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Lesson 2

Penny Jones

Christine pulled at the baggy sweatsuit. She had chosen to wear it from the Enterprise to the gym on Starbase 23. She stepped inside the door being sure to step up onto the gravity shelf. The higher gravity let her know that the room was set up and waiting for them. Only question was where was Spock. She shrugged her shoulders and removed the baggy clothes. For this lesson she wanted to be able to move freely. The one-piece baby blue bodysuit clung to her like a second skin. She was surprised that it still fit after all these years. The last time she had worn it was when she had won the championship. Spock had told her that he would bring the sticks and for the first time since entering the room she spotted them in the corner.

Question was, where was he now? Realizing that it wouldn't do any good to speculate, she began her warm ups, her thoughts returning to that first lesson so long ago. The gravity had failed on their deck and he had been pinned to her and she in turn had been pinned to the deck. His lips had brushed hers as he had finally lifted himself up. In fact this lesson was his idea, although it was taking place five years after the last one. Since the last lesson she had finished medical school and had gotten her doctorate. She had left a nurse with a Ph.D. in biological research and had come back a doctor with a Ph.D. in both biological research and physiological research. She had in fact started some research on how to use technology to conquer health problems. Currently they were looking into using computer chips to enhance areas of the brain that was to damaged to work on its own.

Spock stood in the entrance staring at the brown haired woman who was currently in the middle of several well-placed backflips. Silently he watched as she landed after the third one and immediately crouched and swung out with her left foot. He was impressed. If that had been an opponent then, he or she would have been taken out. Absently he rubbed a finger over his lips, remembering the last time they had tried to have a lesson. He found himself wondering if there would be a repeat of that incident. Shaking himself out of his reverie, he moved out onto the mat after quickly invoking the privacy lock. It wouldn't do to have crew walking in on them. That would start the rumors all over again and he couldn't find it in him to do that to her again. Slowly he began to warm up. He caught a glance of her startled expression as she noticed him. Then with a smile she began going through the Kantian exercises. He found himself aching to see her smile again. Shaking his head he realized that he needed to get his thoughts back on the lesson or she would ... what was the human saying... Oh, yes, she would wipe the floor with him. He closed his eyes and let his mind start his meditation routine. A few minutes later he opened his eyes to find her standing in the middle of the mat with the sticks in her hand. Moving forward he took one of the sticks from her and stepped back. His voice was low and husky. "I have finished with my lessons since the last time we met." Her eyes widened.

"So what level are you at now?" She bowed then brought her left foot back.

"I have two more lesson before I become a master." Spock bowed and stepped back. At the count of three, they began to circle. Neither said a word as they concentrated on the task at hand. Christine realized that with his training he could very easily win this one. She had been slacking in her training during the last year. Although she did beat his father recently, that meant nothing because he hadn't been training either. Spock was half his age and in better shape, so it was up to her to find another way to win. In Kantianize, it was three different levels of training. The first one was skill using the sticks. The second was the skill of the body, like kung fu. The third was the use of the mind. In other words as long as you could think of it, it was allowed. The only rule was that you did it with honor and no one did anything that could permanently damage someone else. The object wasn't to hurt. It was to use the skills without harm. That was tricky because so many things could change the equation and the possibility of doing some permanent damage was very real. The biggest thing that the Kantianize had going was its honor.

Spock swung out and connected with her stick. A few minutes later and the clashing of the sticks were an almost constant thing in the room. Spock swung low and watched as she flipped over his stick and brought her own around to connect with his the second her feet hit the floor. She immediately reversed the stick and the other end came flying out at him. He flipped over it and landed beside her. As she turned swinging her stick around, he countered and both felt their sticks connect with the back of the knees of the other. Spock lost his balance and fell backward. His stick was still in his hands pushing her knees forward. She found herself falling toward him

She gasped as she realized that if she didn't drop her stick it would snap. He must have realized it at the same instant, because he let go of his at the same instant and reached out to lessen her fall. She landed on top of him with a loud hrmp. She closed her eyes and buried her head in his chest and took a deep breath. His heart beat wildly against her stomach. Taking a deep breath to get her breathing under control, she lifted her head and smiled down at him. "You know we really need to quit meeting like this." Pushing up with her hands she thought she saw the tiniest bit of a smile. Shaking her head she tried to rise. She felt his hands tighten on her waist and looked down to see his left brow raised slightly.

"It would seem that you are having too much fun with us in this position."

Her mouth opened in protest and then gasped as his right hand moved down over her rear gently following the round mound to her thigh. Her brow rose as she stared into warm brown eyes. "Spock?"

He slowly brought his hand up to push a lock of hair out of her face. "It seems that you had one lesson in mind while I was talking about another kind."

Christine's brow furrowed in thought. "I don't understand."

