotel that had only one room left with a king size bed. Both had decided to sleep in clothing. For Christine it wasn't too hard to be the bashful girl.

When they awoke the next morning they were both fully dressed but Spock's hand was placed in an odd position on her chest ... under her dress. Instead of removing his hand, he used it to pull her closer to him, kissing her. That was all they shared at that time but they both knew their relationship would never again be the same.

Spock raised an eyebrow. "Yes, I know he 'bought the story' that the hotel was booked but not the ... 'nothing happen'." They both knew nothing more then a kiss happened, but it didn't help matters when they did met up with their friends that Christine blushed at the mention of her and Spock sleeping together. He added, "Nothing will happen until we both are ready." They had talked about what their new relationship could lead to and Christine let it be known that she did hope to have physical intimacy, but she wasn't ready for that. She had grown a lot since her days as Nurse Chapel and didn't feel the need to jump right into bed with him. Plus the fact he was a Vulcan and had his ideals to live up to. She smiled at him, and thought 'I hope it won't be to long.' She had all but forgotten he was holding her hand.

"Christine ... the next step can be taken as soon as we are ready." She blushed at the remark. When she went to pull her hand back he squeezed it, causing her to look into his eyes. "Do you not think my thoughts about you have changed?"

With a sigh she smiled, "Changed? Of course, I know they've changed, we spend a great deal of off duty time together now." She looked at the opposite wall suddenly feeling most unsure of her emotions. The past three months had been mind boggling to her. If it weren't for Uhura, Spock would never have asked for her help and she knew it. Uhura had insisted that Christine was the perfect person to plan a romantic party. Spock had said no, but when his father said yes, and there was little choice in the matter after that. The arrangement caused Spock to have to spend a great deal of time with her; it wasn't until about one week before the party that Spock began to see her in a different light.

Spock gave what close friends and family would know as a frown. "Christine, I only meant that at some point I have developed an 'affection' for you, as humans would say." That was as close to his real feelings as he would ever admit. He knew he loved her, but being a Vulcan love was thought of as illogical, and he couldn't bring himself to say it. It was times like this he cursed his dual heritage; one needed nothing more than logic, the other desperately wanted love and acceptance.

She smiled at him. "I know. I guess after all these years it's still hard to believe that you want to spend time with me."

He raised a questioning eyebrow at her. "I have always wanted to spend time with you, it wasn't until lately that I would allow myself to realize that." He had always wanted to spend time with her, well almost always. Ever since his first pon farr when she came to him a second time and awoke him from the dream he had about her. She captivated him, at the time he blamed it on the pon farr, but after it had run it's course she still managed to turn his head. This time it would be fear of rejection that kept him from pursuing her. Thanks to his father's speech about logically giving way to traditions and being swept away by the utter romance of it all, he was able to go to her.

She once again smiled, "I know, but I sometimes feel it's so unreal."

Spock looked at her. "Would your dream do this?" He leaned over the table and gave her a lingering kiss. He could feel her gasp for breath as he caught her unaware, but she did return the kiss.

"Okay, most meetings don't involve kissing." Dr. McCoy had a big grin on his face. This was one reason he found it hard to believe that there was nothing going on between two of his close friends.

Spock looked up at the doctor standing in the doorway. "Christine, perhaps we should get another hotel room in that case." He looked at her, to see her jaw drop ever so slightly. Dr. McCoy, however, had lost his stupid grin. He never joked around in such a manner so neither doctors knew what to say or do.

After an awkward moment of silence Christine spoke, "I'll have that report ready first thing in the morning."

Spock got out of the chair and replied, "The afternoon will be satisfactory, I hope to have other business to attend to in the morning." He gave her a brief smile that Dr. McCoy couldn't see. His night and morning he hoped would be spent with her, but not in a business relationship.

After Spock slipped out the door Christine said, "You really have to work on your timing."

Leonard just gave a hint of an amused smile. "So what report involves kissing?"

Christine blushed. "The report concerning the increase of accidents after they installed the new holodeck."

Dr. McCoy let the kiss go for the moment. "Yes, there has been a rise in off-duty injuries since they opened it."

"Commander Spock wants us to compile a report of all the patients injured in the holodeck," Christine said as she accessed the computer. It wasn't long before she had the data she needed. As she transferred it to a PADD, she grouped them in categories of how the injures happen and the severity of the injury itself.

Dr. McCoy nodded his head, the incidents of off-duty injuries had risen dramatically since Starfleet saw fit to use the Enterprise and two other ships to test run the new plans for a holodeck. "If memory serves, most stem from that surfing program."

"Yes, they do," she said as she saved the last bit of her data. "Well, now that I'm done I'd better finish that inventory report." She knew Nurse Barker could handle it, but it was one thing she always did herself. One last bad habit she had left from all her days as a nurse on the Enterprise. She tucked the PADD in her pocket and began her inventory report once again.

* **

Amanda smiled as she prepared for the dinner her son had planned. "Sarek, our son has something going on. I can feel it."

"My wife, it would be better to let nature run its course. If they are meant to be then, logically, they will be." He too wanted his son to find what he had found in a mate. Spock would just have to discover for himself what life could be like with someone to share it with.

"Sarek, you are such a romantic -- even if you won't admit it." She teased her husband as she softly brushed her fingers across his jaw. When she came to his lips he slightly opened his mouth.

"Amanda, that will not work," he smiled lightly at her. He knew what she was doing; she did it every time she was in one of her playful moods. She continued her movements and added some that she knew his body was sure to react to in the manner she desired. Long ago she had disproved the seven year theory about Vulcans, but she also knew it was her human desires and emotions that led him to release his inhibitions.

"I believe your body finds protesting illogical." She laughed at the change in the way his robe covered him. All he did was raise his eyebrow and give in to her wishes.

* * *

Spock sat at the science station on the bridge studying the report Christine had presented him with. He couldn't help but to smile inwardly at the last part of it, coded 'personal'. It described in detail as to what she would be having for dessert that night. Part of him wanted his dessert at that very moment, whereas the officer and Vulcan in him found the ideas disturbing. Quietly, he composed a note and sent it to her quarters. In it he detailed what he thought she might like for dessert, and where dessert would be served.

Within ten minutes Dr. Chapel appeared in the open turbolift. "Mr. Spock?" She walked over to him when he turned to her. "I received your reply to my report and thought it only fitting to reply in person." She whispered to him, leaning ever so close, "Tell me why I shouldn't demand such fine dessert right now?"

He looked around at the bridge crew, who all were minding their own business; they were accustomed to seeing the two of them close and whispering. He looked at the Captain and thought about the choices to be made, "Captain, Dr. Chapel and I will be working on the matter we talked about on the holodeck. I believe together we can fine tune it to avoid further problems."

"Very well, Spock," Kirk said with a slight smile. Spock's eyes had given more away then what he had said, but who was he to judge how anyone made 'adjustments' on the holodeck. "May I ask how long you think the changes will take?"

Spock looked at the smile on his friend's face. "I am not sure Captain, I believe I should return within the next few hours. I will install the new programs we designed as well. Testing those will take up the most of my time. Dr. Chapel, please meet me there in ten minutes. I have to retrieve the codes from my quarters."

He entered the turbolift, after it closed behind him and the doctor he asked, "You are so impatient that you can't even wait until after dinner?" He was teasing her at this point, for he could no longer stand to wait either.

Her smile radiated the small area they were in. "I don't see you sitting on the bridge."

His eyebrow rose in response. "It seems I am not quite the logical Vulcan I protest to be."

"Nobody's perfect," she said as she leaned into to him to steal a kiss. She was beginning to like this new rule; as long as no one was around he would give in to her.

* * *

"I don't think I will ever get enough of you, Sarek," Amanda said as she laid her head on his shoulder.

He raised his eyebrow at her. "Amanda, you are most incorrigible." After fifty years his wife's desires had not once lessened. A human friend had once told him Earth women became 'cold in the sheets' after so many years. This had never been a problem for his wife and he had to admit ever since her release from stasis, she was even more active then she had been. It suited him quite well, however. He was fortunate that the increased relations helped to lessen the sexual madness of pon farr.

Amanda fiddled with the ring on her finger. "How did you ever find someone to make this ring?" It was the very same ring she had been looking at right before they got married half a century ago.

