Disclaimer: Star Trek is the property of Paramount/Viacom.  This poem is the property of Mzsnaz and is copyright (c) 2005 by Mzsnaz.  Rated G.  Dedicated to DeForest Kelley and James Doohan.


A Bottle of Brandy, A Bottle of Scotch



I've traveled the star farer's path

Home in the bowels of a ship

Never knowing what fate -- or a captain

May demand with no time to primp

Without a complaint

I'd do what I could

And go beyond the call

Far more than I should

Mended 'me bairns' more than once

And suffered when they moaned

I feared for my lady

And watched her destroyed

Rebuilt, restructured

Redesigned, deployed

Again and again

Rising into the sky

Her soul too strong

Her heart meant to fly


I've traveled the star farer's path

A loath skeptic to the insane

Who throw their lives to the fates

And demand that I do the same

I've complained and argued

With the stubborn and foolish

Mended the wounded

And suffered when they moaned

I feared for my crew mates

And tried to save them

Sometimes I succeeded

But sometimes I failed them

Patched up they would go

Again and again

Hurdling through space

Their souls too strong

To be held back for long


A toast then, my friend

To a couple of souls

Now traveling beyond

The universe known

We did what we could

To save our ship and crew

It's time for a rest

And you know what to do

Pull up a chair

Sit down

Raise a hand

We'll be here all night

Warble off-key with the band

But we know that our hearts

And our spirits will soar

With those who remember

When we kept the watch

With a bottle of brandy

And a bottle of scotch