DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The story contents are the creation and property of Toni Cardinal-Price and is copyright (c) 1979 by Toni Cardinal-Price. Rated R. Originally printed in Plain Brown Wrapper #1.

Of Myths and Legends

Toni Cardinal-Price

He came to slowly, painfully, and as realization dawned on him, he panicked. Leaping forward in desperation, he was roughly jerked back as pain lanced through his shackled wrists. On hands and knees, he tried to clear his mind and decipher the situation.

Through the blur of pain in his head, he saw her, naked and trembling across the dirt clearing. Her eyes mirrored his own unmasked horror, and she too, was shackled.

Another surge of desperation hit him, along with the liquid fire that claimed his body. He lunged again, the pain at his wrists a dull ache, compared to the flame consuming him. The chains held fast and in defeat, he cried out; a long, gasping moan of agony. His cry was echoed as she called his name, and in response he pressed his naked body against the hot sand, seeking to ease his torture. But there was no relief, and the pain within him heightened until his mind lost touch with reality and he collapsed, unconscious.

"Interesting," a dark voice commented quietly, breaking the sudden silence. "I've heard their drive to mate is powerful. It is fortunate we happened upon this pair when we did. The study of the Vulcan should add knowledge to our records."

"Commander," another voice spoke up. "What about the starship that orbits? Shouldn't we take steps to defend ourselves?"

"The starship is no threat to us. Our craft, with its new shielding, will not be traced on their sensors and we will register only as one of the many species that inhabit this planet." He saw the apprehension on the other's face and laughed. "You cower too much, Klathen. I am familiar with Starfleet s procedures, their oath of non-interference. They are not like we Klingons, who take what we choose, by whatever method we choose." He laughed again and gestured to the figures before him in the dirt. "These two were obviously sent into seclusion so they could mate. From what little our records show, it is imperative that a Vulcan mate when the drive is this strong. Since we intervened before copulation could occur, we will learn, firsthand, how a Vulcan faces this period when mating is denied."

"I've heard that death from an unconsummated mating drive is long and painful," the younger Klingon, Klathen, returned. "And what of the female? She is Human, yet she seems almost in the mating fever herself."

"Our scientists have recorded a mind bond existing between a Vulcan male and his mate. Perhaps this female is bonded to him, even though they have not physically joined. She has not responded to our questioning and she seems almost unaware of our presence. Her attention is devoted entirely to him."

The younger Klingon nodded and turned his face to the two shackled figures once more. "This should be very entertaining at the least," he commented smugly, taking a seat beside his commander as he leaned back to watch the captives.

* * *

"How long, Bones?" James Kirk asked, sitting across from the doctor and helping himself to a glass of brandy.

"McCoy took the bottle after him and poured himself a small refill. "According to Spock's information, the pon farr should be waning by now. That is if everything between Christine and he has gone as planned." He sat down and leaned back, stretching to relax. "There will be a few more periods of strong sexual drive, but in a couple of hours we should be hearing from them."

Kirk nodded, his eyebrows furrowed with concern. "Will Christine be all right? Spock told me about the violence of the mating drive, and we've seen for ourselves how ... insane he can become in plak tow."

"Yes," McCoy agreed. "But Spock and Christine bonded before they were beamed down. With her mind linked to his, she'll be able to better understand the violent need he'll be experiencing. She'll be all right, Jim. They both will be fine." McCoy smiled, swirling the liquid in his glass. "How about that Vulcan First Officer of ours anyway?" He chuckled. "Never thought he'd come out and admit it was time he chose a mate. And Christine was a ... logical choice, or so he said. Think they'll be happy together?"

Kirk smiled widely then, tilting his head to one side. "I know Spock was content with his choice. He came to me right after he'd asked Christine to be his bondsmate, and he was happier than I've ever seen him allow himself to be. I think he's relieved that he and Christine are finally together."

"Christine was ecstatic, of course," McCoy added. "Will the taped copy of the wedding certificate be sent to Vulcan?"

"Yes. I sent it off this morning. He glanced at the chronometer, a devilish grin on his face. "Well Bones ... let's hope the two newlyweds are having an enjoyable time getting to know each other. I'm glad we were near a planet where they could beam down for privacy."

McCoy mirrored the sly grin. "I guess we'll have to wait and hear about the whole romantic interlude from Christine."

"What?!" Kirk chuckled. "Bones ... do you really expect her to tell?"

McCoy laughed. "Not in words, Jim ... but if she has a contented smile when she beams up..."