"It is the same ring you had admired before we married. I purchased it for you and wanted to save it for something very special." The day he gave it to her was as special as it could ever get.

She smiled at her husband and wove her fingers through his. Her mind projected images of Sarek presenting her with the wedding band.

* * *

Wrapping was neatly placed to one side of Sarek and gifts to the other side of Amanda. Their son had presented them with a beautiful crystal goblet engraved with a golden IDIC and the words 'Sarek and Amanda' above it, as well as 'September 9th, 2229' below it. Spock's crewmates collectively arranged for a three night stay at one of Earth's finer hotels 'Chateau de Versailles' -- once the home of French royalty, now a lavish hotel. Her bother Christopher had given them a lovely set of matching Vulcan robes, each white with fine gold Old Vulcan lettering that could be translated to read 'soul mates'. Other gifts from friends and family were just as fitting for the couple. Sarek had yet to give his wife the gift he had for her, and he could not find a more fitting time to do so. "Come, let us dance, Amanda." He took her hand and led her to the dance floor, holding his other hand over a tiny box in his pocket. Gracefully he glided her around the dance floor, allowing her to rest her head on his shoulder. With a nod to the orchestra, they changed to the very song that played at their wedding reception. Amanda looked into his eyes and was taken aback when he spun her out giving him time to remove the ring from the box. As he brought her back in to him, he held her ring finger, placing the dainty band of gold on it.

With wide eyes she smiled, she remembered this ring. She had seen it in a store window right after Sarek had proposed marriage. "Sarek, it's lovely."

"If you were to remove it ... which I don't desire you do ... it would say 'I love you forever'." He gave the briefest smile and told her through the bond he meant the words. It was a phrase he could never, as a Vulcan, speak aloud; but he could convey them with a symbol of their marriage.

Amanda's eyes filled with tears of joy. "Oh, Sarek, this is the most romantic thing you have ever done." They had often shared anniversaries of their Terran wedding, but never with friends and family. Sarek had always said it was a private, special day for them alone. She laid her head on his shoulder as the love they shared followed through the bond.

* * *

Sarek placed his hand over his wife's. "The day of our wedding was special to us both. However, over the years our relationship has grown and I wanted you to know. I am most grateful you chose this Vulcan to be your mate."

Amanda smiled at him. "Yes, you were a most logical choice for me." She looked at the chronometer. "Oh, good grief, it's getting late. I still have to shower, change and fix myself up."

Sarek raised his eyebrows at his wife; even after all these years she still felt the human need to be glamorous. To him she looked just as beautiful now as she did then. "Amanda, you look most pleasing already. However, I assure you, you have quite enough time to get ready."

She smiled as she lifted herself off her husband's shoulder to head to the shower. "Sarek, there are just a few occasions I want to be perfect." She ducked into the bathroom before he could reply.

* * *

"Okay, Christine, restart the program and activate level 6," Spock said as he finished modifying the controls. Christine did as he asked and was rewarded with a 'You may only enter the program from no greater than level 3.' Spock raised an eyebrow, this is what they wanted to see. "We have some crewmembers that may try to circumvent this change. Observe what I have done to prevent it." He played around with the control some more. "Now try it, Christine." She did and was told by the computer, 'You have tried to tamper with the holodeck safety parameters. Your actions have been reported to the Admiral. This is your only warning. Any further tampering will result in permanent suspension of privileges.'

Christine smiled, "Someone might find away around it."

"Dr. Chapel, I assure you they will not. At this very moment a report was generated to Admiral Kirk ... stating that you have violated the holodeck rules." He allowed his eyes to smile at her.

Christine looked at him, unnerved. "And just why would I be reported?"

"Christine, we accessed your profile for a reason," Spock explained. "Under your profile we can test the various functions. I want a full read out of everything. Now I need for you to exit the program and observe." When she closed out of the profile, he entered in a profile.

"Why did you have me exit, if you wanted to use my profile?" She was sure she didn't understand what he was up to.

"Watch," he told her. He attempted to enter into the surfing program only to be stopped by, "Your actions have been reported to Admiral Kirk for disciplinary action by Commander Spock. Access to the holodeck will be denied until further notice." Spock nodded his head; this is just what he wanted. "I have set the holodeck to not only read the profiles, but also a retinal scan. My retinal pattern does not match yours so it locked me out and reported my actions. Now please reenter your profile."

Christine looked at him, puzzled. "Does that mean that you can not use the holodeck?" She reentered her profile. "What program?"

"That is correct, try 235-A." This was one of the programs he installed at the beginning of their reprogramming.

Christine entered in the code he requested. "What is it?"

"It does not yet have a name. I hoped you would name it," Spock explained as the holodeck doors opened. "After you, Doctor." She walked through as he followed her.

Once the doors closed behind them the walls disappeared to reveal a dazzling waterfall cascading down a sheer cliff, into a pool of crystal clear water. On either side of the small pond lay marble benches. A pebbled trail ran off to the left of the pond into a dense forest of flowers. The grass beneath their feet was soft and velvety. "Oh, Spock, this is beautiful. When did you ever see this place?"

He raised an eyebrow at her. "It was a part of the dream you had that night we shared a room." He had remembered sensing the dream in great detail. If it weren't for the physical contact between them he would not have known about it.

"My dream?" She looked at him, confused a moment. "Oh, yes, I made love to you right over there." She pointed to the flowers. Her face was flushed, and she felt a surge of desire rush over her.

"Yes, you did and it was rather involved. I find it highly fascinating you believe that is what I am capable of." Even now he had to suppress a smile at the thought of her highly stimulating dream. "There will be a time soon that your dream will come true. Right now I would like to sit with you and talk." He led her over to the bench and sat down on the ground at her feet.

"Christine, my feelings for you over the years have gone from admiration of your professionalism to appreciation of your beauty. You know as of late I have reacted most differently towards you. You may term it as 'love' but it goes much more beyond that simple emotion. You are my heart and my soul. I asked you to share your life with me and you accepted. I hope that here and now we can bond together."

She looked at him apprehensively. "What about your father?"

"I have not asked my father to marry me; nor has he, to my knowledge, asked you to replace my mother." He was teasing her, but at the same time serious. "I thought nothing of shutting down communications with my father for twenty years because I didn't desire to follow his rules. I will not hesitate to do so again." Christine had become his choice for a mate and nothing would detour that. "Remember this, it has been 6.75 years since my last pon farr. In the event that I am a Vulcan with a normal cycle I can expect that within the next three months it will occur again. I can not presume to think you would be willing to undergo the harshness of this time ... I can only hope you would be willing."

She reached out to his face, caressing his jaw. "Why, Mr. Spock, I have wished for years to be mated to you ... if pon farr is a part of it then I still willingly accept. I love you, Spock, all of you. I would always give myself to your needs, your Vulcan needs and your human needs." She laughed at him. "Don't look at me like that. I know darn well you have human needs like other human males." She flashed the memory of him touching her and her waking up to a firm hard object in her back.

He let off an ever so slight chuckle. "Yes, it was rather obvious your dream touched my human half." He got off his knees and sat with her on the bench. "If you are ready, my human half is in need of consummating our relationship, but we must bond first. I will not take you without you belonging to me and me belonging to you." It was true the thoughts they had projected at each other stirred his human half into a sexual frenzy. It was also true his Vulcan half would not allow for him to act upon them until they were bonded and belonged to one another. With her nod of approval he placed his fingers on the connecting points on her face. "It will not hurt, I promise." She smiled at him as he began the chant which would join their minds forever, "Touching and always touched ... parted from me, yet never parted. I receive thee in me, now and forever. I shall cherish thee all the days of my life. Thou will be the keeper of my heart, my soul, the mother of my children and maker of my home."

He mentally guided her as to what to say and she repeated the words adding some of her own. "Touching and always touched, parted from me, yet never parted. I receive you in me now, and forever. I shall love you all the days of my life. You will be the key for my heart, my soul, the father of my children and..." She paused a moment. "I will not say that, but I will say this ... the protector of my home." She smiled at him, as he nodded his approval at the changes she had made. She was human and he would not demand that she say 'master of my home.' They had together decided to live with very few of the Vulcan rules. He only asked that any children be raised to choose the path they would walk in life. He showed her parts of himself he never shared with anyone; took her to worlds she never could have imagined. Slowly he withdrew from her mind. When it was over she looked up at him, her face full of love and her cheeks wet with tears. She quickly realized they had been there quite some time. "Computer, time?"

