DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The story contents are the creation and property of L. P. Santos and is copyright (c) 1988 by L. P. Santos. This story was originally printed in ABODE OF STRIFE #15 in 1988. This story is Rated NC-17 for sexual situations. You must be 18 years of age to read it.

Broken Promises

L. P. Santos

The evening sun set over the bay area. Sending dazzling shades of violet and reds, it held her gaze captive. As if she had never seen a sunset before, she stood dumbfounded by the open window of her son's room.

Turning from the view, she gazed down at his sleeping form. Only two years old. Still very much an infant, and yet his individual traits and personality were beginning to blossom. With childish dreams and expectations, he held an idealistic view of his surrounding world.

Filled with motherly pride, she moved silently to his bed. Nestled under the blankets, he slept in a curled position. Lightly, she brushed back a lock of his dark raven hair. Slightly pursing his lips in a pout, he smiled as a contented sigh escaped him. Pleased with her son, she merely smiled at the elfin child.

The low sound of the buzzer broke into her communion with her son. Upset by the late-night caller, she tucked the covers over the sleeping form, then moved out of the dark bedroom. Although not unaccustomed to late callers, she did not expect one today. After a hard day at Starfleet Medical Central, she had hopes of retiring early. Now her hopes vanished.

"Dr. Chapel," her voice automatically responded as she activated the com-unit.

In a familiar stance, he stood immaculately dressed in his red captain's uniform. "Dr. Chapel," his stoic voice sounded, "forgive the intrusion, but it is of great importance that I speak with you."

With a glance over her shoulder, she looked to the darkness of her son's room. She had expected his father to show up one day, but not this soon. Were it not for her chance meeting of his parents today, he might never have known about his son. Had she been alone, the Vulcan Ambassador and his wife would have forgotten their meeting. But with her son clutching her leg, combined with their knowing glances, she was certain the Ambassador and his wife were aware of the child's parentage.

Returning her attention to the screen, she knew her options. She could fake fatigue and send him away. She could tell him the truth and request that he not enter her son's life, or she could simply allow him in. Once settled within her mind, she nodded acceptance and deactivated the locking mechanism of the high security apartment complex.

"Very well, Mr. Spock, but it will have to be quick. My son is sleeping."

"Understood, Dr. Chapel," was all he said as the screen went blank. Filled with nervous apprehension, she paced until the sound of a knock caught her attention. Still in the uniform of the day, she absently combed her hair with her hands before answering the call.

Hesitant, he stood for a moment, then entered her apartment. "Dr. Chapel," his customary words rang out.

"Mr. Spock, please come in," she welcomed with a wave of her hand. Like a parent examining his child, he glanced around her home. He seemed to be taking inventory of her personal belongings -- then, when satisfied, he nodded encouragingly as he turned to face her.

With hands folded behind his back, he stood by the large window which overlooked the bay. "Dr. Chapel." His voice sounded even, then changed slightly as his gaze met hers. "Christine, my parents informed me of their meeting with you today. They told me about your child ... my son."

"I thought they might," was her only reply as she moved to the kitchen unit. "Tea?"

"No, thank you," he said with a tone of disturbance. "Christine, why did you not inform me of the child?"

"What could you have done, Spock? You were in Starfleet, serving in deep space. Afterwards you disappeared. I later found out about your trip to Gol. By the time we saw each other again, there seemed no point. I realized that you had your career and life ahead of you. You had your own responsibilities. There was no room in your life for a child; besides, do you really think I'm that selfish to expect something from you? No, Spock, I couldn't be the cause for you leaving Starfleet or your duties. Besides, he is my son. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding his conception, he is mine, and I'm fully capable of caring for him."

"Of that I have no doubt. However, he is also my son." His tone lessened as he averted his gaze.

"Spock, you had no control over what happened. You shouldn't feel guilty or obligated for something you didn't do. It was Henoch who used you, used both of us. But that's the past. It's over, and I hold no grudges toward you, nor do I feel you're responsible in any way."

She tried to appease whatever emotions may have entered his mind. With head lowered, he seemed to contemplate her words. Then, with a look of acceptance he met her gaze. He seemed to understand her motives and accept them. With a slight curving of lips he nodded his understanding. "May I see the child?"

At his request, she could not help but smile. Proud of her son, she was pleased at the prospect of showing him off. Without conscious thought, she took his hand in hers and led him to her son's room.

Maintaining his silence, he simply allowed the contact as he followed her into the darkened room. For a moment he seemed ill at ease. As if he had never been around children, he approached the lower bed with caution. Encouraged by the silence of the child, he knelt by the bed and removed the coverlet from over the sleeping boy.

With the clinical eye of a scientist, he gazed down as if to inspect the child. Wearing his favorite black pajamas with the stars and asteroids, her son slept. By his side, she noticed the small model of a shuttlecraft lodged between his body and hand. Shaking her head in disapproval, she moved forward and took the toy from his sleeping grip.

"He tried to sleep with his model of the Enterprise when he first got it," she whispered as she placed the tiny craft alongside the larger model of the starship. In the darkness, the tall Vulcan merely smiled as she recovered the sleeping child. Appeased, he followed her silently from the room.

At ease in one another's company, they moved into the living room. With offered tea, he sat in the comfort of a large leather chair as she took up a place opposite him on the couch.

"You left the Enterprise suddenly," he stated matter-of-factly.

"Pregnancy isn't exactly allowed in deep space," she retorted as she sipped of the cool drink.

With eyes lowered, he seemed to be examining the dark liquid. "There were many options open for you," he finally stated.