"Dr. McCoy," Kirk interrupted, laughing also, "you're incorrigible."

"I'll drink to that," McCoy agreed, raising his glass in a toast.

* * *

He lay on his back, face tilted to one side, grimacing at the agony within. He could no longer comprehend the situation, for the throbbing in his loins obliterated all reality.

The mating ... it would have to be soon, else he would surely die. The panic raced through his brain, but the shackles were too strong and he had no strength left to break them. Mumbling incoherently, he reached down to grasp his inflamed penis, pressing against it tightly as if that would help. But the touch only caused the pain to heighten, and strangely enough, brought laugher to his ears.

Across the dirt arena, Christine lay, watching Spock in horror. Through the marriage bond they had established only a short while ago, she could feel a faint backwash of his pain, and knew he was dying in agony. She cried unceasingly, oblivious to those who were studying her with interest. She called his name once more, but got no response other than his strangled cry of pain.

"Commander. The men want to know what your plans for the woman are, once the Vulcan dies?" Klathen asked suddenly, glancing at the man beside him.

The elder Klingon looked at him oddly at first, then chuckled. "They grow impatient, do they?" he inquired, glancing back at the Human female. "Well, you can tell them that if the woman survives, I shall have first crack at her. You can fight among yourselves to see who's next in line."

Klathen nodded, his dark eyes gleaming. "What about the starship? Won't they be trying to contact them?"

"Of course," the commander returned, reaching behind his back and withdrawing a small black object. "The Vulcan's communicator. The moment a signal emanates from it, we shall leave the area and return to our craft. They won't find us."

"But ... what if they try to signal the Vulcan before he dies?"

The Klingon commander shrugged. "Then we shall all have to forgo the pleasure of having a female body to relieve ourselves upon tonight," he said finally.

Klathen nodded miserably, then turned back to watch the figures before him. "The female is attractive ... for a Human," he commented, after a moment. "And I was right when I said I'd heard that the death in mating fever was painful. Look at the Vulcan ... the way he writhes and cries out. The shackles have dug into his flesh so deeply, they've touched bone. What an insane race the Vulcans must be."

"Any race that believes peace is the only way to live is insane," the commander returned sarcastically, leaning back, relaxed, as he studied the two in the dirt. "One day we shall conquer the Vulcan race, Klathen. Mark my words."

* * *

"Bones ... don't you think we should at least try to get in contact with them?" James Kirk said nervously, pacing the floor of the doctor's quarters. "After all, it's been almost twelve hours. They've had plenty of time to well ... you know."

McCoy frowned, eyeing the Captain with mock disgust. "A romantic you're not, Jim boy." He sighed. "Go ahead ... if you want to take the chance of interrupting them in the middle of a passionate interlude."

Kirk forced a small grin and shrugged. "According to Spock's calculations, he should have at least checked in an hour ago, I just want to contact him ... make sure everything's..."

"Mother hen," McCoy interrupted, chortling. "What you need, Captain, is to find yourself a good lay to take your mind off of everything."

Kirk laughed as he crossed the room and hit the intercom channel. "Believe me, Bones, I plan to do exactly that as soon as I check on Spock. Lieutenant Uhura ..." he called, into the com. "Contact Mr. Spock on the planet's surface and put me through."

* * *

"Commander!" Klathen's voice blurted out, as the beeping from the small black communicator sounded with startling abruptness.

The Klingon commander cursed, then stood up, his face wearing a look of disgust. "Tell the men to retreat to the craft. And have them make haste." He glanced at the female on the ground and frowned. "Too bad. I have never had a Human woman before. It would have been interesting."

"Shall I kill them?" Klathen asked.

"No. The Vulcan will be dead in a few minutes anyway, and the woman can tell them nothing. Leave them shackled and let's get out of here." He threw the communicator beside the stilled body of the male. "Too bad, Vulcan," he said quietly, looking down. "In a way, I almost pity you. To die, simply because of the lack of joining! Yours is an insane race!" Stepping over the body, he trotted off in the direction of his retreating men.

* * *

"Bones .. something's wrong, I can feel it," Kirk insisted, pacing the floor of McCoy's quarters. "We've been buzzing them for over thirty minutes now. Even if they were in an ... intimate position, surely by now they would have answered. I don't like It. I want to beam down."

McCoy frowned, regarding the Captain curiously. "Perhaps you're right," he said, after a moment. "But if you send a landing party down there, and Christine and Spock are in the middle of..."

