DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The story contents are the creation and property of Chris Dickenson and is copyright (c) 1989 by Chris Dickenson. Rated NC17 for sexual situations. Originally printed in Beyond the Farthest Star #4.

Non Sequitur

Chris Dickenson

Ten Forward was filled with officers celebrating Data's victory over Sirna Kolrami in the tactical game of strate gema. The pompous Zakdorn had trod on more than a few toes since boarding the Enterprise and no member of the crew seemed upset about the arrogant being's recent defeat.

Geordi raised his glass in a toast, the first of the evening. "To Data, defender of Enterprise's reputation as the best in the fleet!"

All over the room, smiling crew members clinked glasses as they chorused, "To Data!" The diversity of contents in the glasses was as broad as the diversity of beings in attendance. It was a happy gathering. Katherine Pulaski watched the expressions that played across Data's face as his comrades offered their congratulations. When she'd accepted the job as CMO of the Enterprise, it was in spite of the android second officer. Above and beyond a familial distrust of mechanical things, and memories of whispered warnings in a soft southern drawl from her great grandpa, Pulaski had survived an experience which had only served to intensify her fear of androids. It was a prejudice that

shocked even her at times. After all, the androids at McCromius Station had been victimized just as much as their human counterparts, and unlike the Humans, none of the McCromius androids had survived.

She smiled at Data, shaking her head. It had been said many times that Humans were products of their collective experiences. Pulaski subscribed to that theory, deciding her relationship with Data had gone a long way toward healing the distrust which the disaster at McCromius had evoked in her for bio-mechanical constructs.

She worked her way toward the group circling Data, catching the punch line of another of Geordi's off-color jokes. "And the cabaret girl looked up at the Ferengi and said, 'We've already established that, Damon, what we're doing now is negotiating a price."

Pulaski watched as the humans around Data broke into laughter, sympathizing with the android's puzzled frown. He tried so hard...

Data tilted his head to one side. "Non sequitur."

Pulaski froze, a chill running along her spine, and suddenly she was back at McCromius station...

* * *

"..And there is a Medevac ship enroute to us from Altair Four," Selak continued, enumerating the growing list on the fingers of his left hand in a decidedly unVulcan gesture. "I know I do not have the right to ask you, but--"

"But it's never stopped you before," Kate interrupted with a sigh that was softened by a grin. "That's what I get for taking my residency at a medical station that's run by Vulcans and half staffed with androids. Just remember, Humans do have a breaking point, and even androids have to be overhauled now and then, right, Ep?"

The android who was assisting her in surgery nodded its head solemnly. "But I'm not due for downtime for another seventy four days and thirteen hours -- watch where you set that protoplaser!"

Kate chuckled, taking Epsilon Ten's mother-henning in stride as she turned to deposit the expensive piece of equipment on a sterilite tray. "That better, you bossy little pile of junk?"

Epsilon Ten nodded again, a Human characteristic he had picked up just recently. "Do you want me to begin closing the anterior musculature, or should I wait for you to finish jabbering with Selak?"

Kate grinned at the android's snappy retort and then smiled apologetically at the Vulcan healer. "I think I'm contaminating him. As to the other, you keep bringing them in, and Ep and I will do our best. I've got two more surgeries after this, and then I'll lend a hand in triage, okay?"

Selak met her gaze intently for a moment, and Kate stifled another grin. Given a choice between socializing with the Vulcezns and corrupting the androids, she'd corrupt androids any day. They seemed so eager to pick up Human vices, a trait which Kate found quite endearing, although she knew it drove the Vulcans into whatever the Vulcan analog of a frenzy must be.

Before the healer could compose a response, Kate saw Ep stiffen as a Human might when struck by a blow or a wave of pain. She looked up into the fathomless dark eyes and saw them go utterly blank. All animation was swept from the familiar voice as it uttered a final comment on its sabotaged programming:

"Non sequitur."

* * *

"Doctor?" Worf's deep voice drew her from the vivid flashback, and Pulaski realized she was trembling. "Doctor, are you ill?"

"Ill?" Pulaski blinked, returning to Ten Forward and the present. She turned to look at Worf and tried to force a reassuring smile. It turned out more like a grimace and she gave it up. "I need a drink."

Worf looked surprised, but he turned toward the bar.

"Something strong," Pulaski qualified, as some of the color crept back into her cheeks.

The Klingon paused, considering. He'd just ordered a mug of check'tluth and had not yet taken a drink from it. After a moment of indecision he handed the smoking cup to Pulaski.

She looked doubtfully into the swirling liquid.

"No antidote is required," he assured in a low tone.

"None is desired," she countered, tossing off the entire mug.

Worf stared at the physician in a mixture of surprise and admiration. When she didn't collapse, he allowed himself a slight triumphant smile. Doctor Pulaski was rare female.

Pulaski handed Worf the empty cup, taking a deep steadying breath. "Thank you, Lieutenant. Would you mind getting me another? A double."

* * *

Watching in frozen horror as Epsilon Ten turned and disemboweled Selak with the protoplaser she'd just discarded, Kate heard screams of pain from the adjoining suite. The android stood over Selak's lifeless body for a moment, and that pause saved Kate's life. Thinking fast, she overturned the surgical table, and when Epsilon Ten whirled to attack, she put the metal tray between them, using it as a shield.

She backed toward the door, sobbing and frantically trying to reason with the blank-eyed android which had been teasing her just moments before. When she cleared the doorway to the room, she hit the manual override to the door and then locked it, closing the amok android inside. Only then did she remember her helpless patient, closing her eyes in silent supplication.