"Abortion? Adoption? No. I'm sorry, but I couldn't do either. He is my son, a part of me. Regardless of how he was conceived, he was a part of my body. You can't imagine what an incredible feeling it is to carry a child," she tried to explain as she shook her head in disbelief. "Because of two simple factors, this being was created. His life began to form even before I was aware of him." Her voice was laced with amazement. "For nine months, he grew within me. As a nurse, a healer, how could I have taken him away before he had a chance at life? And after I went through the pain of bearing him, how could I have even considered giving him to strangers? No, Spock, he was and is my son. I could never have aborted or given him away," she firmly stated.

"I understand. I did not mean to insinuate that abortion was an alternative. We Vulcans hold life sacred, even if it is still in the gestation period. Life from the moment of conception is considered sacred; abortion, illogical," he firmly stated. "I only meant..." he began to say, but stopped his words. After a moment he looked evenly at her. "The child was barely a year old when you returned to the Enterprise?"

"Yes, and I hated leaving him behind, but knew that my sister would take care of him. Besides, it was only meant to be a temporary assignment. Will, that is, Captain Decker, didn't have a CMO for his first journey. I agreed to take the position until the man I assigned was free, which would have been at the end of the journey."

She lamented at the thought of the young man she had grown to respect. "You can imagine how I felt later," she half laughed as she waved away her sad memories. "Here I knew about this... thing that destroyed everything in its wake. I knew that it was heading right to Earth, yet I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even warn my sister and have her take my son away..." she said with a shake of her head, voice trailing off.

"Thankfully it was ended before damage could be caused to Terra," Spock stated as he lightly sipped of his drink. After a moment, he returned his gaze to her as a serious expression etched his features. "Christine, I understand your reason with regard to leaving the Enterprise. However, I disagree."

"That doesn't surprise me," she lightly chuckled as she sipped her drink. With an arched brow, he cast her a questioning glance. "It doesn't surprise me that we don't agree. I don't ever remember a time aboard the Enterprise when we did come to terms, or even get along."

"I do not recall a time when we did not 'get along'." The surprise in his voice was evident.

"I remember a time. I have a vivid memory of plomeek soup hurtling past me," she lightly chuckled. At his apparent sorrow, she only smiled and shook her head. "Don't worry about it. As they say, no need crying over spilled plomeek soup," she said in an effort to put his mind at ease.

"I apologized for that already, Christine."

"I know. I'm sorry for bringing it up."

"I agree that from time to time we did not 'get along,' but for the most part, I found you to be a highly talented nurse and fellow officer."

"Why, thank you, Mr. Spock." Her words brought out a slight tinge of embarrassment from the stoic captain.

"As the case may be, Christine," he stated in an effort to dismiss her words, "I do not agree that I hold no responsibilities. Although, as you stated, I was used by Henoch, the fact still exists that he was in my body. Biologically, I am the father of your son ... and as to my having room in my life, that could easily have been changed."

"And have me guilt-ridden because I forced you to leave Starfleet?" her disbelieving tone asked. "No, Spock, I couldn't do that. It was much better raising him on my own. He's fine and I'm fine. We both manage well."

"Surely you understand that for Vulcans, family is everything."

"I do. It was for that reason that I decided to allow Sarek and Amanda to spend time with him. I think it would be good for Leonard to be with them," she informed him.

"I agree. My parents would benefit from the contact. If you are willing to concede that, then will you also agree that I can also benefit from the contact?" he asked as he set the tea aside and moved to join her on the couch. "And Christine, you are mistaken to assume that there is no room in my life ... for either of you," he said as he began to lightly trace a pattern across her cheek.

Pulling away, she cast him a sharp glance. "Don't do this, Spock. Don't do it out of guilt," she stated defensively.

"Guilt? I do not understand."

"Don't seduce me with the assumption that we can be a family. I know you don't care about me. The years aboard the Enterprise prove that. It's only Leonard you're thinking of now!"

Taken aback by her open declaration, he gulped nervously and averted his eyes. "That is not true, Christine. I have no intention of 'seducing' you for the mere promise of marriage, although I am not adverse to the idea," he said with tenderness, returning his hand to her cheek. "Do you not think that I may desire this contact? Do you not think that you were always in my thoughts? Why do you think I returned to Gol? What Human emotions could I have attempted to rid myself of?" he asked as his hands returned to gently caress her.

"But... you never told me. You never made an attempt to see me..." Her disbelieving words questioned even as one hand returned to her cheek.

"When you left the Enterprise, I thought I understood your reasons. I assumed that Henoch's rape drove you away. I assumed that the sight of me brought you bitter memories," he stated as he moved even closer to her. "Do you not know that I have always held you close in my mind? I could never bear to harm you, yet what Henoch did hurt you. He took from you the cherished act which we could have made pleasurable together. Did you not know that I desired the touch of your mind as well as your body? He took the pleasure which should have been ours!" he informed her as his hands moved to once again caress her.

Confused, she tried to think over his words even as the slight tingling sensations of his touch caressed over her nerve points. With deft fingers, he unfastened her tunic snaps and slipped a hand into its folds. It began to fondle her clothed breast even as his lips began to gently nip at her neck and ear.

"But... you never told me," her confused words came out as a whisper.

"Why... do... you think Sargon chose you to hold my mind?" he asked as he pulled away from her. Concentrating his efforts, he took hold of her tunic and began to remove it from her body. Like a parent with a child, he began to undress her with swift, confident moves. Occasionally laying light kisses across her neck, he took hold of her white sweater and slowly pulled it over her head.

Naked from the waist up except for her bra, she lay before him in numbed silence. Allowing herself to be swept away, she responded to his light touches. As if familiar with the garment, he unclasped her bra, then removed it and moved to lie atop her. Like a man in need, he continued to lay forceful kisses over her while continuing to gently fondle her breast.

She felt her mind spinning at his touch. It had been so long since a man had touched her like this -- not since ... before the birth of her son, and how she had missed it, she thought. Obviously excited, her cream-colored flesh was covered with goose bumps as her nipples stood erect. Like a hungry babe, he lowered himself to gently suck first one nipple, then the other.