The computer confirmed, '1838 hours.'

Christine looked up, horrified. "We been here three hours and I have only twenty two minutes of my shift left! Leonard is going to kill me!"

Spock smiled at her. "Yes, but 2.5 hours we spent working ... the other .5 could be considered a lunch break. However, you are correct; we have much to do before meeting my parents tonight. You will have to finish your report now that we are done, and I am overdue on the bridge."

"Computer, end program." Christine addressed her new bondmate, "Okay, handsome, time to get back to work." She leaned into him to steal a kiss. It wasn't hard for him to return it with the same warmth as she projected.

* * *

Spock was grateful he only had a few minutes of work left. He would report the changes to the Captain and then return to his quarters to prepare for dinner. He had watched his new bondmate as long as he could, wanting only for this day to end so they could consummate this new state. He never considered he would long to be physically intimate with anyone, much less Christine Chapel. If anyone told him he would want to marry her even four months ago he would have replied in total disbelief. Now he walked on air, she could do no wrong in his eyes. In the privacy of the turbolift he allowed a bright smile to grace his face, he was in love. The doors to the turbolift opened before he could vanquish his smile entirely. Instead he could only hope it had not been seen by the bridge crew. "Captain, I have finished the modifications. You will find the report on your computer waiting for you. You will also find two misusage reports filed from when we tested the program."

The Captain watched his friend as he walked the distance beside the command chair. "Let's hope your changes work. The high incidence of accidents have to stop. After I review your report, along with Dr. Chapel's, I will send out a mailer to the crew about the new changes." He had seen the smile on his First Officer's face when he walked in. He had just finished reviewing a reading for Commander Uhura and was turned to speak to her about it. "Spock, if memory serves you have a dinner with your parents tonight. It's already 1850, so take off a few minutes early."

Spock looked at his Captain and friend. "Sir, that is not necessary."

"What do you think you can do in the next ten minutes that can't wait for the beta shift? Things are quiet and I will be leaving as well. Go have fun with your family." Jim looked at him with a smile and pointed to the turbolift. "Now get off my bridge, Mister."

He had been told to leave and enjoy himself. With a slightly raised eyebrow Spock replied, "Aye, sir," then without another word he walked back to the turbolift. Hopefully both he and Christine would 'enjoy' their night. He was sure he would enjoy his time after the dinner.

* * *

How could she of get so wrapped up in Spock? Her head swirled from the emotions that ran through her mind. Four months ago she was on the verge of finally, after seven years, giving up hope she would ever have Spock's love. Now it was quite obvious she held the key to his heart. Even his Vulcan half seemed to find logic in pursuing her, the human half of him loved her and needed her. Gathering her thoughts she dressed in the gown Spock had purchased for her. Her mind went back to the day he presented it to her.

* * *

Spock strolled into the one part of the ship he knew Christine almost always could be found when not on duty. He let a small smile escape his lips as he spotted her among the roses. After he carefully hid the package he brought behind his back he set out towards her. "Dr. Chapel?"

Christine jumped when she heard her name called. The voice was instantly recognized and she smiled as she turned to it. "Spock, what are you doing here?"

"I desire to speak with you," he said with just a hint of a smile. He sat down on the ground beside her letting the package rest on the ground behind him. Once he was sure the package was safely hidden he took her left hand, which had been covered in dirt from the roses.

Christine went to pull her hand away, which only caused Spock to take it firmer. "Spock, my hands are dirty."

He lifted an eyebrow, "If I was concerned with the dirt I would not have reached for your hand." He took his other hand and placed it under her jaw pulling her to him. When her eyes were within three centimeters from his he spoke again. "I have a question to ask you."

She had a wave of confusion mixed with excitement wash over her. Her blue eyes sparkled, "Go on." Her heart pounded so hard she thought it would explode. Whatever could he want? They had gotten to be quite good friends, and she was happy with that.

"Christine, have you ever considered getting married since Dr. Korby's death?" He watched her intently.

She felt a rush of pain as she thought about her dear, sweet Roger. "Yes, I have. I hope one day to be a wife and a mother. I know Roger would never want me to remain single all my life because of him."

Spock nodded. "Then do you think you would be happy to be married to..."

Her eyes widened she couldn't believe her ears. Surely he was not trying to ask her to marry him. "When I marry I have to know for sure I am loved."

"You would know you are loved ever moment of your life Christine," he told her.

She stammered to find her words. "Are you ... are you asking me to ... marry you?" She had dreamed of him asking her for so long.

"I would be ... if you would let me ask you," his face shone with a bright smile. "Christine Elizabeth Chapel, will you be my wife by of both our worlds' traditions?"

She had never been more thankful she was sitting on the ground, in a standing position her knees would have buckled, and she'd have fallen to the ground anyway. She touched his face; how could she say no to the man she loved. "Spock, I would be most honored to be your wife."

He pulled her face to his and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. He had never imagined he would feel this way about anyone. The human part of him wanted nothing more that to prove his love in a very physical manner, but he wanted their first time to be full of memories. When he leaned back from the kiss he felt the package he brought against his backside. With a quick yet graceful move he presented the box to her.

She smiled as she looked at the shimmering gold wrapping on the package. "What is it?"

"It is a present for my fiancee," he replied as he opened the box for her. As he pulled back the thin paper that covered the dress, its pearl luster glistened in the lighting. The faintest gold trim could be seen the way it was folded. "The day we bond, I ask that you wear it."

She dared not touch the dress itself with her dirty hands. "Oh, Spock, it's breathtaking."

* * *

Christine had not taken the dress out of its box until after their bonding, only moments earlier. Worried that the dress would be wrinkled after sitting in a box for the last two weeks, she had been amazed by the way its shape flattened out. Suddenly she realized this was a Vulcan T'Surm dress. The designer used a Vulcan plant much like silk that didn't wrinkle or discolor. However unlike silk, this plant had a pearlish luster to it, giving it a sheen that would change color depending on how light hit it. When she slipped it over her head she was pleased by how well in contoured to her body. The fabric itself was thick enough not to be see-thru, but it did fit her curves in away what was meant to attract one's mate.

With the dress on, she slipped on a pair of white silken shoes. Heals were no more then a few centimeters. She wanted her appearance to be pleasing with out being smutty. Her hair and face were a simple fix. Once upon a time light colors looked good on her, but now that she let her hair turn to its natural brown she tended to lean towards the more neutral browns and gold colors. Her lips she painted with a pearl gloss and used the same coloring on her nails. She allowed her hair to drop past her shoulders and then wove it in a French braid. Weaving it first from the bottom then up, leaving just enough on the sides to weave it back down towards the bottom finishing it off with a pin tucked neatly under. When she was doing last minute checks on her appearance her chime rang, "Come."

The door opened to reveal Spock. With a raised eyebrow he moved into the room, "I knew this would look pleasing on you, but I was not expecting you to look so alluring." He crossed the room to stand beside her then went to kiss her only to have her pull away. Both eyebrows rose in an astonished reaction.

"Oh, now stop that. I just don't want to ruin my face." She explained with a smile, "Besides I am not sure you would stop with a kiss this time and your parents will be expecting us." She walked towards the door to have him stop her.

"Wait, Christine. I have another gift for you." He took her left hand and held her ring finger. After reaching into his pocket he pulled out a dainty princess cut engagement ring with a two carat diamond. "The bond we share is a promise on my world; this ring is a promise on yours." She was shocked speechless so instead she reached out to kiss him, but this time he was the one to pull back. "It is no more logical to ruin your face now than it was a moment ago. There will be time for both of us to show proper affection this evening." He conveyed his longing for her over the bond. Her heart was filled with such joy she felt tears well in her eyes. Spock caught the tears in the corner of her eyes before they could run down her cheek. "That will not do either. If you are ready, it is 'time to face the music' as you are so fond of saying."

