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The sleek red vehicle gained speed rapidly, whirling up sand and dust from the desert road. Sarek's eyes twinkled with only barely suppressed joy as he ran through the gears and heard the machine roar with power. He cast a glance at his passenger.

T'Rea had opened the window on her side and the wind blew through her raven black her. Her eyes were closed and a small smile played at the corners of her mouth. She seemed to draw as much joy from the ride as he did. They had been to the ruins in the desert to do on site research for a project of their history classes at the VSA to which they were both assigned too. Sarek had no real interest in pre-reform history, his real intention for signing in for the project was to spend more time with that beautiful, intelligent girl who sat beside him.

The day had been worth the effort. Not only had they gathered enough information for their project, they had become to know each other and found many subjects to discuss and had discovered many shared interests.

T'Rea leaned back in her seat. She was a strong telepath and had known that his interest for the project was minor compared to the interest he had in her. She nearly smiled when she recalled how he had looked at her, when he thought she did not see it.

She had thoroughly looked him over as well and found him to be extremely aesthetically pleasing. He was tall and slim but no weakling. His shoulders were broad and formed the perfect male triangle with his slender hips. His legs were long and well muscled, proving him to be a well-trained runner. His dark hair was cut in the common Vulcan fashion although its wavy texture seemed to give it a will of it's own when it escaped his hairstyle and framed his face. At the age of nineteen his facial features had not yet solidified but showed traces of a hawkish expression already. Only his full lips and the velvety brown eyes softened his features.

She opened her eyes and caught him staring at her. She decided to let her guard down and smiled openly at him. His eyes widened and his lips parted slightly when he continued to look at her.

'A'tha!' he thought, 'She is beautiful.' He didn't notice it was inappropriate that she smiled openly at him. She presented him the most beautiful picture of a woman he had ever seen. Her dark hair flying around her in the wind coming through the open window, the setting sun giving it a reddish hue. Her dark eyes, formed like that of a Terran cat sparkled with amusement. Her soft lips were drawn back in a beautiful smile, revealing perfect white teeth. His control vanished and he longed to touch those lips, to bury his hands in her hair.

A low rustling sound penetrated his daydreams and he turned his attention back to the road. There was nothing unusual to be seen. He looked into the rear mirror to see if something had been lying on the road but he could see nothing there either. Logically it must be the flitter then. Frowning he listened closely to the 'voice' of his vehicle and jerked startled when a loud cracking noise could be heard. The engine died instantly and they rolled only with the energy of their former speed.

"What was that?" T'Rea asked from the passenger's seat.

"I don't know," he answered, "I hope the engine hull did not crack." The salesman at the store from which he had bought the engine had admonished him not to drive maximum speed until the machine had run several times. He had finished the work on it just three days ago and did not have enough time between his studies for more than a short test drive. Now he had strained the machine to its limits to soon and it could be severely damaged.

When they had come to a full stop he drew the hook that released the lock of the hood and it sprang open. He got out and lifted it enough until it stayed open by itself. It was hot in there; the machine still clicked lightly. He could see no outer damage and leaned forward to look at it from another angle. He did not pay attention where he laid his fingers and immediately burned himself on the hot material. He jerked back his hand and drew a hissing breath while he shook it to ease the pain.

He went back to T'Rea's side. "I can't see anything yet," he said, "It's to hot in there. We have to wait until the engine cools down a bit."

He sat back in the pilot's seat and they ate the remainder of food they had brought with them for the trip. The sun had disappeared by the time they had finished. Sarek checked the temperature of the engine several times but it had overheated thoroughly and he couldn't touch anything.

He leaned over the engine again making sure this time that he didn't touch anything. A movement to his left caught his attention. T'Rea had exited the flitter and stood beside him. Her loose hair brushed his cheek when she leaned over to take a look too. Her hair was soft as silk and smelled of the herbal shampoo she used. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes briefly. She turned her head and their noses nearly collided, their mouths apart only by inches.

They both drew back startled, remembering their manners in the last instant.

"Uhm, shouldn't we call for help or something?" she suggested almost nervously.

Sarek swallowed to wet his dry throat, "Ah, no. Let us wait a few more minutes. It will cool off very soon when the heat of the day is gone."

"All right," she said and climbed in her seat again, closing the door behind her.

Sarek followed her partway and leaned against the side of the flitter. He dearly hoped his words were true. Time was running out. If he couldn't start the engine soon they would surely run late and he would have to answer some really unpleasant questions. He would have to speak with T'Rea's father, explaining to him why he hadn't brought his daughter home in time and leaving no doubt a negative impression.