Arching instinctively upward, she held his head to her breast even as her legs wrapped around his waist. Feeling her need, his hands moved lower until they found the elastic of her waistband. Even as his teeth grazed a nipple, one hand unfastened the clasp and unzipped her black trousers.

All conscious thought left her as she allowed his hands to take firm hold of her pants and pull them over her hips. She arched upward at the feel of his fingers as he removed her silk panties.

Visibly excited, he suddenly pulled away from her and unsnapped his tunic clasp. Unconcerned with anything else, he quickly pulled at his trousers until they fell open. With a conscious effort, he gulped down his excitement long enough to pull his pants to his knees. At the sight of his engorged member, she merely closed her eyes in an effort to regain her senses. Despite her feelings, she knew there was something she was forgetting, something important.

At the touch of his finger against her opening, she gasped and instinctively parted her legs. Encouraged, he once again moved over her and lowered himself between her thighs. Sanity returned as his moist tip touched her flesh.

"Spock, no," she said as she reached to push him away from her. Apparently not hearing her request, he pushed the tip of his penis into her opening. "Spock, wait," she said even as he began to push further into her. "I said no!" she yelled as she summoned all her strength and pushed him off her.

Landing in an ungainly heap, he sat with a disbelieving look as his organ began to shrink. "Christine, I do not understand." His voice was laced with hurt.

"Not now, Spock," she said as her full senses returned.

"Yes, not here," he whispered as he looked around the room. "The child might awaken," he said even as he stood and pulled his trousers back up. With a look of pain, he pushed his penis into his tight undergarments and looked to her master bedroom.

"That's one reason," she whispered as she found her panties and began to put them on. "But the other is that I'm not taking any birth control. Are you?"

After a moment of confusion, he shook his head and a look of sudden sadness came over him. With control worthy of a Vulcan, he joined her on the couch. Laced with discomfort, he sat and unconsciously took hold of the bulge protruding from his pants.

"I have not been active to warrant the need for injections," he said as he closed his eyes and called upon the strength of his forefathers.

"Neither have I, and I have no intentions of getting pregnant again. I have a job, a career to think about," she stated as she continued to clothe herself.

"You are not on any method?" His confusion was obvious. "I was informed that all Human women prescribed to a method."

"Human women who are sexually active," she corrected with a laugh. "A single mother of a two-year-old, plus the CMO of Starfleet Medical Center hardly has the opportunity for sex. Oh, don't get me wrong, the urges are always there and I manage to dampen them in my own way, but to be with a man... I simply haven't the time!" she exclaimed as she took her bra and covered her naked breasts.

Deep in thought, he purposely avoided looking at her nakedness and took her words into consideration. After a moment he felt in the lining of his tunic, then reached into a pocket to remove a small packet. With a slight tinge of green, he inspected the small item, then turned to her. "Would this do?" he asked as he handed the package to her.

Taking it in hand, she inspected it, then felt her own cheeks redden. "Where did you get a condom?" The shock was evident in her voice as she read the label.

"It was a joke. Our good friend Leonard, the one you honored by naming our child after, gave it to me. The good doctor stated that I was, as he put it, 'looking under the weather.' He prescribed that I make use of that in order to cure my apparent ill health." His tone was laced with annoyance.

Reading the package, she laughed at the thought. Only Leonard McCoy would have the nerve to give such a thing as a joke, especially to a Vulcan. She smiled as she glanced at his green blush. She would like to have seen Spock's expression when he was given a condom. Although condoms were not unheard of, they were hardly seen or even used today. With today's forms of birth control and medicine, condoms were unnecessary... but at one time in their history, such items were commonly used. They were first used as a form of birth control, but with the threat of a deadly virus, they became an anti-venereal shield. They became the only safe means for sex aside from abstinence, used for protection against an illness that had taken the lives of many. The deadly virus AIDS knew no bounds. Both poor and rich alike were stricken by it. It did not discriminate against race, color, creed, or even gender.

Even children, children who had never experienced true life, were stricken with the illness. Many babies never grew old enough to learn or experience the pleasure received from sex. Instead, they were taken before their time in a world which was often hostile and unsympathetic toward the victims.

Thankfully medicine had progressed enough to end the deadly virus, and their world was able to set their technology to the sights ahead. Today, condoms were not used for protection against venereal disease; instead they were strictly used by the individuals opposed to the medical injections for birth control.

"Well, this would help, if it isn't too old," she finally replied after her chuckling subsided.

"It was given to me last week when I had my physical," he said as he moved to read the package. "Is there a date?"

Turning over the package, she read a date and inwardly smiled. "July." He visibly frowned at her reply, knowing that month had already passed. Seeing this, she smiled and added, "Of next year."

Pleased by the prospect, he arched a questioning brow as he gazed at her. "Shall we, Doctor?" he asked as he nodded toward her room.

With an uncontrollable smile, she nodded in agreement. "Far be it from me not to help a sick man," she lightly chuckled. "If you will follow me, Mr. Spock, I shall endeavor to use all of my medical skills to complete the prescription provided by your physician," she teased as she held out the package before him.

Without preamble, she was lifted in strong arms and carried across the room. As if they had been apart for many years, he moved quickly into the darkness of her room and closed the door behind them. Using the night vision of his people, he deposited her on the bed, then moved to join her.

Allowing her instincts full rein, she took hold of him with confidence. In the darkness, she felt his lips roam over her as his hands moved to once again remove her bra. Wishing to feel his warm flesh against her, she tugged at his uniform until he pulled away long enough to discard the cumbersome garments.

