DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. These limericks are the creation and property of Debra Orelup and are copyright (c) 2000 by Debra Orelup.

Three Vulcan Limericks

Debra Orelup

When in Pon Fafr, Spock runs amok

constantly prowling for fucks.

On Christine he spies

and gives her a try.

Ten times on the deck; my, for her luck.

* * *

There once was a Commander named Spock

possessing an extraordinary cock.

"It is such a curse;

what I NEED is a nurse

'Lo, Christine", as I slap the door lock.

* * *

In a little Vulcan town Shikar

lived a Vulcan known both near and far.

Took a human wife

endured T'Pau's strife.

But of their marriage nothing could mar.