There was one more problem too. His parents might arrive back from the reception before him. He would also have to explain to them why he had not taken his mother's groundcar like it had been planned. His father had told him to use the groundcar which was far better equipped for desert trips than his sleek sport model. Skon would be disappointed about his son's poor choice and the fact that he had gone against his fathers will.

He turned away from the flitter to watch out into the desert, just in time to see the big cat lizard about twenty meters away from him starting for a dead sprint with himself as target. He ran around the flitter to the driver's side, slamming shut the hood when he came around the front and flung himself into the passenger's cabin, the door clicking shut behind him reassuringly. T'Rea had lost no time either and had closed the window rapidly. Both were breathing hard from tension.

The Le'matya had stopped his attack when realizing his prey had escaped into the strange cave before him. He stopped in front of the passenger's side and sniffed carefully on the polished surface. He lifted his head and was barely able to peer inside the cabin. Rising on his hind legs he hissed and bared his fangs when he caught sight of his prey behind the transparent material, his paw came down angrily at the smooth surface. Finding no grip he sank back to all four feet and continued his inspection of the flitter, searching for a way in.

The two young Vulcans inside held their breath. T'Rea had flinched back from the window as the paw of the huge animal came down on it, it's heavy fangs only inches away from the window. She nearly sat on Sarek's lap and he had gripped her protectively.

They both followed the movement of the large animal outside. It had rounded the flitter completely and had found no way in. Suddenly it jumped on the rear end of the flitter and ascended the roof, it's claws making a clicking sound on the smooth cover. Sarek made a mental note to check the surface when they got back.

The Le'Matya came back in sight again when it went down the windshield and reached the hood. It's whiskers vibrated lightly when it felt the warmth of the material. Contently it lay down on the warm underground, obviously relishing the source of heat in the chill of the fast approaching night.

'Damn,' Sarek thought, 'Why is that cat not on a hunting trip?'

Receiving his thoughts T'Rea replied loudly, "Well, actually he is."

Concealing his surprise carefully he asked, "How did you know what I was thinking?"

"First," she replied, "We are in direct physical contact...," she felt Sarek's grip around her waist instantly loosen, "And second I'm a strong telepath. Didn't you know?"

When he didn't answer she extracted herself from him and sat down in her own seat to look at him.

"No, I did not," he admitted, her revelation making him wonder what else she had perceived without his knowledge.

She smiled again and simply answered, "A lot."

He looked away, clearly embarrassed.

"Don't worry," she told him, "Your control is not failing. I'm very perceptive if I let down my shields. It was impolite of me to listen to your thoughts. I ask forgiveness."

He looked back at her. "No offence is taken," he said, "I only wished I would have had the chance to tell you about my intentions before you were able to feel them."

She hesitated just for a moment, and then she leaned forward to do something she had seen the human students do. Sarek held his breath when he saw her leaning forward. He knew what she intended to do. He had seen the gesture between human couples too. He closed his eyes and leaned forward until their lips met.

Startled at first by the unfamiliar contact they drew both back simultaneously and gazed at one another. She smiled and leaned forward again until their lips touched. They both lingered longer this time and slowly their lips started to move against each other. Both closed their eyes as the movements stimulated the nerve ends under the soft skin of their lips. They continued to kiss softly until they both came up, breathing hard for air. Sarek lifted his hands and framed her face, careful to avoid her meldpoints.

If he melded with her he would leave traces of the meld in her mind and she in his, which would be detected when they were bonded someday. Melds between unbonded youths of their age were forbidden if they didn't serve the purpose of forming a bond. Even if they choose to bond they had first to get permission from their families.

He knew he should not do this. Their behaviour was highly improper but the voice of reason died in the storm of pure emotions. He buried one hand in her thick hair, relishing its soft silky texture while his other hand lightly traced her features. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his touch. He touched her lips and they quivered beneath his fingers. He leaned forward to capture her lips again but she stopped him with a hand flat against his chest. Frowning he prepared himself for the rejection she would surely voice now but instead she scrambled up from her seat and made herself comfortable on the backseat of the flitter. She patted the seat next to her and looked at him expectantly. A small voice at the back of his head told him to stop his actions and return to logic and control but he dismissed it and followed her eagerly to the backseat.