Once naked, they lay stretched out on her double bed. Like virgin lovers, they explored each other fully. She felt pleasure in his light, tentative touches, and was pleased by the low moans he emitted at her mere touch. Caressing and kissing, they ran moist tongues and skilled hands over each other until sanity threatened to leave them.

Returning to his earlier actions, he began to suck her nipples even as his fingers parted her thighs. In an even cadence, he lapped and sucked as he pushed his fingers into her. Lightly, but with full confidence, his thumb began a slow, circular motion over her clitoris.

Squirming, she moaned as she forcefully held his lips to her breast. Without skipping a beat, he left her breast and began a slow trail down her abdomen.

Understanding his intentions, she arched upward at the feel of his hands against her hips. He began with gentle kisses at the tip of her pubic hair, then moved lower. She whimpered in pleasure at the feel of his tongue rubbing against her clitoris. Reaching down, she took hold of his hair and pushed him against her. Attuned to her desires, he clasped hold of her hips and began to lap and suck her moist folds.

"Oh, God..." she moaned as her legs wrapped around his head. "No... too soon... not yet," she cried even as her body began to tremble. "Hah... ahh... gaw..."

She heard her own words come out in a string of unintelligible phrases. Holding him tightly to her, she shivered as the throes of climactic pleasure pulled her under.

Gasping for needed air, she felt the sweat trickle off her body even as his tongue lapped at her secreted juices. Like a man dying of thirst, he drank of all she had as his fingers continued to massage her protruding clit.

"Spock," her tired voice called down as her fingers began to stroke his dark hair. "Spock, come up here," she commanded as she pulled at him.

Through the darkness, she saw him pull away. Using the night vision of his people, he examined her pink folds and fingers continued to stroke her softly. Then, as an afterthought, he gave one last suck of her clitoris as he pushed bent fingers into her opening.

Gasping from the sensation, she felt an uncontrollable shiver course through her and a slight whimpering sound resounded from her throat. Writhing from the sensations, she clasped him firmly and a moan sounded from her throat.

Controlled and at ease, he simply continued to enter her with bent fingers as she orgasmed for a second time. Pleased by the sensation, she cried out as her body responded automatically.

"God, that was good, Spock," she told him when he stretched full length by her side. With one hand cradling her head, the fingers of the other began to fondle her breast. He gently tweeked it to erection as one leg draped over her.

At the feel of him so close, she felt his penis on her skin. Slightly throbbing, it rested on her leg as it stretched to further dimensions. Filled with confidence, she reached down and began to fondle him. At the feel of her hand, a smile crossed his lips.

Lowering himself, he began to kiss her as they fondled one another. With forceful ease, his tongue parted her lips and entered her mouth. As their tongues intertwined, she tasted the sweetness that was her own juices.

Turning in his arms, she lay facing him as they continued to kiss. Taking his full length in hand, she ran her fingers from base to head. Twitching, it jumped at the contact. As one hand manipulated his organ, her other began to roam the patch of fur on his chest. At the slight protrusion of his nipple, she ran her fingers lightly over it as they kissed and tasted each other.

In slow deliberate moves, she took the slight residue from the tip of his penis and stroked it over the organ.

"Do... you... know the best thing about Vulcans?" Her whisper came in between their tonguing actions.

"No..." was all he said as he pulled from her kiss and returned his lips to her breast.

"I have never met one who was circumcised. In all the Vulcans I have medically examined, not one was without his prepuce," she absently stated as she gently pulled his foreskin back and forth.

"Circumcision... is... illogical," he stated as he sucked first one breast, then the other. "Lick me," his husky whisper requested as he lay on his back.

Pleased by his request, she moved to lightly kiss a nipple. Following his example, she sucked one and fondled one while still stroking his full length. "It is illogical... awh... to... remove something which serves a purpose."

He tried to keep his voice at a level tone, but failed. Leaving a wet trail across his chest, she took his other nipple between moist lips and began to lick and suck. "Would... you consider the removal of a limb simply because you were born with it?" he asked with a tutorial tone.

Dispelling any notions he may have had about lecturing her, she began to move slowly from his chest to his abdomen. Knowing that turnabout was fair play, she made her way to his pubic region even as her hands continued to roam over his hairy chest.

"Oh, Christine..." His voice trailed off as she held him upright and planted a single kiss on the head of his penis.

Through the dim light of the city street lamps, she examined his extended organ. Too large to stand fully erect, it arched slightly when she released her grip. In fascination, she played with the foreskin as her finger ran small circles over the tip.

Moaning and gasping from the sensations, he writhed and gasped as if in pain. Desiring to alleviate his discomfort, she took the tip within her mouth. Tasting the tangy member, she began to run slow circles with her tongue as she played with his testes. Rolling the sperm-carrying pouches between her fingers, she began to swallow him in her mouth. Careful to relax her throat muscles, she began to regulate her breathing as she moved in up and down motions over his penis.

Meeting her with slow thrusts, his hand took hold of her head. Afraid that she would leave, he held her in place as his body began to respond. Sensing his nearness she moved from his penis long enough to put saliva over her finger. Before he could protest her lack of attention, she replaced him in her mouth and began to swallow him once more.

In slow deliberate moves, she made a light trail with her wet finger from his testes to his lower regions. He was so preoccupied with her tongue that he didn't even feel the slight touches of her finger against his rectum. It wasn't until a wave of pleasure coursed through him that he realized her intentions. He arched upwards in pleasure as her finger entered his tightness.

At the new sensations, he merely gasped and wiggled on the bed. Using her skills, she found the sought-after spot and began to gently stroke him. Rubbing up against his sac, she massaged him even as she swallowed him deeply. He writhed and wiggled at the combined sensations, arching uncontrollably upward.

Holding her firmly to him, he shoved himself in her as his organ began to twitch with imminent release. Crying out in pleasure, he held himself perfectly still as a warmth shot into her throat. Taking all that he had to give, she swallowed even as her finger continued to massage his inner walls.

