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(Not So) Great Expectations


"Ah-choo, I'm sorry Mr. Spock, I'm allergic to flowers," Christine Chapel said apologetically and sniffed. Spock quickly found the disposal chute and stuffed them in. Presenting her the gold foil covered box he offered, "Perhaps these?"

With a sweet smile, she took the box and opened it. There was a large assortment. Trying to decide which one to choose she picked a dark chocolate candy, "Thank you so much. They don't have nuts in them do they? If I even get a whiff of a nut my throat starts to close up on me."

Before she could put the sweet to her lips, Spock whipped it away from her hand. They too went down the disposal chute. "I will get a different box."

"Sorry," Christine said softly. There was another item. She peeked around to his back. With confidence he handed her a bottle of wine. He knew she drank; he'd seen her.

"Oh," the nurse said a little crestfallen.

Spock almost sighed, "Now what?"

"I don't drink ... anymore. I'm a born again Christian after my near death experience with alcoholism. I have a 12-step meeting tomorrow morning." The bottle made a rather satisfactory smash against the bulkhead wall as Spock missed his attempt to hit the chute dead on. "I give up," he said with a shake of his head.

Not wanting to give the impression that she was the dud of all dates, she tried to think of something he'd like to do. "But we could play chess or talk about new discoveries in physics or listen to music, couldn't we?

"But I was told I had to wine and dine you, take you for a stroll and wind up having passionate unbridled sex in an unusual location if I wished to impress you," Spock said confused. He'd referred to several different sources for his information regarding human dating practices.

"Well, some women prefer to wait till marriage or at least the second date," Chapel explained. Spock perched one eyebrow up. He had hoped for some sexual release that evening. However, Miss Uhura was off duty. "Miss Chapel, I find that I have neglected some ship's business. Perhaps we could make this 'date' at a later time."

"Oh, okay. Sure, whatever," she said as she turned away from him to start picking up the broken bits of bottle off the floor. Before the doors whooshed shut on him, she stopped him, "Oh, Mr. Spock, one thing, Nyota has an ... infection. She's off limits for the next two weeks."

With a frustrated nod, Spock continued allowing the door to shut on him and his expectations.