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"And then," Yeoman Janice Rand told Lt. Nyota Uhura over lunch, "as I was cleaning up his cabin last night, I saw a book there called Raw Naked Desire. Can you believe that? The Captain reading something like that?"

"Well," Uhura began, "it is the Captain's business. I suppose we all have to take time off from the stresses of life on the ship. Captain Kirk is no different. Hold on, I'm going to the replicator to get some us some ice cream and chocolate sauce. Be right back."

While Uhura strode the food replicator, Rand leaned back and watched the others in the mess. Suddenly, the sounds of whispering drifted over to her.

"You won't believe this. I saw Spock kiss Christine last night," a voice said. "They were acting like a couple of love-sick teenagers."

"I don't believe it," was the reply. "Love is not logical. Vulcans don't believe in love."

Rand's listening was cut short by Uhura returning from the replicator. The communications officer plunked down the ice cream, grumbling about the slow replicators, then sat down and noticed Rand's preoccupation. Uhura peered at her.

"Janice, what are you doing? Haven't you heard a word I've said?"

"Wait, Nyota ... I'm listening." She waited, but heard no more. The voices were gone.

"You won't believe this . . . but I overheard somebody saying that Spock kissed Christine last night! Do you believe it? That her pining away for him has finally paid off?"

Uhura shrugged. "If so, I'm happy for her. And I don't blame her, either ... most of the women on this ship think he's hotter than Vulcan on a hot summer day." She laughed.

Rand shot her a look. "Well, I don't believe it myself."

"Look, Janice," Uhura said. "Sometimes, a monkey is just a monkey and a banana is just a banana. Christine has many great qualities. There's been a sexual tension between her and Spock for years. I guess they just finally gave in."

The two women became quiet as the ship's First Officer and Head Nurse walked into the room and sat down at a nearby table. Christine was beaming. Uhura and Rand strained to listen.

"Spock ... thank you for the red roses," Christine began. "They were gorgeous."

"An old Earth custom, as I recall," Spock replied. "I'm gratified that they were to your liking, Christine. The Captain suggested that it would be just the thing to celebrate our bonding."

Bonding??? Both Uhura and Rand stared at each other. So, the rumors were true. Bonding???

"Spock ..." Christine giggled. "I still have those handcuffs in my room if you want to try them tonight..."

Uhura and Rand's eyebrows shot up.

The First Officer blushed. "Of course, Christine."

Now the yeoman and communications officer were gaping at each other. Handcuffs?

"But only," Spock told Christine, "if you will finally consent to letting me read a few chapters of Raw Naked Desire to you first." His eyes shone. "I had loaned it to the Captain, and he returned it to me this morning. I believe he described it as, 'stimulating.' I'm ah ... certain we can recreate certain, ah ... events in the book."

By this time, Uhura and Rand had all but fainted into their ice cream.