Obviously startled by the movement the Le'matya, who still lay on the hood of the flitter lifted his head and growled. Both Vulcans inside the cabin froze in their tracks, the tension only leaving their bodies when the animal lay down its head again and continued to doze in the cozy heat of the engine.

They looked at each other and continued their wondrous exploration. Their mouths met again and moved leisurely against each other, the movements already becoming familiar to them. Suddenly T'Rea lifted herself and sat on his lap, her knees to either side of his thighs.

They broke the kiss and Sarek could feel his heartbeat and breathing accelerate rapidly at her nearness and the weight she shifted on his lap. She smiled lightly and pushed her hands into his hair, causing him to lean back his head. She lowered her lips to his bared throat and nibbled softly at the soft skin above his pulse point. An involuntary moan escaped him and he turned his head to one side to give her better access.

She moved up his neck until she reached his earlobe. She caught it between her teeth and drew it into her mouth to suck lightly on it. He moaned again and his hands, which had been lying to his sides, made their way up her thighs, pausing just at the hem of her desert suit shirt. He drew back and gazed at her, silently asking permission to continue. She reached for the clasp at her shirt and opened it with shivering fingers, until it fell apart. She wore no bra underneath and her perfect breast presented themselves to him, heaving with each deep breath she took.

He closed his eyes briefly and licked his lips, feeling the tingling sensations in his groin becoming an insistent throb while his organ stiffened and lengthened when his blood pressure increased and blood was being pumped into it. She lowered her hands and tugged at his shirt. Lifting his arms over his head she helped him out of it, admiring the firm muscles underneath.

She ran her hands over his chest, feeling the muscles twitch under her hands. He bit his bottom lip as she circled his nipples with her fingernails and finally gasped when she racked them lightly with her fingernails. Sliding her hands along his ribcage to his back she lifted herself slightly and exerted pressure to his lower back, urging him to move forward until their upper bodies touched. She then lowered herself very carefully until their groins touched too. She could feel his erection pressing against her through their clothes and she leaned back her head and gave a deep moan.

When their lower bodies touched Sarek lost all traces of control he still had. He growled low in his throat and pressed his lips to her neck. Simultaneously he slid one hand to her back, letting it glide still lower until he had reached the base of her spine. He pulled her to him and relished the exquisite sensations when her body pressed close to his already erect manhood. He relaxed his grip on her, loosening the contact and gripped her an instant later to press her against him heatedly again. She took over the movement and rocked against him continuously while he thrust against her to meet her strokes. He moaned in pleasure and placed his other hand over her breast, massaging it while he kissed his way down her neck to her collarbone. She leaned back and he took one nipple into his mouth. He sucked at the taut nub and enjoyed the little moans she made while she buried her hand in his hair to keep his head close to her.

He felt his testicles tighten with imminent release and extracted himself just in time from her before their movements would drive him to climax. Panting they looked at each other.

"What is it? " she asked between gulps for air.

"I must know something first," he said breathlessly, "Will you bond with me, Rea?"

She smiled fondly at him and kissed him softly. 'Yes,' she answered telepathically, their direct contact making it easy for her to transmit her thoughts to him. When they parted he allowed himself a small smile and smoothed back her hair.

Her expression becoming more serious she began to trace a line with her fingers from his lips down his neck and chest, past his navel until it rested on the fastener of his pants. His eyes became even darker as his pupils dilated to their maximum, hinting at the enormous amount of sexual excitement he felt in anticipation of what she would do next. Holding his breath when she opened the fastener of his trousers he looked down on himself to see her hand disappear in his pants and then she was there, touching him, encircling his throbbing penis with her fingers. He drew a hissing breath and threw back his head when his whole body jerked as waves of pleasure washed over him. She eased him out of his pants carefully and began to stroke him. He panted, barely able to contain himself any longer.

She saw he couldn't hold back any longer and was just about to disengage herself from her own clothes when a sharp beeping sound from the driver's console startled them both. A scrambling sound could be heard from outside when the big hunting cat that had still been lying on the hood of the flitter jerked to attention when it heard the sound too. Obviously the stubborn creature had not even left its place when the flitter had rocked softly with their movements within. The temperature had considerably dropped outside too. The windows were steamed from their recent activities and increased body heat and they couldn't see much outside. They only saw a shadow of the animal outside that sat now upright on the hood, its tail twitching with aggression. Sarek and T'Rea froze in their tracks, looking intently at the console until the signal sounded again.

'Com unit,' a rational voice inside Sarek's head tried to snap him out of his passionate encounter.

