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Thanks to a Dead Scientist


"Doctor?" Spock entered sickbay looking quite perplexed. Things like this just don't happen to Vulcans. It most certainly never happened to him.

Dr. McCoy smiling asked, "What's the problem, Spock?" From the looks of him it was rather obvious.

Spock looked at Nurse Chapel, nervously. "I have a problem... I would rather speak in private about it." He walked to the doctor's office.

Dr. McCoy glanced at the nurse who also noticed Spock's problem. "Okay, be right there." He shrugged his shoulders at Nurse Chapel, who had to fight to suppress a giggle. Walking into his office he closed the door behind him. "Okay, Spock, what's up?" He couldn't help but to use the pun that seemed so fitting in this instance.

Spock's eyebrow rose. "I fail to see the humor in this."

"Oh, Spock, come on. It happens to everyone once in awhile." Dr. McCoy admitted, "Hell, it happen to me once or twice."

"Did it happen for a period of ten hours ... straight? I have meditated on it to try to rid my self of this problem to no avail," Spock said as he shifted to a more comfortable position.

"What did you eat or drink one hour before?" His mind had already began to work out a theory to Spock's elongated state. Medically it was impossible for a Vulcan to experience blood flow of this nature out side of Pon Farr.

"Altre Water, and some soup, why?" Spock looked at him curiously.

"Oh, then you haven't seen my posting about the Viagra?" Dr. McCoy tried ever so hard not to laugh. "Well, it appears a junior officer produced the old drug that was used for men who … in politer terms, had problems achieving a sexual state of arousal. I thought I caught it in time. Judging by your reaction, however, I had not. Well, you have a few choices -- return to work or take time off until you release your tension or it wears off on its own."

"There is no antidote?" He looked out the window to see Nurse Chapel. He couldn't help but to wonder, what it would be like to…to… Shaking his head, no, he was a Vulcan, but he was also a man, and she a pleasing looking female. "I will await its wearing off."

"Have it your way, Spock, but they stopped using it because or some men it didn't wear off for days." He had taken notice of the way Spock eyed Christine. Normally he would only look at her in nothing but a professional manner whenever anyone was watching. He knew, however, when he wasn't aware anyone was looking, he would watch her almost in a longing fashion. "You know there are a dozen females that would love to help you … but I think we both know you would only consider one of them."

Spock looked away from the window, uneasy. "Doctor, please I am a Vulcan. I will not simply as you would say 'bed' a female just to release tension. It is important for us a bond is in place first. It would be unfair for any female to be bonded to me, and a bond is not something easily broken." Yet he had known since his Pon Farr, there was one he wished to bond with, and she was standing in sickbay.

"Have it your way, Spock, but believe me, it will be less painful to utilize your new found state. Not to mention more pleasurable, but being a Vulcan, you don't need to have pleasure in your life, do you?" Dr. McCoy smiled coyly at his friend. "Well, if there is nothing more I can do then I have to get back to work." He got up and walked towards the door, opening it.

Spock just sat there, so many things running through his head. "Wait…" After the doctor turned around he asked, "How does one go about making a female agreeable … presuming I would want to?" He spoke in a natural tone and volume, even if the door was open. Even if he could not tell her directly, he would not be objectionable to her helping him now … or in the future.

"Well, Spock, I think Jim would be a better couch on that subject." Dr. McCoy began to shut the door again only to have Spock shake his head slightly. What in the universe was Spock doing? Christine would hear them talk. Then he noticed Spock's eyes follow the nurse as she walked around sickbay.

"No, I don't want Jim to know that I am considering asking a female to 'help me out'." It was bad enough, McCoy knew to tell Jim would be more embarrassing than when he went through Pon Farr. "I just need to find the best way to tell a certain … Nurse … I do desire her."

Christine heard every word Spock said with the door open and a few of them with the door closed. With her back turned to them she smiled. Feeling things between the two of them just might change, she let out a happy sigh. But she was on duty for three more hours.

"Well, Spock, just tell the nurse in question you would like to use her nursing expertise to treat a troubling symptom you are having." He glanced over at the back of his head nurse. He noticed she stood closer to them and, though working, seemed to be leaning in their direction. "Besides, I think this nurse would jump at the chance to do some medical research on treating a Vulcan high on Viagra." The doctor's words caused Christine to choke on some saliva she had developed in her mouth. "Chris, you okay?" the doctor called out to her after she let out a cough.

When she turned around her face was flush, and her adrenaline was running on high. "Sure, Doctor, I just took some liquids down the wrong pipe." She looked at Spock trying hard not to watch his groin, but it was hard … in more ways then one.

"Nurse Chapel … no, Christine, you no doubt understand my problem. You have even overheard part of it. Would you be objectionable to help me once you are off your shift? I find myself believing it would be more logical to give in to the situation." Spock watched her; he knew that wasn't the best way to ask a female to do what he suggested.

"I … I could after I am off work." She smiled not knowing what else to say or do.

"Very well, come to my quarters when you are done," he asked. Before he left he looked at the doctor. "I trust you will treat this doctor/patient confidentiality." He would return to his quarters to await the nurse and her medical training.

* * *

Christine seemed to float for the rest of her shift in sickbay. Thanks to a junior officer playing with an old male impotence medication, she would get the man or rather Vulcan of her dreams. After she was finished, she promptly went to her quarters. She quickly changed into something attractive yet easy to remove. She also fixed herself in a fashion she knew he had liked. Once she was done, she walked towards his cabin and paused a moment before ringing the buzzer.

"Come," Spock called out to the door and it slid open to reveal a most attractive nurse. He stood to greet her and noticed a frown wash over her face. "Come in, Christine."

She almost felt a tinge of disappointment, as she noticed he was now at a normal state. "It wore off?" Part of her was glad, but another part was hurt.

"Yes, one hour ago. I decided it better to talk to you in person about it," he told her, as he gathered a chair for her. "Sit. We need to talk … I would like to get to know you."

"Get to know me?" She looked at him confused. "You already know me."

"Christine, I want to know you as a potential mate," he said as he touched her cheek. This act caused her to shiver from the current that generated from his touch. "Once we are done, I would like to study the effects Viagra has on Vulcans." A small vile of clear liquid sat waiting on the desk.

She sat back stunned. She didn't know what dead scientist she had to thank but whoever it was she was very … very grateful