She smiled at him, and looked at the ring on her finger. There was no doubt in her mind that he wanted their part of the universe to know they had made a promise to one another. "I'm ready." She was ready as she would ever be, but she was nervous as hell, and she hoped it didn't show too much. Together they left the room and walked to gather the food tray which had been prepared in advance. Christine was sure to prepare only foods that would not spoil or harden. A pleasant mixture of Terran and Vulcan dishes, blended to set an Italian style dinner. Christine stored the food in the ship's galley, which was on the same deck as holodeck A. As they walked through the corridor a bunch of whistles and catcalls could be heard. Spock was fine up to the point when a crewman from Engineering made a lewd comment to Christine. "Wow, baby, when your ready for a real man..."

Spock's glare at the crewman looked as though he would have killed if he had the time or opportunity to. Christine merely laughed. "If I decide I want a real man, I will let the Captain know where he can find you for me, okay?"

The crewmember just sulked away. Spock glanced at her. "That was rather disturbing to me. I did not care to have him speak in such a manner to you."

She smiled at him, "Spock, you are all the man I ever want in my life. Now let's not let an obnoxious man ruin our night. Tonight I know you will be able to more then prove yourself a real man." She touched him in a suggestive manner promising for a most stimulating evening.

The simple touch of her mind calmed his rage. "As you wish, Christine."

* * *

They managed to finish everything with five minutes to spare. The holodeck had been turned into a Venetian restaurant that had outdoor seats on a canal. Candles were lit to create the right atmosphere. Soft music played somewhere in the background. It was just what Christine was hoping for. Spock had told her how his mother loved Venice when she visited. Tonight had to be special, especially since she and Spock were bonded.

The door opened to reveal Sarek and Amanda. They walked into the holodeck to be transported to 18th century Venice, Italy. "This is breathtaking, Dr. Chapel," Amanda's smile was quite lovely. She had noticed the setting and her female hostess. The doctor had never appeared happier.

"Thank you, and please call me Christine," she said as she and Spock approached his parent's.

It didn't escape Sarek's notice that Spock had his hand on the doctor's back. He would not comment. If his wife was correct and 'something was going on', it was not his place to judge his son's life. He had decided he would never again interfere in his son's choices. The eighteen years of silence had not been worth it. "Indeed, Christine, I believe you have out done yourself."

Christine blushed at Sarek's approval of her work. Hopefully he would find the food just as pleasing. "Thank you, Ambassador."

"Sarek will be satisfactory," he corrected her.

"And please call me Amanda," Amanda told her as she watched her son and Christine. This time they looked so natural together, unlike some of the other times when her son almost looked like it was duty that caused him to touch her.

"Mother, Father, shall we eat?" Spock took his free hand and directed his parents to the table that had been set for four. "I have something I need to tell you." They each sat down, but before Spock sat he pushed in Christine's chair.

"Spock, what is it that you must tell us that you feel you need to create a proper atmosphere?" Sarek asked as he continued to watch his son. He didn't need Spock's answer. When Christine place her folded hands on the table, he saw the ring. The fact that his son no longer treated Christine like she didn't exist told him Spock had given her the ring.

The same gesture of Christine's hand caught Amanda's eyes as well. "What a lovely ring." She looked from Christine to her son. Spock seemed to have a pride in his eyes.

"Thank you, Amanda," Christine said with a smile. "Spock surprised me with it just before we got here."

Sarek raised his eyebrow at his son. "You have made a logical choice, my son."

"Logic had nothing to do with my bonding to Christine, Father," Spock replied. His decision to bond with her came from the erotic dream she had three months ago. They seemed to fit so well together.

Christine blushed at the vision that ran through the bond she shared with Spock, "Okay, gentleman, I think it would be best it we eat before it gets to cold." She smiled at Spock, who nodded in agreement.

"Yes, this food looks wonderful and it would be shameful if it went to waste," Amanda said as she took some of the salad. "You know, Christine, I haven't had lasagna in years." She carefully put a slice on her plate. Everything looked and smelled wonderful she didn't want it to be ruined. Each one, in turn, selected items for their own plate. Dinner progressed with very little conversation. Amanda, however, remained curious as to what brought her son and Christine together. After they were all finished eating Amanda engaged Christine in conversation. "Have you seen the holopics of the party yet, Christine?"

She looked up from the last bite of Italian cream cake. "No. Dr. McCoy didn't share them with anyone."

Amanda smiled then inched her chair closer to Christine so she could start the show from the beginning. Each laughing at the memories held within the viewer. Amanda came to a new holopic of one she hadn't seen yet. It was Sarek and herself standing by a beautifully decorated cake. The cake itself was a white cake, it had a man and a woman standing on top a set of steps that arched to both sides of the couple. The man was given Vulcan features and the woman light brown hair and blue eyes. The couple showed signs of age, yet had been handled with great care. Sarek had his hand over top Amanda's as they made a slice into the cake. "Oh, Sarek, that was so sweet."

Sarek walked over to stand behind his wife. "Yes it was rather..." He raised an eyebrow, "fitting."

Christine couldn't help but to let out a laugh. Sarek had taught her that day that Vulcans are not the cold emotionless beings the rest of the universe thought them to be. "I never thought I would see a Vulcan react to a cake the way you did Amb...Sarek."

Spock raised his eyebrow at her comment to his father, but even he thought the actions strange for a Vulcan. More so, he thought the action strange for his father.

Sarek looked at his son and then to Christine. "True, most Vulcans would not, however, when one it bonded to a human it is sometimes more logical to behave closer to that of a human." He looked to his wife with just the hint of a smile as together they relived the memory.

* * *

"Amanda, would you like a piece of cake?" Sarek asked his wife, as they walked over to the table the triple layered cake sat on.

"Oh, Sarek, it is too lovely to eat," Amanda told her husband. It was indeed a beautiful cake. The bride and groom had been their own from their first wedding cake. The bottom layer was interlaced with white and red confetti roses. It was trimmed in gold with gold lettering 'Sarek and Amanda September 9th, 2229' circumventing a miniature working fountain. The second layer was filled with roses and the same gold trim. A set of steps that led up to the third tier resting on two edges. The third and final layer had a bride and groom atop a pedestal. The steps that led to the second layer were placed on both sides of the bride and groom.

"Logic dictates that a cake is meant for consumption. However, it is quite pleasing to view, but I am sure Dr. McCoy will capture the moment," Sarek said as he picked up a knife, preparing to cut the cake.

"No, Ambassador, not like that. You must both cut it," Dr. McCoy told him. When the Ambassador looked at him with an upswept eyebrow he explained. "It's part of the tradition ... right along with feeding each other the first slice of cake."

"Yes, Doctor, I am aware of that." He had not intended to partake in that aspect of the tradition, but now that it had been clear to all in the room he could not deprive his wife of this tradition. After he handed the knife to his wife he rested his hand on top hers and together they sliced into the bottom layer. Once it was cut Sarek removed his hand from the knife. He broke off half the slice they had cut and set out to feed it to his wife. Tradition dictated this was a messy task, but he went along with the tradition. When he lifted the cake to her lips he allowed for her to take a small bite, then he noticed her eyes widen at his thought of what he intended to do. When she opened her mouth wider to protest, he pressed his hand gently against her face. Icing and cake squished between her mouth and his fingers. Once satisfied he had lived up to his end of the tradition he lowered his hand.

"Oh, so my logical Vulcan husband wants to follow Terran traditions. Well, I know another one." Amanda took her half of the slice and let her index fingers from both hands run through the frosting. Once she felt her fingers were thoroughly covered in the icing she pressed them against his lips. He took her finger into his mouth. "Good, isn't it Sarek?" At his nod she picked up the remainder of the slice. Before he could react she fed his nose and mouth the cake. With a big grin she said, "Oh my, my aim is off."

Sarek raised his eyebrow. "Your aim is no more off now as it was fifty years ago, Amanda." At their first wedding reception she had done the very same thing to him. That was his logical reasoning for returning the favor tonight. He had been logical and neat about feeding her the cake at that time only to have her rub it in his face. "Tradition also, if I recall, dictates we must now 'eat our cake'" He leaned into his wife and kissed her taking in some of the cake from her face. "The flavor has improved in the past fifty years." He knew his son had been watching him most puzzled. "Spock, you will learn, when one marries a being full of emotions, such as your mother, it is logical at times to indulge those emotions."