"Com unit," he murmured, as it dawned on him that someone was about to contact them and might probably beam them out, expecting an emergency if they didn't answer.

He disengaged himself from T'Rea and leaned over the pilots seat to activate the com unit. Switching to audio only he took a deep breath until he could trust his voice to sound normal again.

"Sarek here," he answered the call.

"Sarek, this is your father. May I ask where you are at such a late hour, my son?" came the voice of his father from the com unit. Sarek knew his father never sounded angry but he could hear the cold undertone in his father's voice which hinted at his displeasure at finding his son disobeying his orders and disappearing with a girl of his age. Alone.

"We are stuck half an hour travel away from Shi'Khar. The engine of ... my flitter failed and I couldn't fix it because..." Sarek hesitated. Could he really tell his father that a Le'Matya sat on the hood of his flitter? That would sound ridiculous and he doubted his father would believe him. He thought hastily for a way out without lying to his father and so he kept as close to the truth as he could get, "Because we have been charged by a Le'Matya. The animal is still in the vicinity and I can't get out to fix the engine."

Skon sighed, "Very well, I will send help to you then, my son." He paused and added then, "The young lady who is with you, is she alright?"

Sarek looked back over his shoulder at his companion. She still sat on the back seat, her face flushed from the recent activities, a small drop of sweat trickling down slowly between her breasts. He felt an answering twitch in his groin but suppressed it forcefully and remembered to answer his father.

"Yes, father," he said, "She is alright." It was after all no lie.

"Good," his father replied, "It will take me twenty minutes to reach you with the aircar."

"Thank you, father," Sarek replied and heard the connection being cut from the other side without another comment -- not a good sign.

He turned back to T'Rea with a mixture of shock about what they had done and regret about what they had not been able to finish apparent in his face. Her expression was somewhat the same and she began to refasten her shirt slowly. Exerting his bio controls and willed the remainder of his erection away and reached for his penis to tug it back into his underwear carefully. T'Rea held out his shirt for him and he slipped it on. They both took their places in the front seats and sat as if nothing had happened and waited for the promised help.

She felt his mixture of guilt about his loss of control and the remaining excitement. She took his hand in hers and reminded him of their promise.

'Soon beloved,' she transmitted to him and he sent back a warm impulse of affection in return. Sharing their thoughts they waited until the lights of an aircar hit the windshield of the flitter. The Le'Matya jumped from the hood and hissed at the landing vehicle. The side window of the aircar lowered a bit and a phaserbeam set to stun hit the animal that crouched in the sand, prepared to jump for the attack. It gave a low growl and relaxed unconscious.

The door of the aircar opened and Skon exited. Sarek opened the door on his side cautiously and got out of his flitter. Not knowing what to expect from his father he approached him and stopped shortly before him. Skon looked at him coolly.

"We will speak of this at home," he said in an icy tone that left Sarek no hope for getting off lightly. Skon got to the back of the aircar and retrieved a towrope. He handed it to Sarek and told him curtly to fasten it on the flitter while he fastened it on the aircar. He then got to T'Rea's side of the vehicle and told her to drive with him in the aircar. She got out dutifully and took a seat in the passenger's seat of the aircar.

He had spoken to her father just before he had reached Sarek on the com unit. Her father had made it clear he wanted his daughter returned to him safely and immediately and it was Skon's task to retrieve her for it was his son that had caused the trouble. Skon had mentioned that they didn't knew that until now but T'Rea's father was a member of a clan that was almost as powerful as his own and he silently wished to bond their children to strengthen the relations between the two clans. Therefore he didn't want to alienate him further in stating that his daughter could be responsible for the delay also.

He would also be more pleased when Skon would bring her home in his aircar alone. He saw the windows of Sarek's flitter were steamed from inside and he doubted very much that respiration alone could cause this much rise in temperature inside the car. The fact that Sarek had used audio transmission only added to his suspicion. With a last stern look at his son he got into the aircar and started the engine.

Sarek saw the look with which his father regarded his flitter and felt like Skon knew immediately what had happened or nearly happened between himself and T'Rea. He hung his head and got into the flitter.

* * *

They drove first to Sarek's home and Skon admonished him to wait in his study until his return. Sarek caught a last look of T'Rea when his father drove off, her lips silently forming the word 'adun' before they were out of sight. He smiled slightly, the burden of the reprimand from his father weighting less heavy on him now. He pushed his sleek red treasure back into the flitter port and went into the house to await the return of his father.