"Only you and I will beam down," Kirk interrupted. "And if I was wrong, and we find them deliriously screwing away, well ... I think it'll be less embarrassing if we found them."

"I guess so," McCoy agreed. "I'll get my medikit and meet you in the transporter room in three minutes."

"Make it two," Kirk returned, striding out the opened door.

* * *

They materialized in a dirt clearing, using the open communicator beam to home in on coordinates. Kirk was the first to spot the huddled forms on the ground, and with a small cry to McCoy, he rushed in their direction.

With a numbing horror claiming each nerve in his body, Kirk drew up beside the first form, and slumped down beside his first officer. With trembling hands, he picked up one of the Vulcan's arms, inspecting the bloodied wrist and the shackles that cut into flesh. Spock was alarmingly still, and Kirk's voice cracked when he asked McCoy about the lifesign readings on the medi-scan.

Slow in answering, McCoy looked up with agonized eyes. "I can't help him, Jim," he said very quietly. "He's dead."

The words hit Kirk like a physical force, and his grip on the Vulcan's bloodied arm tightened as he lowered his head. He barely heard McCoy move away as blood roared in his head and he tried to fight the waves of grief that assaulted his mind. Reaching for his communicator finally, he ordered a security team down and the ship to begin a surface search for any life forms in their area. Putting

the device away, he stared again at the shackles around Spock's wrists, and tears of rage began to build. Something, someone, had done this to his friend, and he was going to find out who and why.

McCoy pressed a hypo against Christine Chapel's arm, and moved her into a more comfortable position. As he checked her readings on the medi-scan, he found her eyes had opened, and she looked at him in confusion and shock. "Dr. McCoy?" she blurted, finally, uncertainly.

"Yes, Christine," McCoy answered, stroking her forehead. "Just take it easy. You'll be all right now. Just lie still."

"Spock!" the woman cried weakly. "I must go to Spock! We couldn't join ... we were prevented. I must go to Spock!"

McCoy tried to hold the struggling- nurse down as she strained to sit. "Christine ... it's too late," he said gently, "Spock's dead, Christine."

For a moment, she just gazed at him in horror. Then her face grew determined and she shook her head. "I must go to him, Doctor. I must touch him."

"Christine," McCoy said, holding her tightly in comfort. "It's too late ... you can't help."

"Yes, I can!" Christine insisted, exasperated. "You don't understand, it's the bonding ... there's still a life force within him! I can feel it through the bond! You must let me touch him!"

Puzzled and unsure, McCoy withdrew his phaser and disintegrated the chain that connected the shackles to the ground. He helped Christine stand and half-carried her to where the Captain knelt beside Spock.

Christine dropped to her knees beside the Vulcan's body, her fingers immediately reaching out to his temples and her eyes closing in concentration.

"She thinks she can help him," McCoy explained to Kirk, who watched with confusion. In the background, the security team was materializing, and Kirk turned to give them orders.

Christine's fingers remained on Spock's temples for an agonizingly long time, then finally, she slumped beside the Vulcan, unconscious. McCoy leveled his medical scanner and gasped in surprise.

She did it, Jim!" he exclaimed. "His life reading is low, but ... he was dead! I'd swear it!"

Kirk withdrew his communicator again and held it with trembling fingers, flipping open the grid. In an unsteady voice, he said, "Kirk to Enterprise. Four to beam up, these coordinates. Medical emergency, have two porta-carriers standing by."

As they began to fade in the shimmering of lights, Kirk reached over and grabbed Spock's and Christine's hands with his.

* * *

"It was because of the bonding, that I knew his life force was not completely gone," Christine Chapel was explaining to McCoy and Kirk, as she sat on one of the diagnostic tables. Her eyes were fixed upon her unconscious Vulcan husband, who lay on the table beside hers. A strong, steady hum filled the sickbay, emanating from the indicators above Spock's head. "Did you find those responsible

for chaining us, Captain?" she asked.

"Not yet, Christine," Kirk answered, his own eyes watching Spock with concern. "But I've still got the security party out looking." He glanced back at Christine, brews furrowed. "What about Spock? Is he going to be all right?"

"The pon farr was unconsummated," Christine returned quietly. "The hypo you gave him, Doctor, relieved some of his pain, but if we don't join soon, he will die. If you gentlemen don't mind leaving and locking the door behind you, I'll do my best to save him."

"But will he be all right?" Kirk continued, unsurely. "He's unconscious. How can he..."