* * *

Spock looked at his father. "I am beginning to see the logic of indulging an emotion mate when time dictates to do so." He glanced at Christine, who fought a yawn. "Are you tired?"

"Yes, it has been a rather long day," Christine said.

"Perhaps it is time to take our leave so that Christine may rest," Sarek said as he felt the fatigue his own wife was beginning to feel. He got up and reached his fingers out in the proper Vulcan fashion.

Amanda stood and joined her husband. "Yes, it is late and we leave tomorrow. Good night Spock, Christine."

Spock only nodded to his mother, but Christine said, "Good night, I am happy you were able to come."

* * *

After Sarek and Amanda left Spock and Christine quickly cleaned up the mess and return the used dishes to the galley. It was now 2300 hours and Spock looked at Christine as they cleaned the last dish. "I was looking forward to my 'dessert', but since you are so tired..."

Christine pressed her body to his. " I am sure you would find away to keep me awake long enough for some 'dessert'."

* * *

Dinner had been quit pleasing, but now Spock was more then ready to enjoy the rest of their festivities. Slowly, he removed the dress off the body of his bond mate. As his hands slid the dress off her shoulders his lips, teeth and tongue joined its journey downward. Playfully he nipped at her skin and then kissed the places he nipped. With eyes that smiled he told her, "You indeed prove to be a most tasty dessert." With determination to prove he was indeed a 'real man' he continued his journey down her body only to stop at her breast. With his hands he teased each nipple until it became fully hardened from his stimulation. Once he was satisfied with their reactions, he took as much of the nipple as he could into his mouth both sucking and moving the nipple around in his mouth at the same time.

All of this caused Christine to let out a gasp of pleasure, her body bucking to her waves of passion. "Spock," she called as she grabbed two handfuls of hair.

Spock looked up from his task as the tug of his hair sent waves of desire through his body. With a quick movement he captured her lips under his own. He darted his tongue against her teeth, until she allowed him access to the depths of her mouth. Together they kissed as his hands finished moving the dress over her hips. Once she had wiggled out of it her underwear was the next task he focused on. They came down with ease then after they were off he broke the kiss. His attention was turned back to her body; he laid feather light kisses down her face, down her neck continuing down to the top of her womanly hair line.

"Oh God, Spock!" she cried as she felt his hot tongue stream across her skin. He was swarming her emotions into a frenzy that ached to be released.

Gently he parted her thighs with his hands, holding them down. He moved his mouth over the entrance to her womanhood. With a swift movement he darted his tongue at her, flicking it across the folds of her skin. Her scent caused his groin to twitch in anticipation. The logical Vulcan half of him told him this was as far as they could go, the human part told him he needed to be within her.

Christine seemed to sense his dilemma, pulling him so that he looked her in the eyes, she told him. "It's safe right now. I am between my fertile times. Besides I have to have you in me. I want to feel your release deep within me." She tugged at his pants, wanting to free the member of his body she most wanted to taste.

Understanding her intent he helped her with his pants until he was free. Before he entered her he moved his body to where she could inspect him closely. His eyes smiled as his member danced for her mere centimeters from her face. Lifting her head she licked him which sent a shiver down his spine.

She was amazed at the size of him, it wasn't the first time she saw him nude but it was the first time she saw him so erect. With a swift movement of her hand she pulled him down to her and took him in her mouth letting her tongue flicker across his skin.

This was a sensation he had never felt before. He used all his controls not to release himself this way. When he could no longer handle it he pulled away from her. Sliding down to her opening he eased himself into the opening of her womanhood. Resting just on the tip he gave a hard thrust to bury his length inside of her. The size of his member entering into a part of her body untouched for more years than she cared to admit caused her to let a light scream of pain escape her lips. Spock looked into her eyes concerned with the sound she made. He wanted her to feel pleasure not pain. Just when he was preparing to lift himself off her, she locked her legs around him holding him firmly in place. "Christine, I caused you pain."

She smiled at him. "Pain and pleasure can be very intermixed for a human ... besides I have not been with anyone since Roger." She wanted him to stay in her. She knew it wouldn't be long before her body would forget the pain and feel only the pleasure. With a few contractions of her vaginal muscles she willed him to restart. It didn't take much for him to begin pumping his body into her. It wasn't long after that she felt the mindless flood of her own release. She dug her fingers into his back as a massive wave crashed over her.

That was all it took for him to give one final thrust, burying his juices deep with in her. He allowed his body to collapse on top of hers, careful to keep the lot of his weight off her. With a determination his lips once again met with hers. Upon breaking the kiss he told her, "I love you, Christine."

She smiled at him, "I love you too, Spock."

Together they lay in one another's arms, making love at different points of the long night. In between their love they found the rest they needed.

* * *

Spock and Christine were awakened by the beep of Christine's comm unit. "Damn," she called out as she got out of the bed. "Chapel here."

"Christine, have you by chance seen Commander Spock?" The Captain's voice came through load and clear.

She looked at Spock and his naked frame, "Oh ya, I've seen him." She smiled at him.

Spock got out of the bed stepping forward. "Captain?"

"Good afternoon, just wanted to let you know we are in orbit around Vulcan and your parents are going home." The captain didn't sound a bit surprised to find him in the doctor's cabin.

"Understood, I will be there momentarily," Spock replied. "I believe it is time to face the music with our friends as well." He walked over to her bathroom taking his fresh uniform with him. He glanced back at her. "Are you planning to shower?" He looked at her suggestively.

"Yes, but we don't have all day so go ahead. I'll clean this mess up," she said with a smile.

* * *

Five Months Later

Christine rose from the bed despite the fact that Spock still lay sleeping. They had just spent a passion filled night so she allowed him his rest. Tomorrow the honeymoon would be over and both Spock and Christine would have to decide if they were going to take the new assignments Starfleet had for them. She was in line to be the next Emergency Operations Officer and her beloved husband had been newly promoted to Captain. Christine smiled as she watched Spock breathe. She had been his wife for 2 months and still had a hard time believing this was not merely a wonderful dream.

She sighed as she combed out her light brunette hair. Once again the butterflies stirred in her stomach as she prepared for her day. They had been there ever since Starfleet told Spock that they would not be allowed to serve on the same ship as husband and wife. That had been over a week ago yet the butterflies were still there everyday, at different points of the day. It wasn't until this morning as she dressed that she was aware things were not right. First her pants she had not worn in a few weeks were too tight, where as the last time she wore them they were lose on her. Secondly she was becoming aware that parts of her body were more sensitive to touch then they had been before. But most of all it was the idea that even though they had been on Earth for almost two months she had not yet had her monthly caller. It was not unknown for space to affect a woman's cycle but generally most women began again normally once on Earth for one month. Inwardly she smiled, all her symptoms lead to at least half a dozen diseases, but she was sure that her particular disease would subside in roughly seven months.

Before she could let her joy flow throughout her bond to her husband she had to know for sure. With her med kit she took a sampling of blood and ran it through the Tricorder. Moments later she got the joyous news she would indeed have seven months of weight gain, odd cravings, backaches and all the other fun events of impending motherhood. The Tricorder gave every detail of what she needed to know, and a few that she wished she didn't. She would have a predominantly human baby, who just so happened to share her blue eyes and dusty brown hair but had her father's ears. Christine projected images to Spock of what she believed the infant would look like based on the read out on the Tricorder. She watched as he smiled in his sleep; he was not an easy man to make smile, so she knew that she reached him.

Suddenly, Spock rose to see his wife sitting on the edge of the bed smiling at him. "Christine, I had the most startling dream." He gazed into the depths of her blue eyes willing them to reveal their secrets.

"You did? I thought Vulcan's didn't dream." She couldn't help but to grin at the idea she had caused her Vulcan husband to dream.

"It appears that your particular Vulcan does," he said as he moved slowly closer to his wife, "my dream was rather fascinating ... Mommy." He took hold of her hand. "Tell me, is my dream based on reality?" She didn't have to verbally answer him, he knew just but the gleam in her eyes and the joy that traveled across their bond. Taking her to him he placed his lips against hers as a fiery kiss enveloped them both in a shared passion. Upon breaking the kiss he held her tight as his hand ran down the front of her stomach. "You hold our child within you. I will endeavor to keep you both safe from harm." His wife was with child, his child. Now life had finally begun to fill in the pieces that were missing months ago when they began their affair.