Help, she had to get--

Another Epsilon unit appeared from surgery suite one. Like Ep, his eyes had gone blank. Blood stained the front of his buff colored surgical coverall, emerald green that was turning dark as it began to dry. The screaming from that room had stopped abruptly, and Kate remembered that T'Rai had been working in there. Another thought crossed her mind as she ran for the corridor, a thought that brought tears to her eyes, 'Vulcans don't scream!'

The carnage in the corridor was incredible, blood was splattered on the teal colored walls and crumpled bodies lay on the deck. Kate knew where she was heading, knew exactly what she had to do. The communications room was two corridors down, if she could get a message off to Starfleet-

The android which blocked her path was a Delta unit, and he was unarmed. Kate uttered a half prayer as he lunged for her, she slammed into the wall, hitting her head. As blackness spiraled in, she felt the android's hands pressing against her neck...

... warm flesh pressed against hers, sure fingers worked at her clothing. Kate felt hot and drowsy. She expelled a contented sigh. Her clothing was slipped off and she smiled, that was better, cooler. A moist tongue trailed over her collarbone, down to tease one distended nipple and she moaned, arching up.

The body over hers was male, lean and well muscled. She ran her hands down the taut skin of his back, cupping his buttocks to pull him closer. She inhaled deeply, wanting to smell the musky male scent of him, but she could smell nothing. He was moving against her now, a slow thrusting, rubbing his cock against her thigh.

Eagerly Kate spread her legs, reaching to guide him into her, but he caught her wrist in a gentle grip and tugged it over her head.

"Not yet," he breathed in a husky, familiar whisper. "There is more pleasure to give."

Kate opened her eyes, looking up at the face cast in shadows. The voice of the man was so familiar, but she couldn't see the face. "More pleasure?"

He was already sucking at her breasts again, his hands roving eagerly over her flesh. With practiced nonchalance he worked his way down her abdomen, his fingers tracing a path his tongue followed. Nestling his face between her spread legs he licked and nibbled at the moist flesh, opening her further to tongue her clitoris. His rhythmic thrusting against the swollen bud brought her to a quick, hard climax. Her thighs tightened around his head and then gradually relaxed as the waves of delight faded.

"Oh, that was wonderful!" she gasped, pulling him up to kiss him. Savoring her own taste and smell on his lips, she wriggled beneath him in an attempt to trap his erection between her legs.

"You are eager," he whispered.

"I want you inside me."

Before the words were out, he was inside her. He began to stroke with slow, firm strokes, rubbing against her already excited clitoris with each withdrawal, tickling her depths as he filled her. He was big, larger than any of her three husbands, and Kate moaned at the sensation of being pumped by such a huge cock. Clutching at his shoulders, she drew her legs up to better accommodate him and whimpered as he next thrust pushed against her cervix, the twinge of pain fading into blossoming pleasure.

"Yes, yes!"

He paused for just a second and then increased the rhythm and force of his pumping. Kate tightened around him, her muscles spasming and clutching at his delicious length as she slid into another orgasm. She wrapped her legs around him, holding him deep inside her for several moments. His mouth came down on hers, tongue probing in a passionate kiss as she tremored in response to his lovemaking.

When she relaxed, finally returning his kiss, he resumed his thrusting. She gasped, the friction almost unbearable against her sensitive flesh, but as he stroked her, gently at first and then with more force, she began arching up against him, her nails biting into his back as she urged him to his own release, knowing that she would join him when he came.

"Please, oh, please!" she begged breathlessly.

She could feel his smile as his lips brushed hers. "So eager!"

With those gentle teasing words ringing in her ears he came, filling her with his come, and quivering in the tight sheath of her own climax.

* * *

Pulaski woke suddenly, a flush lingering on her cheeks as she stretched. It was morning; she knew because her cabin lights were gradually growing brighter. She heaved a contented sigh and then frowned, trying to recall what she had done last night at the party. The last thing she could recall was talking to Worf -- she broke into a grin when she recalled her vivid dream, shaking her head as she placed the gentle voice of her fantasy lover. "Data," she sighed. "I said it once, and I'll say it again, as androids go, you're in a class all by yourself."

"Thank you, Doctor. Did you sleep well?"

Pulaski turned slowly. The voice was the same, but this time it belonged to the real thing. Commander Data was in her bed.

Pulaski froze, staring in horror at the android beside her. "Oh, my God!"

"Doctor..." The gentle tone pulled her out of her shock, and suddenly she recalled the way he'd made love to her. She relaxed.

"You are distressed." His expression revealed concern and perhaps a trace of disappointment. "Perhaps I should go."

Pulaski stared at him as he rose from the bunk and reached for his discarded uniform. There was no doubt about it, that was the body she remembered from her dream, only it wasn't a dream, her sore muscles would have told her that if Data's expression hadn't. Unbidden her grin reappeared. She'd come a long way since McCromius, and she had Data to thank.

A non sequitur was something that didn't follow from established premises. Epsilon Ten's was programming that told it to kill the beings it had been constructed to heal. Data's was programming that overlooked the nuances of humor. Pulaski thanked her lucky stars that his sexual programming showed no such lapse.

Pressing trembling fingers to her temple, Pulaski chuckled, "This is what I get for drinking a double Klingon anything."

"I beg your pardon?" Data turned, one leg in his jumpsuit, his gaze filled with such innocence that she wanted to cry.

"Data," she began again, her voice soft. "Data, one thing I do remember from last night was Geordi toasting you as the defender of Enterprise's reputation as best in the fleet."


Pulaski smiled. "It's good to know your expertise isn't limited to strate gema."

Before Data could offer a response, she reached out and caught him by the hand and pulled him back into her bunk.