"I'll join minds with him first, Captain," Christine informed him. "I should be able to bring him to consciousness." She gave a small smile and placed her hand on Kirk's arm. "He'll be all right, Captain. Leave everything to me."

Kirk nodded, then forced a small grin of confidence. He turned to McCoy. "C'mon, Bones ... let's get the hell out of here and leave them alone." The two officers turned from the table and left.

* * *

There was a warmth flowing through Spock's mind as he floated toward reality. The flame in his loins had dulled, but his body ached with the mating urge. A small moan escaped his lips as panic began to claim him again.


Her voice entered his mind like an electric shock and his eyes opened to find her there, and the nightmare ended.

"Christine," he choked hoarsely, reaching out with trembling hands to touch her. His eyes darkened and grew pleading.

"I understand, husband," she said, her own hands moving to draw the blanket off his body. She removed the medical robe he wore. "We'll ease the mating fever now ... it's past time for joining."

With a weakness that left him almost helpless, Spock lay there, letting her strong arms and hands guide him to her body. The moment he entered her, the fever within him flared and the insanity of the pon farr enveloped him.

The mindless copulation continued for hours. Spock climaxed countless times, yet remained erect even after his life's fluid was released into Christine's body. The pain Christine felt was bearable only because of the mind bond Spock kept with her. When the pon farr finally ebbed enough to permit Spock a measure of sanity, he withdrew from her body, sinking into the pillow and pulling her into his arms. His fingers reached for her temple to comfort her after his display of violence, and she sank against him, hurt and exhausted, but content that his life was no longer in danger.

* * *

"Well, Spock ... your last test checked out OK, so I guess I can release you from Sickbay," Leonard McCoy announced handing a chart to Christine, who stood beside her husband's bed. "You can return to duty now."

"Thank you, Doctor," the Vulcan acknowledged, slipping off the table and straightening his uniform. "Captain, have you had any success locating those responsible for what happened on the planet?"

Kirk shook his head regretfully, his voice holding a trace of bitterness. "No, Spock. No trace of anyone. Are you sure neither you nor Christine remember anything?"

Spock shook his head. "In our bonded state, and in plak tow, there was no way we could remember."

"Well ... we've gotten orders from Starfleet to move on to another sector of space for a new assignment, so we'll have to abandon search," Kirk said, almost angrily. "I just wish I could get my hands on those responsible and ..." He broke off abruptly when he realized that everyone was staring at him oddly. "Well ... anyhow ..." he stammered softly, "the next time this seven year thing of yours comes around, Spock ... no more private planets, huh? I'd be worried to death."

Spock's eyebrow rose slightly as he nodded. "Very well Captain, he said quietly, holding out two fingers. As Christine touched her fingers to his, there was a sparkle of amusement in Spock's dark eyes. "However, I believe my wife and I shall require no privacy other than that which is provided every night in my quarters." His glance turned to Christine and an affectionate grin touched his lips. Then he looked again to Kirk. "If you will excuse me, Captain, I shall return to my duties."

Kirk nodded and watched as his first officer left the room. As soon as he had gone, Kirk turned to McCoy. "Now what did he mean by that, Bones?"

McCoy shrugged, but looked at Christine, who was smiling innocently. "I don't know, Jim ... but I never did believe all that hogwash about Vulcans being so prudish, and mating only once every seven years. How 'bout it, Christine?"

"Why, Doctor!" the nurse said with mock indignation. "Surely you can't expect me to divulge a secret like that!"

"Aw, c'mon, Christine, we won't tell anyone," McCoy urged, "I'm just dying to know if Spock's human half extends to ... well ... other aspects of his physiology."

"Kiss and tell then, is that it, Doctor?" Christine teased.

"Yeah, Bones ..." Kirk intervened. "She's right, we shouldn't ask her about their private life.

It's not really our business."

"Thank you, Captain," Christine returned, taking the chart and heading for the door. Before reaching it, she turned once more to face Kirk and McCoy. "I will say this, though," she began, a teasing glint in her eyes. "Legend plays a large role on Vulcan, and even Spock told me that he was once said to be 'almost a legend'." Her smile widened. "And you, gentlemen, should know that, along with legends, there are bound to be myths." With a small giggle, she turned and left the room.

McCoy and Kirk exchanged surprised glances, then the Doctor grinned from ear to ear. "Well I guess our first officer is more Human than I thought. I'll have to be careful and remember to buzz his door from now on, else I might walk in on him and Christine joyously gettin' it on."

Kirk looked at him with mock surprise and shook his head.