Christine felt a rush of nausea begin in the pit of her stomach and she knew if she spoke it would surely come up. She rushed off the bed and into the master bathroom, made a quick prayer to the gods of the toilet and deposited what was left of dinner. She felt her hair being pulled back and held as she continued to lose her dinner. "Thank you," she said as she looked up at her husband standing over her with a look of concern. With a smile on her face she pushed herself off the floor as he helped her rise. "It is all part of the human experience of pregnancy. In another month or so it will be over."

Spock guided her back to the edge of the bed. "You should rest a moment." He knew too well the fragile state of pregnancy on a human woman. He vividly recalled his mother's second pregnancy or at least the way it ended.

* * *

Young Spock stood at the foot of his parent's bed as he watched his mother's pain-stricken face. Helpless, the boy just watched his mother as she screamed in pain when the hard contractions hit. "It's too early," was all she would say over and over. She had only been 5 months pregnant when labor had started. Spock looked fearfully at his father who simply brushed his mothers hair. He would not talk to her but Spock knew he must be reassuring her with his mind.

The seven-year-old boy couldn't understand that Sarek was full of pain at the thought his daughter would not live. The same genetic engineering that gave Spock his life was taking that of his baby sister's. Spock only felt he was to blame for his mother's pain and grief. If he had not scared her so by taking off into the Llangon Mountains, then she would not have followed him. He knew she had been ordered to stay in bed by the healer Serek. Although by Vulcan standards he was a man, since he had passed his kans-wan, he knew his human mother still worried about him. Instead of staying in bed, she had gone out in the heat of the Vulcan day in search of him. If he hadn't returned the way he had, and when he did, his mother surely would have died. Spock closed his eyes to fight the tears that threatened to fall. "Mother, I'm sorry," was all he could say.

Sarek looked away from his wife towards his son that stood at the foot of the bed. It was not Vulcan nor was it fatherly to feel bitterness towards a child. Yet, at the moment he was fighting hard to remain calm with Spock. It was not Spock's fault his mother was in pain. He knew that, but it didn't take away the thought that if Spock hadn't done one of his famous disappearing acts his wife and unborn child would be okay. "Spock, your mother knows you meant no harm. I believe you have learned from your actions that it is not always wise to run off when the moment strikes you."

Spock met the eyes of his father, momentarily seeing contempt that he had never seen before. "T'Amie will die and I am the reason." He could not stand the sight of his mother in such pain, or the unspoken knowledge his father blamed him. With a single cry of desperation he fled to the privacy of his own room.

He wanted to be alone with his guilt and pain. As a Vulcan he should not give way to these emotions, but as a boy it was a skill he had not yet fully mastered.

Alone in his room he buried his head under the pillows to drown out his mother's agonizing cries. For a full three hours he lay like this, until his father came in and had to grab hi shoulder to gain his attention. "Your mother calls for you. Have you not heard her?" Sarek's voice was controlled as he spoke to his son, he would not allow the grief he felt at the loss of his daughter to show on his face.

Spock looked up at his father, "I ... I did not think she wished to be in my presence."

Sarek raised an eyebrow at his son. "You are her son. Why would she not want to see you? Your mother will need you right now." Sarek knew Amanda didn't blame Spock for the premature death of T'Amie and had been outraged that Sarek's mind held even a momentary contempt for their son. "Now come, your mother has been calling for you."

Spock knew better than to keep his mother waiting, his father never permitted him to treat her with anything less than the utmost respect. Getting off the bed in a fashion most becoming a Vulcan, he straightened himself and walked back to his parents' room to stand inside the doorway in silence.

"Spock, come here," his mother's loving but weak voice pleaded. Wide-eyed Spock approached his mother's side. Amanda reached out to him and pulled him to her. Stroking his hair she told him, "Do not blame yourself, Spock. Nature has its own way of deciding what is meant to be and what is not meant to be." Even through her own pain she would not allow a seven-year-old to take the blame for an act of nature. She had been having contractions for 2 hours before Spock disappeared and knew the baby that grew inside her was dying. It was her fear of losing both her children that caused her to go out looking for her son in the first place, instead of seeking medical help. Spock allowed himself to melt in his mother's arms and cry. He vowed that was the last time he would ever go off without permission again.

* * *

Thirty-five years later he still felt the guilt for his sister's death. Watching his wife, he vowed he would never allow her to tax herself the way his mother always had when she was pregnant with his sister. As he watched his wife he felt her mind consoling him for an event none of his friends ever knew happen. "Christine, would you be opposed to honoring my sister by calling our daughter T'Amie?" Spock could think of no more fitting tribute to his sister that never had the chance to breath life.

Christine smiled at him, "Spock, I think T'Amie would be a beautiful name for our daughter. I bet your mother will be most pleased." She wrapped her arms around her husband, wanting to do nothing more then ease the fears he had. She would take care of herself. Nothing was more important to her now than the life that grew within her.

"Mother should be most pleased... I only hope my father will be as pleased." Spock feared even 35 years later his father still harbored an unspoken resentment concerning his sister's death. She was engineered to be appear more human then Vulcan, which would give his mother a child that looked more like her. It wasn't logical and now Spock didn't understand his father's reasons behind it. But he knew it had to do with his mother wanting a little girl to pamper and Vulcan girls simple were not pampered.

Christine gave his hand a gentle squeeze. "My darling husband, what happened was not your fought; you were just a boy." She got out of bed. "Now come on. I am feeling better and T'Amie is telling me it's time to eat."

He looked at her, "then I will fix your breakfast and bring it to bed."

Her mind flashed a memory of rock hard black waffles, eggs that were still a bit too slimy and coffee that was not only thick but kept her awake for 2 days. "Mister, don't ever quit your day job! No, please leave the cooking to me," she teased. She had eaten every bit of the breakfast in bed he made, but it took everything she had to do it. She walked over to the mirror and pinned her long hair back in a fashion that pulled it back away from her face but yet allowed it to fall past her shoulders. She saw him eye her, appearing almost displeased with her statement. "Oh, come on, you're getting better and you still have time to learn to cook." She returned to him and planted a kiss on his lips, then dashed out of the room to were the kitchen was.

Spock just stood there stunned; he would have to handle her with great care. With a deep breath he calmed himself and made his way to the kitchen to help his wife make their breakfast. "I am prepared for my next lesson," he exclaimed as he appeared in the doorway.

She smiled at him. "Okay. Then get the eggs out and the Karas cheese. Then you can chop these vegetables." Her hand waved over a variety of Vulcan and Terran vegetables they both enjoyed. She would prepare the coffee and fruit bowl. Together they would make the omelets.

Spock looked in the cooling unit and retrieved the needed eggs and cheese, then set them on the counter top in a bowl. He also noticed the small pieces of ham that his wife enjoyed so. Once the needed items were in place he began to chop the vegetables in a meticulous fashion. "After breakfast, we will call and make arrangements for you to see a doctor."

She smiled at him. "You are forgetting, my dear, that I am a doctor."

He took his eyes off his cutting and glanced at his wife as he raised an eyebrow at her. "Then you intend to do whatever genetic manipulation may be needed and deliver our daughter on your own?"

"Oh. Of course not, you are right. I should see a doctor and determine what work may need to be completed." She hoped it wouldn't have to be much as she already was what could be considered a high risk pregnancy. At 42 she was old to be bearing children and a part Vulcan child just added to the danger. At least she knew from her Tricorder reading the child held none of the problems that could be found in pregnancies of older women. She turned back to breakfast. "Okay. That's enough cutting. Now take the eggs and mix them in the bowl -- this time try not to get the shells in the mix." She smiled as she watched him crack the eggs into the bowl. She still found it hard to believe that 3 months ago they were married in a Terran wedding and 1 month after that they had been legally bonded in the Vulcan ceremony. Her mind easily slipped into the memory of there Terran wedding.

* * *

Christine stood nervously in her quarters on the Enterprise. Uhura was applying the finishing touches on her hair as Janice Rand added the white roses to the veil she would wear. "I can't believe this day is here. After waiting and wishing for 7 years, I am finally marrying the man of my dreams." She studied herself in the full length mirror. Her white satin dress was trimmed in lace and the arms rested gracefully off the shoulders, whereas the back of the dress brushed against the ground by a good 1.5 meters. A dozen white roses held her veil together and once on top her head would flow down to the small of her back.