After the first spasm, she thought him complete and began to retreat; only after another gasp did she realize his incomplete state. Making a little sound above a whimper, he arched upward once more and shot another load of liquid seed. Lying perfectly still, he simply gasped as she felt him come a third time. Lapping him clean, she stroked his inner walls once more before pulling away.

Crawling up the bed, she lay stretched out over him. Gasping for needed air, he held open an arm in silent invitation. Accepting his gesture, she cuddled in his embrace as she lightly kissed and nipped at his neck.

"You are quite a talented physician," he whispered as he planted a kiss on the crown of her head.

"And we haven't even begun to use the prescription," she whispered as her hands began to manipulate him back to arousal. Relaxed, he reveled in her touch as a contented sigh escaped his control. As if he had never been so content, his body lay limp under her. Like a cat, he seemed to purr from the simple contact of her hand over his penis.

"Christine?" His voice held question. Running her fingers over the foreskin, she gently pulled it back and began to stimulate his inner flesh. At the pleasing scent of his musky odor, she snuggled close to his furred chest and slowly licked the sweat from his body.

"Yes?" she answered as she nuzzled in his armpit. Inhaling deeply, she confirmed that no other quite matched his scent. Like an animal musk triggered by copulation, his sweating body sent forth an intoxicating odor.

"About..." He seemed reluctant to say the word, but at the touch of her fingers over his organ he spoke up. "About condoms?"

"Yes, what would you like to know?" she asked as she licked a line across his armpit. Squirming from the contact, he seemed to stifle a grunt as he physically pulled her back to lie on his chest. "You're ticklish!" she exclaimed.

"And you are not allowing me to ask you a question," he retorted evenly.

"All right, what about condoms?" she asked as she returned her attention to his penis.

"Aside from birth control, what purpose do they serve? With the birth control injections, why would a couple choose such a limited form of control?"

"Once, many centuries ago, they were the only means for prevention of disease," she informed him as his organ jerked within her grasp. Pleased by this, she openly smiled as she turned a concentrated effort into arousing him.

"I believe I remember reading of such a disease. Was it not transmitted through sexual union?"

"That, and secretions, as well as through blood transfusions and the sharing of what were once called 'needles'."

"Secretions. If this virus was passed through secretion, is not what we just experienced a way in which people passed the disease?"

"It was believed so. That's why some believed that the only way to have 'safe sex' was by wearing rubber gloves and using dental dams when performing oral sex. Also, what I just did, swallowing your semen, was a big no-no," she lightly chuckled as she snuggled in his embrace.

"Then they did not feel such exquisite sensations?" His tone of sorrow was evident.

"But once the condom was in place, they could eat to their heart's delight," she whispered as she began to suck on an earlobe.

"You also said blood transfusions? My father..." His confused tone rang out as his fingers absently fondled her nearby breast. She whispered as she darted her tongue in his ear.

"The transfusion of one person's blood to a person in need was much more common, and less safe, than it is now. It was through unscreened blood that the illness was spread, that and sex. Some ignorant people thought it was transmitted through casual contact, through the shaking of a hand, spitting, or even by glancing the wrong way at a person." Her anger at the bigotry of her people was evident.

"But our ancestors did not always believe this. Surely the truth was made known and the cure found?" he asked as she fondled his erect member. "Yes, but only after years of prejudice and bigotry. Only after many were infected and hurt by the illness did the people of Earth stop blaming the virus on any one group of people. After a while they began to see that it was a common problem that needed to be resolved. Once they stopped putting the blame on someone else, they were able to unite and find a cure," she informed him as she pulled from his embrace.

Sitting by his side, she began to inspect his organ as she continued to stimulate him. She watched in fascination as it extended in excitement. Gently pulling the skin back, she marveled at the olive green skin concealed within.

"It is most fortunate that condoms are still in existence today," he whispered as he arched upward.

"Most fortunate," she replied as she licked the tip once more. "Where is it? If we go on like this, we'll both go mad!" she whispered as he handed her the package.

Taking it in hand, she unfolded its flap and turned to him with a look of disappointment. "Damn. There's only one." Her words were laced with regret.

"Only one?"

"Apparently Leonard didn't think you were ill enough for more." Her voice held a tinge of anger. "Oh well, we'll have to make do. I'm horny, and don't intend to let you go to the drug store for more," she told him as she ripped open the package.

"Nor do I believe that I will be able to walk from this room," he whispered as he reached down and clasped his fully erect member. As if in pain, he unashamedly stroked himself as she prepared the condom.

After carefully removing the thin rubber sheath, she inspected it, then turned her attention to the task at hand. With deliberate movements, she took his already engorged member and stroked him to further arousal. After a few of his grunts, moans and inarticulate words in Vulcan, she had placed the rubber on his penis. Careful to leave room at the tip, she pulled the condom completely over the head of his erect organ.

"Is it too tight?" she asked with concern as she ran her hand over the rubber sheath. She once again smiled upon feeling the jutting ribs on the condom.

"No, it is not tight. It is... unique," he answered as her stroking sent him further out of control.

"Apparently the good doctor took your size into consideration as well as your partner's pleasure." At his look of confusion, she took his hand and guided it to the ribbed contours of the condom.

"Indeed... and am I to assume that this heightens the pleasure?" he asked as he felt the protruding ribs.

"I have been told that." Her seductive whisper sounded as she pulled him to her. "Shall we find out?" she asked. "But first, I believe it needs a bit of lubrication," she said as she lowered herself and took him in her mouth.

Gasping from the sudden sensation, he arched upward as she bathed his covered organ with saliva. Once moist, she pulled away and moved to his side. Nudging him until he moved above her, she kept hold of him and guided him to her opening. Dabbing him with further moisture, she stroked herself with his covered tip.

