NOTE: Star Trek is the property of Paramount and Viacom.  This is a work of non-profit fan fiction and no copyright infringement is intended.  This story is copyright 2000 by Jade Nocturnias and may not be used elsewhere, distributed, or linked to without my consent.  This was Nocturnias' answer to a story challenge in which the first words had to be "Kiss me".



Jade Nocturnias


"Kiss me," Christine hissed frantically. 


"I beg your pardon, Miss Chapel?" Spock asked incredulously. 


"I SAID kiss me.  If those Klingons see you, they'll kill us both.  They'll never suspect a Vulcan of kissing someone in the middle of the street and they'll go on!"


"That is assuredly true on both counts."


Christine yanked off her robe, then Spock's, leaving them clad in short-sleeved black bodysuits.  She tossed the robes into a nearby dumpster then grabbed Spock.  "Kiss me, hurry!"


"That is beyond my skill, Miss Chapel."


She looked at him hard.  "Is DYING also beyond your skill, Spock?"


He swallowed hard.  She didn't wait for an answer.  "They're coming!" she whispered.  "Do it, now!"  She again didn't wait for a reply, but shoved him hard against the wall, covering the tips of his ears with her hands, as she pressed both her body and lips to his. 


She felt him tense, then as they heard the voices of the Klingons they had been running from moments before, he relaxed against her, moving his lips over hers with a feigned eagerness that impressed her.  He wrapped his arms around her, and she felt slightly dizzy as the kiss deepened. 


She gasped into his mouth, and she could tell that his breathing rate had quickened.  Now they could clearly hear the voices.  But they forced themselves not to pay attention to them, only to each other. 


"They aren't here, Excellency.  They must have gone the other way when they turned."


"Kahless!  All right then, let's go!  We can't lose them!"


Spock and Christine continued their kissing as the footsteps receded.  Christine was about to pull away when Spock murmured, "Wait.  We must be certain that they have gone."  And he continued the kiss. 


'No arguments from me!' she thought as she responded.  After another minute they separated, both of them looking slightly flushed and mussed.  They stared at each other for a long moment before Spock said, "We must beam up quickly, before they come back."


She nodded as he fished their robes out of the dumpster.  Christine was still angry over Hapsta's rule of no arms allowed by anyone.  They could have stunned the Klingons and been fine.  But with no guns, and there being seven of them, they had realized their best chance was to run.  Thank God she'd had her burst of inspiration. 


Spock was calling the ship.  "Spock to Enterprise.  Emergency beam-up at these co-ordinates."


"Acknowledged, Mr.  Spock," came Scotty's voice.  And the world around them dissolved. 


Two hours later, Christine was leaving sickbay when Spock came in.  "Oh, Mr. Spock!" she exclaimed.  "Dr. McCoy has already left."


He shook his head.  "I came to see you, Miss Chapel."


"Oh." Now she was confused.  Then she thought she understood all too well.  "Don't worry.  I'm not going to tell anyone what happened."


"That was not the purpose for my seeking you.  I am aware that you are capable of keeping a confidence."


"Then why ARE you here?" she asked, lost. 


He looked down, up and down again.  "I... wished to ask you if you are free for dinner this evening?"


"What?  Why?"


He sighed.  "Christine...  I have come to understand that I have been doing you an injustice by not giving you a chance... for me to know you better.  When I kissed you today..." Here he looked even more uncomfortable, but steeled himself and continued.  "Despite that fact that it was out of necessity, something touched me.  You touched me on some level.  I would like to... explore that."


Christine gaped at him.  Then she took control of herself.  "All right, Spock.  I would be honored to join you for dinner."


"Excellent.  Shall we say my quarters at 1800 hours?"


"That sounds wonderful.  I look forward to it," she said as calmly as she could. 


"As do I.  I shall see you then." He gave her a faint half-smile as he left. 


As soon as he cleared the doors, she ran into her office, shut and locked the door, looked around as though to be sure no one was hiding inside, and took a deep breath.