"Oh, Christine, you are breathtaking," Uhura told her as Janice placed the veil on top of her head.

Before Christine could reply there was a buzz at her door. "Who is it?" She didn't want it to be her future husband. She was relieved when the voice on the other side said, "Leonard." "Come," she said to activate the door.

McCoy entered the room to find the most stunning sight he had seen in years. "Why, Dr. Chapel, if I would've known you would be this beautiful, I would have married you myself." He reached out and kissed her hand.

Christine blushed. "Now, now. What happen to the man that said 2 months ago, 'you're like a daughter to me', and 'I'll kill him if her hurts you'?" She laughed as she looked at him in his dress uniform.

"Well, I hope he realizes how lucky he is," he told her as he looked her over. "I must say I never saw Spock as nervous as he is today. You would think he was a human bride-groom."

"Now I hope you not teasing him today of all days," she warned, with a smile on her face.

"Me? Never ... well, not much at least." He returned her smile. "Now if you're ready, everyone is waiting." He reached out for her arm. This would be a proud day for him, it wasn't every day he got to walk a beautiful woman down the aisle to her wedding. Christine gave her arm freely and they were off to the chapel where Spock and Admiral Kirk waited with all their closest friends.

Christine caught her first glimpse of Spock in his dress uniform waiting with Jim Kirk. He had not yet seen her and she was able to just gaze upon his beauty. She always thought he looked gorgeous in his dress uniform. With a smile, she turned back to Uhura. "I guess it's too late to turn back now." She was joking but just the same she had butterflies in her stomach. Uhura smiled at her and walked to the front of the chapel were she would sing an ancient Vulcan love song in Terran. When she arrived at the front she nodded to Jim and began to sing as Christine, with McCoy as her escort, walked to meet her future husband.

Spock gazed upon the beauty that came his way. He allowed the slightest turn of his lips to form a smile. Dr. McCoy handed Christine to his waiting arm and he quickly studied her before turning his attention back to Jim Kirk.

"Of all the duties a Starship Captain is required to perform, this joining is my favorite. Today, I join not only my First officer and Assistant CMO, but also 2 dear friends. Marriage is a time-honored union not to be entered into lightly. As much as Spock and Christine Chapel have come to join, I am required to ask if anyone objects to their union." He carefully eyed Leonard McCoy and noticed that Spock and Christine also turned their eyes to meet him.

"What?" Leonard said with a smile.

Jim smiled as he continued, "Spock, by the laws of the Federation, do you take Christine Chapel to be your wedded wife, to have and to hold until death do you part?"

Spock looked at Christine as he said, "I do."

Jim nodded as he looked to Christine, "Christine by the laws of the Federation do you take Spock to be your wedded husband, to have and to hold until death do you part?"

Christine looked at Spock smiled and said, "I do."

"Very well. Mr. Scott, I believe you have the rings?" Jim asked.

"Aye," he said as he held out the rings.

"Spock, please take Christine's ring," Jim said as he watched Spock pick up the ring. "Now place the ring on her finger and repeat after me." He paused a moment to allow Spock to gather Christine's fingers in his hand. "This ring serves as a symbol of our union."

Spock looked into Christine's eyes as he slipped the gold band on her finger. "This ring serves as a symbol of our union."

"Christine, it's your turn. Take Spock's ring," Jim said as she picked up the other ring that rested on the pillow. "Now place the ring on his finger and repeat my words." He paused a moment to allow her to place the ring on his finger.

"This ring serves as a symbol of our union," then she added, "and my undying love."

"By the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife. If you were not a Vulcan I would say you may now kiss the bride..." he smiled at Spock.

Spock looked at his wife and saw the longing in her eyes. This public display of affection was part of the Terran wedding, so he rested his hand on her chin lifted it to meet his and passionately kissed his bride.

* * *

"Christine!" He waited for her to blink and look at him. "The eggs are ready to cook."

"Oh, sorry. Just remembering our wedding," she smiled lovingly at her husband. She poured half the eggs into the pan and turned the warmer on medium. After the bottoms were fully cooked she flipped them to allow the other side to cook. As it did she added the cheese and vegetables. Once she was sure the bottom was fully cooked she flipped the right half over top and turned off the heat covering the pan allowing the remanding heat to melt the cheese.

Spock took out 2 plates and the eating utensils they would need. "Do you desire the French Vanilla or Irish Cream in your coffee this morning?" he asked as he reached for the creamers.

"We don't have any more Hazelnut?" she asked.

He looked towards the back. "No."

"Then Irish Cream will do," she said with almost a disappointment in her voice.

Preparing the cups he poured the French Vanilla in one and Irish Cream in the other. Once the creamers were added, he poured the coffee and set it on the table along side the plates. "I will call my mother to notify her of our plans as soon as we finish breakfast."

Christine smiled as she walked to the table with the pan and placed the omelet on his plate. She went back to prepare her own omelet adding everything she had with his with the addition of the ham. After she finished cooking her omelet she placed it on her plate and dished out the fruit. "Okay, let's eat!" She sat in the chair. "I am sure your mother will be pleased that your want to name our daughter after your sister."

Spock looked at his wife. "I hope you're right." Neither said anything else through breakfast. After Christine took her last bite of fruit he told her, "Go sit and rest. I will clean this mess up." He had already decided he would hire a maid to take on the manual chores of the house. In the mean time, he would not allow her to lift a finger or tax herself in any manner.

Once the dishes were washed and put in their rightful place, he placed the call to his mother. His nervousness was highly illogical, but never the less he was unsure how his parents would react. Christine sat by his side for moral support; she had felt his apprehension through their bond. Spock was relieved when it was his mother's face that appeared at the other end of the comm unit. "Greetings, Mother, I have a personal matter I must talk with you about."

Amanda seemed to sense her son's nervousness. "What is it, Spock? What would make you fear to talk to me?"

Spock lifted an eyebrow at his mother's words. "Mother, Christine is with child and we have decided to name our daughter ... T'Amie."

Christine watched Amanda's face as did Spock. Her smile was radiant. "Spock, that would make me very happy to have you honor your sister like that. So how far long is Christine?"

Christine looked at the screen. "I believe about 2 months. With living in space up to 1 month ago, it is really hard to be sure. I will be seeing a doctor in the next few days."

Amanda smiled, "Well, I am happy for you both and I wish you luck. Spock, I will inform your father of your decision." She knew after 35 years Sarek did not still blame Spock for the death of T'Amie. It was a fact, he had come over time to feel guilt for the way he treated his son that day. She felt most blessed that the memory of her daughter would live on in her granddaughter. "I'm sorry, Spock, I would love to talk longer but I have a class in 30 minutes and must leave now."

Spock nodded, "Mother, your approval is most welcome."

* * *

Amanda shut off the comm unit and gathered her cloak. Sarek was already at the Academy. Her class was due to begin in 30 minutes, however, she wanted to share the news with Sarek first. Lately she had cut her teaching down to part time and looked forward to the day very soon when she would retire altogether. She loved teaching, but she wanted a chance to be nothing more than Amanda Grayson, wife of Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan. The drive to the Vulcan Science Academy would be no more then 5 minutes; that would leave 10 minutes to talk to Sarek.

* * *

Sarek sat in his office as he felt the joy emanating from his wife's mind. He knew she would be coming to speak with him so he sent images of his location.

There was also the knowledge she would be pressed for time, as her class began in 25 minutes now.

It did not take too long for Amanda to find her husband in his office. "Sarek, Spock just called." Her smile brightened her face.

Sarek looked at his wife and the smile that seemed to liven up her face, "Spock and Christine are well?"

"Yes, Christine is expecting a child." Her words emanated from her lips with the joy she felt.

"That is pleasing news, my wife, however, I sense there is more to it then just the news of a grandchild." Sarek said as he studied his wife.

"You are quit the realist, yes... Spock informed me they have chosen a name for their daughter," Amanda said as she moved into the room, closing the door behind her.

Sarek lifted an eyebrow at this wife, "and you are being most evasive about the matter. Am I to assume you think I could be displeased with the name they chose?"