When it seemed he could control himself no longer, she released her grip and allowed him to take over. Excited, yet careful to prolong the sensations, he guided himself to her opening. He took great care to allow for a slow, progressive entrance.

Eager, yet containing her desires, she arched upward at his penetration. At first, she felt the tightness caused by her years of abstinence... then after a few initial thrusts, he slid easily into her moist folds. At the sensation of fullness within her, she let out a slow moan and wrapped her legs around his slender hips.

With slow, easy movements, he pulled himself from her only to plunge once more into her depths. Echoing his actions, she gently rocked into him as her inner walls constricted around him. Throughout their movements, she was aware of every change in him. She heard short gasps of air close to her ear.

Holding her close, she felt the tension of his arms with each entrance into her body, and then the sweat. Like sweet droplets of summer rain, it trickled in slow patterns down his back. Wrapping her legs around him, she felt his knees buckle with the strain of their coupling.

Reaching downward, she cupped his buttocks and marveled at the sensations felt. Like a motorized machine, his cheek muscles constricted in an easy, slow cadence. Swimming in a whirlpool of sensation, she took in all this as her sanity slowly waned. Like mirrored shadows, they climbed the summit together.

At the sound of his sharp intake of breath, she held on as they climaxed simultaneously. Pushing deeply into her, he groaned as his pelvis molded to hers. She clung to him at the feel of the ribbed condom combined with his orgasmic release, crying out in pleasure.

Before she could regain her breath, his easy strokes began once more. As if he were not drained of energy, he began the ritual of love. Using more force, his hips banged into her as his hands grasped hers firmly. With each forceful entry, she felt her own breath knocked from her as her body responded of its own accord.

Suddenly, with no warning, he pulled himself from her. With a look of disbelief, she glanced up at him. "Turn over," his whisper commanded. At her apparent confusion, he only smiled as he ran a finger over her chin. "An experiment," was all he said as he took her hips and turned her over on her stomach.

Lying face down, she waited as his movements were heard in the darkness. Taking hold of her hips, he lifted her slightly and parted her cheeks. Without hesitation, she felt him enter her wet folds once more.

Gasping from the sudden pleasure, she clutched a pillow close as she knelt on bent knees. Like an animal deep in its rutting cycle, he mated with her. He continued his forceful thrusts as if his needs were paramount. Almost as an afterthought, his hand moved to fondle her clitoris. She felt her senses reeling at the combination of his thrust and gentle massage.

Fighting to maintain control, she clutched the pillow tighter as her knees threatened to buckle. Unable to maintain control, she threw her head into the pillow as she screamed in pleasure.

Collapsing from the experience, she gasped as he continued to thrust into her. After a few forceful slams, he grabbed her hips and pulled her slightly off the bed as he again buried himself deeply within her. With what sounded like an inarticulate cry, he gasped out a string of Vulcan phrases.

Exhausted at last, he fell over her as he fought for air. She felt the warmth of his breath against her ear as his sweaty body lay over her. Unconcerned by his weight, she merely closed her eyes as she too fought to regain control.

"Christine..." he whispered as his hand pushed aside her sweat-damp hair. Lightly he laid a kiss against her cheek and reluctantly pulled himself from her. Lying by her side, he pulled her to him in a protective embrace. After an exchange of light kisses, he smiled down at her.

"God, that was good!" she whispered as he began to nip at her ear.

"Indeed. Although I would not call upon a deity, I must agree that the experience was pleasurable," he whispered in return as his fingers tweeked a nipple. "There is one problem, however," he said as he pulled away from her. At his obvious discomfort, she followed his gaze.

Covered with moisture, his member remained covered by the thin sheath... then slowly the semen-filled condom began to slip from his penis. "I am afraid that it can no longer be used," he lamented as he touched the ribbed condom.

Reaching down, she took the rubber and carefully removed it. Grasping its opening, she made certain not to spill any of its contents as she moved to sit up. "Well, at least we got use from it. Twice is more than normal," she informed him as she held the condom up in the dim light. Inspecting it for breakage, she noted the tip filled with the yellowish substance of his sperm.

"It seems to be a sturdy item, though I would have preferred it to last a bit longer," he said as he took it from her. "I will dispose of it," was all he said as he rose from the bed.

With a slight smile, she watched as he found his way blindly through the room. Following his instincts, he moved through the darkness into the adjoining bathroom.

At the sound of a flushing commode, she chuckled and curled back under the covers. Somehow it was hard to imagine the aloof Vulcan dispensing with such an item, yet that was what he was doing. Taking comfort in her thoughts, she merely snuggled deeper under the covers.

Warm and with a feeling of complete satisfaction, she began to doze lightly. Beginning to enter the first level of dreams, she did not even notice him leaving her room, nor did she hear his deep voice as he used her telecom unit. It wasn't until she felt his warmth again that she roused from sleep.

With her back against his chest, he cradled her head on his arm. It rested lightly, protectively, over her. As if afraid she would leave, he held her close and lightly kissed her ear. With an inarticulate mumble, she reached to stroke his cheek.

The distant sound of the chimes roused her from her drowsy state. Cursing the late night intruder, she began to rise but was quickly held in place. "No, rest. I will answer the call," he stated as he moved from her side.

With Vulcan modesty, he hastily clothed himself as he moved across the room. Controlling her idiotic smile, she curled into a ball and allowed her sated state to take control. She hardly noticed his return, nor did she feel him firmly against her back.

Not until a slight sensation was felt in her pubic region did she rouse from sleep. "Christine." His low whisper sounded as she stretched and rolled on her back. Cradled in his arm, she only smiled as her legs parted. Aroused by the stimulus, she closed her eyes and continued to smile. "Christine."