His hand gently traced the outline of her lips. Slowly it moved along her jawline before wrapping itself in her hair. He applied a little pressure bringing her lips closer to his. She bit her lip and stared into his eyes. A shiver ran through her as his tongue moved along her jaw before carefully moving over her lips. She closed her eyes and allowed him to pull her closer. It was like a summer storm as his lips claimed hers. She could feel the heat building and building as his tongue met hers in a war as old as time itself.

She groaned as his other hand moved lower before coming to rest on her butt. Heat shot through her as he groaned into her mouth and pushed his hips up to meet hers. Her thoughts were in a jumble and she could only pray that this was real and not one of her crazy dreams. In one quick motion she found herself pinned to the mat with Spock's body pressed tightly to hers. She opened her eyes and brought her hand up. Cautiously she ran it through his coal black hair then slowly traced the point on his ears. His groan of pleasure caused a shiver to run through her body. His lips found hers again and the kiss deepened and hands explored territory that was once forbidden.

She groaned and wiggled as his thumb gently rubbed across her nipple. The pressure increased until it stood erect. With the greatest care his hands moved to her shoulders. It took him only minutes to remove her bodysuit. She felt a chill as he pulled back to look at the woman beneath him. Her lips were bruised with his kisses. The rosy glow of her body that was flushed from desire caused an immediate reaction in him. Seconds later the last of his clothes joined hers in a pile on the mat.

Her eyes widened as she gazed at his green tinted muscular body. She licked her lips as her eyes trailed down his chest to behold his painfully erect penis. Tentatively she reached out and allowed her fingertips to just graze the tip. He sucked in a deep breath and with a growl bent to capture her lips with his. He ravished her lips then moved to give his undivided attention to her breast. It was her turn to suck in a breath as his teeth nipped at her erect nipple before quickly sucking it into his mouth. His tongue swirled over it as he sucked on it gently before once again nipping at it. He then moved to lavish the same attention on the other. She felt a warmth begin to build deep within her core. The tingling began to spread as he moved lower.

His tongue twirled around her navel before plunging into its depths. She wiggled beneath him and groaned deep in her throat. She hissed as he kissed her inner thighs then slowly moved upward. His tongue darted out and found her core with a quick flick of his tongue. Her hips lunged forward as he once again flicked his tongue over her clitoris. A moan tore from her throat as he sucked on it and then grazed his teeth over it, before his tongue went back to work.

She wiggled and ran her hands over his head. Slowly she moved her body so that her hands could roam over his back. She continued to move until her fingers could wrap around his manhood. Her hips bucked as his tongue continued its assault. He was hot in her hand and she felt him stiffen as she slowly began to move her hand up and down. She licked her lips as she heard his sharp intake of air. She loved the feel of him against her. She bucked again trying unsuccessfully to convey to him that she was close, but he ignored her. "Oh, God, Spock." She screamed as she came. Her rapid breathing increasing as he continued his assault. He brought her to a climax twice before he moved up to capture her mouth with his. She could taste herself on his tongue and lips and it mixed with him to create a unique flavor and she rejoiced in it.

She looked into deep brown eyes full of desire and it took her breath away. With their eyes locked he entered her. She sucked in a breath and held his eyes as he began to move inside her. She wrapped her legs around him and ran her hands down his back as he began to move faster. Her legs tightened around him as he began to move faster. Their tongues danced in the same fashion as their bodies. Just as she felt herself peaking, he paused above her. She opened her eyes and met his. Cyan blue mixed with deep brown. His hand moved to her face. She felt the slight pressure of his fingers. She knew in that instant what he wanted. She smiled up at him. "Yes, I want to share it all."

It took only a second for his thoughts to join with hers. Passion soared within her and she felt the flame turn into an inferno. Her body became one huge fire and she needed him to burn it out. She squirmed beneath him and squeezed her legs as he began to move again. The friction of the in and out motion began to drive her over the edge. Just when she thought she couldn't stand it anymore she burst through the clouds and found him there with her. Their minds entwined as much as their bodies. Each rejoiced in the complete freedom they found in each other.

Her arms pulled him closer as their breathing slowly returned to normal. She could still feel the faint whisper of his mind as it brushed across hers. Their eyes met and he leaned down and kissed her gently.

His voice was barely a whisper. "No regrets, Christine."

She shook her head and smiled up at him. "Never, Spock."

He rolled off her and got to his feet. Taking her hand he pulled her to her feet. They dressed in silence, picked up the sticks and headed for the door. Before the doors opened he gently lifted her chin until their eyes met then he leaned down and kissed her tenderly. "I would like to have dinner with you if you so wish it?"

Christine smiled mischievously and gently rubbed his cheek. "Yes, and maybe we could have another lesson?"

He shook his head and smiled down at her. "You are incorrigible and insatiable."

"And you wouldn't want me any other way."

"No, I wouldn't."

She nodded and walked into the doors sensors. "I'll be at your quarters at 1930."

He agreed and they walked down the corridor to the waiting Enterprise.

The End.