Amanda to a deep breathe and replied, "Thirty five years ago I would have said yes. Today, I believe no. They will name their daughter T'Amie."

Sarek took note of the slight pain of his wife's eyes. "I see. Spock does this to honor her, I trust." Their daughter had perished before she had a chance to live.

"Yes, I got the impression he still harbors guilt over her death," Amanda said, as she reached out to her husband.

It was not logical for Spock to still feel guilt over T'Amie's premature death. Sarek's own logic had been lost when he would not acknowledge his son's pain.

Sarek stood and took his wife's hand and brought it to his lips. "In that case, I will have to endeavor to see he loses this impression."

Spock had been a hard pregnancy for his wife, and T'Amie was just too much for her body to handle. The child she gave birth to 5 months early never had a chance at life. Yet she was full of the features that made her. She had soft blonde hair and would have had the blue eyes of his wife. She was outwardly human. A human daughter for his wife to pamper and coddle in away he would not allow for their son.

Together they had decided after T'Amie's death they would have no more children. Sarek had feared his wife could not handle another baby. He would not allow for his wife to be lost the way his daughter was.

* * *

Christine wished Spock could attend her first appointment with Dr. Sarah Grant, but she had only been able to get in at the last moment. Admiral Kirk had detained her husband so he decided he would join her at her next appointment.

Christine smiled at the look of surprise on Jim's face when Spock told him the news. She would have thought the admiral never wanted to think of her and Spock having any form of relationship other than platonic. What did he think? They were married, not to mention he had given Spock the leave he needed to take care of his last pon farr.

She sat alone in a room full of other expectant mothers, two-thirds of them wives of Starfleet officers. The majority of them a good ten years younger then she was. As she sat there she fiddled with the gold band on her finger. She was lost in her thoughts and memories of her childhood as she waited.

* * *

"Mommy," Christine Chapel called out. She had just come home from her first day of kindergarten. She had made a new friend and wanted her to meet her mommy. "Mommy," she yelled out again, running through the house.

The tall slender woman little Crissy knew as her mother walked in from the back yard. "Christine," she smiled at her daughter and took her in her arms for a large embrace. As she kissed her forehead she asked, "Did you have fun, sweetie?"

Wide-eyed Christine smiled and said, "Yes, Mommy. I learned how to count in Vulcan."

"Vulcan?" Her mother asked. When she was that age they were learning to count in Spanish or Japanese, not Vulcan.

"Um ... the teacher thinks we should learn basic Vulcan," Christine said.

"Crissy, everyone should know the basics of every Federation language." She was proud of her daughter for learning so young. She hadn't had to learn Vulcan until 3rd grade. Elizabeth Chapel looked at her daughter's friend. "Your name is?"

"I'm Sarah Grant, Mrs. Chapel," the young girl said.

"Well, Miss Grant, it is a pleasure to meet you," the elder Chapel smiled at the small girl.

"Mommy, can we get some Kool-Aid?" Christine asked as she went to the cold food storage unit.

"Okay, but you have to take it outside." She got 2 cups out of the cupboard. "Sarah, does you mommy know where you're at?" Elizabeth knew she would worry about Christine if she didn't know where she was or whom she was with.

The girl's soft brown eyes gazed at her friend's mother, "I told my daddy I was here."

* * *

"Well, it's been a long time, Crissy," Sarah told her. Her brown eyes gleamed at her life long friend. They had done everything together. "So, I hear you landed the famous Mr. Spock."

"It has been a while," since right before she boarded the Enterprise the first time around. "I'm not sure you could say I landed him. You make him sound like a fish."

"Oh, Crissy! So what brings you here?" she smiled at her friend, "besides that baby of yours."

"Who else would I want to deliver my daughter?" Christine asked.

"Well, what about that old boss of yours, Dr. Leonard McCoy?" Sarah said as she patted the biobed. "Hop up Crissy."

"Sarah, Leonard is a fine doctor, but I wanted a specialist. This is a Vulcan baby and I am not exactly all that young any more." She said as she got up on the biobed and lay back.

"Oh, for pete's sake, you make it sound like you're in your sixties. Your only three months older then I am," Sarah said as she turned the bed and set it to perform the test she wanted. She had already reviewed the report Christine had obtained from the Tricorder.

She studied that reads of the biobed. "Well, Chrissy, it looks like you are two and a half months along. She has implanted herself on the left side. Genetically she will be more human then Vulcan, we won't have to intervene too much but I want to schedule you for surgery soon."

"Great, I want to get this over with so I can go back to a normal life. I am suppose to start as Emergency Operations Officer tomorrow." She didn't want to lose too many of her plans.

"Chrissy, be careful. That will be a highly stressful job. You already have 2 high risk factors going against you, try not to add a third," Sarah said as she logged the readout into Christine's file. "Oh, Crissy, if you engage in any love making, make sure to take it easy until after the baby comes." She watched her friend's shocked look on her face. "You think I don't know how intense Vulcan's can be?"

"I ... I didn't know..." Christine wasn't sure what to say.

"Not like that, I studied on Vulcan for 3 years. I know about pon farr." She laughed at her friend's misunderstanding. "And I do know they are passionate lovers."

Christine smiled, she couldn't speak for all Vulcans, but her husband was a very passionate man. "But we can, right?"

Sarah raised an eyebrow in a mock Vulcan fashion. "Logically as long as it is not too intense."

* * *

Spock sat on the couch in the living room; Christine had contacted a college friend of hers and gained an appointment with her that day. Spock had been relieved that she would be seeing a specialist right away. As he waited for her to return, he took the time to recall other memories of his childhood.

* * *

"Spock, come here," his mother's voice was loving but stern.

Even at 4 years old he was not allowed to disobey her. He had decided to present his mother with a bouquet of flowers and got them from the only place he knew to have flowers ... her garden. With the tiny garden tools his mother had for him, he cut her roses that she had cherished so. If she loved them, then he thought they she would be pleased to have him present her with them. "Mother?"

"Why have you cut my roses?" She bent down to her young son and inspected his dirty little hands. "Your hands, I hope you haven't touched anything in the house."

Spock looked up at his mother proud, not realizing she was upset by what he had done. "I thought you might like the roses on the table like the holopics of Grandmother Grayson's table."

Amanda, although upset, smiled at her son, "Spock, I like my flowers to remain on the plant. It is wrong to cut the flowers off just for pleasure." She did like cut fresh roses but if she told her son this he would not learn not to cut her roses. It was bad enough they were hard to grow on Vulcan and only bloomed during the winter months. "Now let's get you cleaned up before your father comes home for end meal." She knew Sarek would not approve of his son's actions and wanted to spare her son any disappointment.

"Mother, I am sorry. I did not intend to be bad," Spock said as he looked into her eyes. He allowed his mother to wash his hands and face for dinner.

* * *

Why was it most his youthful memories held pain of some form? His life was not hard; it was just strictly disciplined.

"Spock..." Christine smiled at him as she watched his daydreaming.

Spock turned to the sound of his wife's voice. "Christine, you have returned." He took a quick glance of the chronometer. "You have been gone quite some time."

"I stopped by Admiral Cartwright's office," she said as she removed a rain soaked coat. He lifted an eyebrow. "You did not see Dr. Grant?"

She smiled at him. "Of course I did. I will be scheduled for surgery in 2 days. After that, she sees no reason why I can't work part time at the Academy. I was setting up my schedule with Admiral Cartwright."

He stood up from the couch. "Do you think that is wise?"

"Spock, I will be fine. We can have a normal married life as well," she said as she moved in closer to her husband. "Besides, we agreed to take the jobs they offered us."

"Christine, I am not comfortable with this, however I will allow you to do it as long as it will not bring harm to you or T'Amie," Spock said as he allowed his wife to wrap herself around him. Her desire bathed him like a sweet wine he willingly drank in. "This course of action it not logical, we might harm--"

A passionate kiss and the mental picture of the togetherness they shared the night before broke his words. "You leave me corrected," he said as he scooped her up and carried her to the bedroom. He planted her on the bed as he moved his hands over her body loosening the clasps on her outfit. Tonight he would love her in a way he had never loved her before, with the softness and gentleness of his human side.