"Yes?" Her whisper came out as a sigh.

"Did I please you?"

"Quite so."

"Would you be agreeable to more copulation?" At his question, she reached down and stopped his hand movements.

"I would be quite agreeable," she replied as she took his hand and kissed each talented finger, "but we can't. We don't have any more condoms, and you know that I'm not on any birth control."

"I am aware of this; however, I believe this will do," he stated as he held a small box before her.

Rousing herself, she took the box and held it up to the dim light of the outside lamp. "When did you get these?" she asked as his fingers returned to massage her.

"I had them sent here from the nearby pharmacy. It appears all-night pharmaceuticals do serve a purpose," he said as he took the box from her and opened a sealed condom. "There are twelve condoms available. Will that be enough?"

She found it hard to control her laughter at his innocent question. From any other man, it would have sounded like a boast, from him it was pure innocence. Pleased by his innocent yet willing to learn nature, she hugged him close as he tore open a package and removed a condom.

Unashamedly, he took it and placed it over himself as she had before. Covered completely, he looked to her with a slight arching of a brow. "It appears to need moisture."

His innocent comment was laced with an underlying request. With a pleased smile, she sat up and took his semi-erect member in hand.

"Then by all means, let me assist," was all she said as she bent to take him in her mouth. Pleased by what the night would entail, they began their deliberate movements that would leave them, once again, fully sated.

* * *

"Spock, how long can you stay?" she asked in a tone she hoped did not sound demanding. Snuggled close in his embrace, she twirled his chest hairs with tender fingertips. In the early morning they remained at ease. It was a relaxed sensation that only came after many bouts of sexual release. Having used most of the box, all that seemed left to do was to cuddle and rest before the morning began their day.

"I regret that I must leave soon. At 0600, the Enterprise is scheduled to leave drydock for its training mission," he stated matter-of-factly.

With light, soothing touches, he ran his fingertips over her bare shoulders. Understanding his words, yet not upset by them, she merely wrapped an arm over him in a protective gesture. "This will be the first time for your students?" she asked.

"Indeed. It should be a simple tour which will last forty standard days, after which I intend to return and, if you are agreeable, we shall bond at that time."


"A mental bond which would link us permanently to one another. Just as we have been joined in body, so will we be joined in mind. Is that agreeable to you?"

"No... I mean... yes, I'm sorry. I guess I don't really know how I feel about it."

"You need not concern yourself with it now. Think it over, and if you desire the mental touch as much as I, then you may tell me upon my return," he said in a hushed tone.

"I'm sorry. I don't know why I am so reluctant," she apologized...then in a move to change the subject, she curled one leg over him as she rested her head on his shoulder. "Will the Admiral be joining you on this trip?" she asked.

"Yes, as well as Dr. McCoy. Along with the student training crew, all the regulars will be aboard," he stated as he became visibly relaxed. As an afterthought, he kissed the crown of her head.

"It will be like old times, then? All of you together?"

At the tone of her voice, he hugged her, as if to reassure her of her standing with him. "It will not be exactly 'old times.' You will not be there."

"I would like to be there, but I can't. Leonard is my life and I can't bear to leave him again. I need him as much as he needs me. I am sorry, though, that you're leaving so soon -- especially since we've cleared things up," she lamented.

"Christine, if I could, I would resign now and remain here with you and my son," he said even as she placed her fingertips against his lips in a manner of silencing his next words.

"I don't want you to leave your responsibilities untended. You're a captain and instructor in Starfleet. Your job is important; you cannot be easily replaced," she firmly stated, then added, "Besides, won't this be the first time out for Saavik?"

"It will be her first time aboard a starship," he confirmed. "I intend to allow her to steer the Enterprise from the docking bay."

"Admiral Kirk will love that," she lightly chuckled as she returned her head to his shoulder.

Idly, she glanced at the nearby clock and noted the hour. In less than two hours he would be rising to leave. In less than two hours he would walk from her life again. With a sudden surge of sadness, she stifled her sorrow and buried her face against his neck. She didn't want him to go, yet knew that he must. A month was not very long, but it would be an eternity for her.

Desiring to keep him with her, she began to make a mental note of everything about him. She put his scent, musky and exotically sweet, to memory. The warmth of his body and patch of fur over his chest would remain with her forever. Everything they had shared, from the slow movements of love to their more violent thrusting, would be etched in her mind.

Sorrowing at her own thoughts, she stifled the urge to weep.

As if sensing her emotions, he hugged her close and lightly stroked her hair in an attempt to appease her fears. "Christine," he whispered as he lightly touched her temple with slender fingers and she fell into a light sleep. "Christine, I cherish thee always."

For the rest of the night, she was aware of his warmth. Like a protective blanket, she held him close as pleasant dreams pulled her along. As if they had an eternity with each other, they slept in the peaceful embrace of each other's arms.

* * *

Christine." His soft whisper pulled her from sleep. Fully dressed in Starfleet uniform, he sat by her side.

Lightly he stroked her hair. Calmed by his touch, she smiled as she took his hand in hers. After a moment, her eyes snapped open as her memory returned.

Sitting bolt upright, she pulled him to her in a tight embrace. "Please don't say it's time, not yet!" she pleaded as his arms wrapped around her.

"I am sorry," he answered. Holding her close, he seemed to understand her need. Using her touch, she fought to maintain control.

When an eternity seemed to pass, he pulled her from him and forced her to lie back on the bed. With a tender smile, he looked down at her as his finger traced her features. "You are... so beautiful," he whispered as he bent to kiss her lips.

"Spock, I don't want to say goodbye. I can't bear to have you leave me." Her whispered plea was husky with stifled tears.

"Christine, I must go, but in one month I will return," he stated softly.

Suppressing her tears, she gulped down her sorrow as she took his hand in hers.

