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Candy Kisses


"Let's kiss." Spock demanded.

"Kiss? You, Mr. Spock, want to kiss me?... HEY! Wait now be good. Kissing is above the neck," Christine giggled.

"Let it be, Christine. Let me show you my love." Spock's hot breath tickled her stomach.

"I'm a nice girl... Now, come on, I don't do that kind of thing ... at least not on the first date." Her hands kept him from venturing downward.

"Augh, but your soft milky skin is as fair as Venus."

"Mister, your sweet talk will get you nowhere."

"Then perhaps the sweet talk will have to wait... How does this come loose?" he questioned.

"Hey, there, lover boy. Not so fast. Oh, God, on second..." Her voice came out raspy.

"This action is not pleasing? Your body is just 'so fine' I cannot resist." Planting kisses on her navel.

"Are you sure ... you want to ... 'make love'>" she panted.

"I'm sure. I had thought you would be willing." His passion growing firm.

"I think I get the point," she giggled. "Oh my, I never though it would look so fine."

"So I am, as you might say, built? I look good?" he questioned.

"Yes dear ... um, I don't think that goes there." Her eyes widened.

"Where else should I put it, my dream girl?"

"Here, let me, lover boy."

"This feels ... like nothing ... I have felt ... before", he grunted.

"Oh God, that was awesome." Her passion still wild.

"I am pleased, now will you be mine?" he asked