At their touch, he openly sighed. "I wish I did not have to leave you," he whispered. "I wish..." But he did not finish his sentence. Instead, he lightly ran his fingertips across her temple. "Sleep now," his hypnotic voice whispered as a drowsy state came over her.

Unable to fight off her sudden fatigue, she felt herself falling into a peaceful sleep. "Spock..." she murmured as a cloudy haze surrounded her.

*Sleep, my beloved. In one month, we shall be united again.* His words seemed to surround her.

*One month? Too long, too long...* her echoing thoughts replied.

*Indeed, an eternity, yet I shall anxiously await the end of our tour. At that time, I shall return to you and my son. *


An eternity seemed to pass, then she felt his light chuckle resound within her mind. *Illogical woman,* his tone sounded pleasingly annoyed. *I promise that I shall return. *

"Nothing, not even death, shall keep me from thee," he firmly stated.

At his soft quote from a pre-Reform poem, she only smiled. Understanding its source to be from his planet's past, she only smiled, knowing that the words spoken were true. As honored and sacred as his bloodline, so too were his words.

*Death itself? Now who's illogical, my beloved poet?* she lightly chuckled as a warmth suddenly surrounded her.

As if to tease, she felt his essence tickle her softly even as his mind began to retreat.

* * *

She awoke to the voice of her child. Too young to understand the meaning of privacy, he barreled into her room. With tousled dark hair and stuffed animal in his grip, he made his way to her bed.

"Mommie," he called as he climbed into the bed. Unable to suppress her smile, she held her arms open for her son. His hair, dark like his father's, remained flat on one side and stood up from his sleep on the other. With piercing black eyes he scanned her even as he crawled under the covers.

"Mommie, you don't have clothes," he commented as he pulled his stuffed toy sehlat by his side. "I don't want clothes," he stated firmly as he began to unfasten his pajama snaps.

"No, Leonard, you have to wear your pajamas," she ordered as she pulled him to lie by her side.

"No! Be like you, no clothes!" he stated once more as he struggled from her grip.

With a visible pout, he crossed his arms like an adult as he looked down at her. Too tired to argue, she merely sighed and gave up the battle. "All right, be like me, but only for today. Tonight we both sleep in clothes, understood?"

"Understood," his childish voice affirmed with a nod of his head.

Unable to suppress another smile, she removed his pajama top and bottoms. Leaving his blue training diaper on, she pulled him to her in a warm embrace.

Once she'd settled him down, she sighed contentedly as she ran her hands over his baby fine hair. At the sight of his arched brows, she again smiled and traced the delicate curves.

Smiling from her touch, he held up his toy in a silent offer. Understanding his innocent Vulcan abilities, she suppressed whatever sorrow she may have held and concentrated on her son. Still too young to understand, he accepted her emotions at face value.

Careful to bridle any sorrow, she pulled him close and laid a single kiss on his forehead. "He promised that he'd return, and he will," she told him as she began to lightly trace his elfin ear.

"He promised," the child echoed with a smile not unlike his father's.

* * *

The cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean brushed past their forms. Off in the distance, the light sound of flying seagulls was carried in the wind to their ears. Gathered on the open balcony, three figures stood in near silence. Except for the tiny child playing, no other sound was heard.

Dressed in gifts from his grandparents, the elfin child scampered over the wooden planks in open merriment. With unschooled laughter, he chased after the furred beast.

Fanged, the dark shaggy cub growled as it faced the young child. After a moment, it stood on hind legs and made an attempt to attack the child. A delighted squeal of laughter escaped the small boy as he held his arms out and the sehlat cub bounded into his embrace.

"Our son was indeed correct. You have borne us a grandchild worthy of praise," Sarek's even tone stated.

Returning her thoughts to the present, she wiped at her moist eyes as she turned to face them.

With red, swollen eyes, the elder woman stood smiling down at her grandson. By her side, and with an equal look of sorrow, stood the stately Vulcan Ambassador. As if the mere presence of their grandson could rid them of their pain, they stood mesmerized by the child's actions.

Bearing gifts of clothes, toys, and the sehlat cub, they had arrived at her apartment nearly an hour ago. Were it not for their distressing news, she would have found their visit pleasant, but as it was, she was having difficulty maintaining control.

"I believe he will be proud of his father," she stated as a tear escaped her control.

Looking at her, Sarek seemed almost at a loss... then in an easy motion, he moved by her side. Filled with understanding, he wrapped his arms around her and held her close.

"His death has been felt by many, daughter," he said as she allowed her tears to fall.

"I'm sorry," she half whispered as she vainly tried to regain control.

"Don't be," Amanda whispered as she guided her to a nearby chair. "Spock's death has hit us hard. No one expected it, least of all us, but it occurred, so we have to draw on each other to ease the pain," Amanda's soft voice of reason stated.

"We can be proud that his death was not in vain," Sarek's strength avowed as he handed her a tissue.

Taking the offered item, she blew her nose and wiped her tears away. "I know; he died in the line of duty," she managed.

"His death saved the lives of many. Were it not for his quick actions, all those aboard the Enterprise would have perished. The actions of Khan, the activation of the Genesis Device, could not be stopped. Spock gave his crew the needed time in order to flee to safety," Sarek explained as his control slowly returned.

"I know; it's just..." she began to explain, then softly laughed. "It's just that he promised he would return. He promised..."

Sensing her sorrow, her elfin child left his new pet and moved to her side. With a look of concern he climbed on her lap. Seeing her tears, he reached up and wiped them away with a tiny hand.

As if understanding her silent thoughts, he looked at her with an intelligence beyond his years and nodded in an affirmative gesture.

"He promised," the childish voice stated with a nod. As if linked mentally with his father, he spoke with assuredness and authority. "Papa promised. He be back," the elfin child firmly announced.


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